I believe that the relationship between Kakashi and Obito hasn't really been explored properly. This is my (crappy) attempt to capture their dynamic.

For those who get confused/ don't pay attention, part one is from Obito's point of view, and part two is from Kakashi's. Please leave a review when you're done.

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I'll never admit it, but I admire Kakashi. Being a person in his position, having people talk behind his back, glaring at him in disdain, that has to be hard.

Maybe that's why he wears the mask.

He really looks like his dad.

I am an Uchiha. We are admired, respected and feared by all. Because his father did something noble- putting friends before gain- all who hear it despise the very name of Hatake.


Why is his father so hated? He put his friends before the mission. It may have been against regulation or whateverthefuck, but it was the right thing. Anybody with a conscience would have done the same thing.

On second thought…it seems like most Shinobi have lost their conscience.

Yeah…that explains it.

Why is Kakashi hated, simply for being related?

He can't help it. We can't help the way we're born. I could just as easily have been born into some other clan, or into an abusive home. Similarly, Kakashi could have easily been an Uchiha, or some other such clan. I could have been in his shoes.

Why is it that fate favors some over others?

Why is it that Kakashi won't listen to me? I have my hand reached out to him, begging him to take it, begging him to let me make him smile, make him happy for a change. I get this sickening feeling that he's dying, drowning, but he stubbornly refuses to grab on and let me pull him out. I try to tell a joke, to get him to laugh, but he never cracks a grin. He just uses one of many colorful insults and returns to stony silence.

But I'm gonna keep trying. I'm never gonna give up on him.

Because that's what friends do for each other. And I'd like to think that I'm his friend. Or, at least, that I will be someday.

I'll never stop trying…


Damn it…

Damn it!


Obito…why did you die? Why did you die just as soon as we became friends?

It's not fair. Death really doesn't suit you at all. You were always so happy, so full of life. But now…now, you're dead.



I say it over and over, tell myself you're gone, tell myself you're never coming back. So why can't I accept that? Why is there still some stubborn part of my mind that refuses to believe it?


Rin is crying. She hasn't stopped crying. And…neither have I. Now that the mission is over, I feel tired and drained. But I can't bring myself to sleep. Sensei, Rin and I have been awake all night since we returned, mourning his death.

Sensei is absolutely devastated. He is merely standing in quiet shock, swaying on the spot, as if he might be ill.

…I'll always remember how Obito's mother screamed when I delivered the news. She was more upset than any of us.

But that's to be expected. Nobody can fathom the depth of a mother's grief.

Rin gives a wet sob and an anguished cry. The sound of it breaks my heart, and the tears begin to fall faster.

The last time I cried was when I was six years old.

Rin hugs me, wailing into my chest. And, for the first time, I let her.

We finally became friends, and now he's gone forever.

Fate can be so cruel.