Pairing: Damien Thorn / Marceline Westworth

Marceline sat down on the snow covered ground. She glanced behind her.


Perfect, just how it needed to be. Marceline sighed then closed her eyes.


She hears Damien say. Marceline stands up and walks away, hoping he wouldn't find her. Damien Thorn looked around. He couldn't see Marceline.

"I know you're there." Damien said darkly.

Marceline stood behind some trees, her heart beating fast. She watched Damien walk towards her. Marceline looked down, not wanting to see him.

"Why are you running away from me Marceline?" He asked standing infront of her.

Marceline stared at Damien. "I know who you are." She said quietly. Marceline held back her tears.

"You do?" Damien said in a mock-surprise tone.

"I overheard somebody talking with your step-father."

"What did he say?" Damien asked in the same tone.

"He said the Devil can make his image on Earth." Marceline said quickly.

"The Devil? Well, what else did he say?" Damien stared at Marceline. Marceline bit her lip. She shook her head. Damien glared at her icyly.

"Say it, Marceline."

"He said that your the Son of Satan. The son of the Beast."

"Come on now, Marceline. What are you talking about?" Damien said sharply.

"I've seen what you can do!" Marceline screeched as she began to run. "You killed your mother! Your father tried to kill you, but he was shot Damien! He knew!"

"She wasn't my mother! I was adopted and-"

"Born from a jackal. You were born from a jackal!"

"I love you Marceline! You're like my sister. Maybe even more!" Damien said walking towards Marceline.

"No, the Devil needs no sister!"

"Yes. I was born from him. The most powerful being in existance. And he has risen in me, Marceline!"

Marceline stood infront of Damien, she let her tears fall.

"Come with me, Marceline."

Marceline shook her head. Damien smiled and stepped closer to her. "Don't make me beg you."

"No, Damien." She answered shakily.

Damien glared at her darkly again.

"I'll ask you once more."