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The YYH Musical!!









(I'll try to see where I can put Hiei, Yukina, and Shizuru in… *smiles* Any suggestions?)

ACT 1: scene 1

"Uptown Girl" (starts playing on background… lights go on one by one following the beat of the music)

(Botan enters; Yuusuke and Kuwabara are seen sitting on a bench talking to each other; some random person happens to be there as well)

Yuusuke: (looks up and spots Botan…) Uptown girl
She's been living in her uptown world
I bet she's never been to Ningenkai (Kuwabara: Of course she has! YuusukeLpunches Kuwabara)

I bet Koenma never told her why

Kuwabara: Who's gonna try
For that uptown girl
(Yuusuke echoes: Uptown girl)
She's been living
In her Reikai world
(Yuusuke echoes: Reikai world)
As long as anyone
With hot blood (Yuusuke echoes: hot blood can)
Can and now she's looking
For a downtown man
(Yuusuke echoes: Downtown man)
That's what I am

Together: And when she knows what
She wants from her time
And when she wakes up
And makes up her mind
See we're not so tough
Just because
we just love
that uptown girl
(Kuwabara echoes: Uptown girl)

Yuusuke: You know I've seen
Her ridin' on her oar
(Kuwabara echoes: on her oar)
She's getting tired
Of her high class missions
(Kuwabara echoes: High class missions)
And all her orders
From her uptown boss
(Kuwabara echoes: Uptown boss)
She's got no choice

Kuwabara: Uptown girl
You know I can't afford
To buy some pearls (Yuusuke: Where'd that come from?!)
But maybe someday
When my grades come in (in)
She'll realize what
Kind of guy I've been (Yuusuke: This makes no sense at all)
And then I'll win (Yuusuke: Eh?)

Together: And when she's walking
She's looking so kind
And when she's talking
She'll say that
She's fine

Say we're not so tough
Just because
We just love
that uptown girl

Yuusuke: She's been living in
Her Reikai world
As long as anyone
With hot blood can
And now she's looking
For a downtown man
Kuwabara: That's what I am

Yuusuke: Uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
She's our uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
You know we just love
that uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)

Our uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
You know we just love
That uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
She's our uptown girl

Don't you know we just love
that uptown girl?
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
Our uptown girl
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
Don't you know we just love
that uptown girl?
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
She's our uptown girl
Don't you know we just love
that uptown girl?
(Kuwabara: Uptown girl)
Our uptown girl

(A/N: Applause for them 'kay?)

(Song ends)

Yuusuke (approaches Botan and greets her): Botan! Long time no see. So what brings you here today? Makai in trouble?

Botan (smiles and shakes her head from left to right): "Iie, I just got my vacation! I'll be staying here for 2 weeks and during that time, Hinageshi's gonna be taking my place."

Kuwabara: You get vacations? I never knew that…

Yuusuke (snickers): "That's because you don't have a brain!"

Kuwbara (waves an angry fist at Yuusuke): NANI?! What did you just say Urameshi?!

Yuusuke (whistling innocently): I didn't say anything.

Botan (sweat drop): Oh no… this is not going to happen…

(Yuusuke runs while Kuwabara chases him) Kuwabara: Come back here Urameshi!!!!! (The two exit)

Botan (shakes her head): Some things never change, don't they? (She approaches a man.) Excuse me, but could you tell me what time it is? (Politely)

Random person (annoyed): Don't you see lady? I don't have a watch! So go away and don't bother me!!!! Shoo!! Go away! Leave me alone!!!  

Botan (walks away): Okay, Okay! Gees, no need to be so touchy! 

Random Person (shouts at Botan): Hey! Watch your tongue kid!!! 

Botan: I can't do that! If I watch my tongue, I won't see where I'm going!!!!


ACT 1: scene 2

(Chibi form)Koenma (sitting in front of his desk): *sighs* Botan…

George Fatome (pops out of nowhere): You called Koenma-sama?

Koenma: Baka! I didn't call for you? (to himself) Why doesn't he ever come out when I need him?!

George: Oh… (looks down) Koenma-sama?

Koenma: hmm? Nani?

George: Uuhh… I was thinking…

Koenma: Thinking…

George: Can I… have that cake? *smiles*

Koenma: (sadly) Sure…

George: Arigatou Koenma-sama!!! *is at the verge of swallowing the cake; pauses for a while and puts down the cake* Koenma-sama…

Koenma: Nani?

George: Are you okay?

Koenma: Why? Don't I look okay?

George: You're not stealing the cake away from me.

Koenma: So your point is?

George: You're sick.

Koenma: *sighs* Hai… I'm sick… lovesick…

George (shocked): NANI?!

Koenma (losing his patience): What?! Can't a guy like me love someone?!

George: But who Koenma-sama? Don't tell me…

Koenma: *sigh* I hope she's having fun now…

(A puff of smoke surrounds the chibi-koenma… music starts playing and out comes Koenma in his other form)

Koenma (singing): I just tell you how I feel
I just wanna have a love that's real
How can I stop this burning desire

I can see that you are the one for me
You're the only one I really need
I need a love that burns like a fire

All I wanna do is give it a chance
Everybody needs a true romance
I would give anything to be with you

I will give you all the love you need
If you only give your love to me
What would I do if I were without you

I need love
You need love
We all really need love

All I want
All I need
We all really need love

(song ends; blackout)

Disclaimers: "Uptown Girl" was sung by Westlife… I just changed some lyrics to fit the plot of the story… and "I Need Love" (Koenma's song) was sung by N*SYNC… no lyrics were changed… so as you can see, me own nothing…

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