Summary: Things aren't all as they seem in the Vega household. What if Tori wasn't the innocent little sister she seems to be, and Trina wasn't as conceited and untalented as everybody thought?

Tori Vega. Talented, beautiful and a completely lovable person. (That is of course if you're not Jade West) Everybody seems to be wrapped around her little finger, and why wouldn't they? She's friendly and cares about everyone. Or so it seems.

Trina Vega. Conceited, untalented and generally hated by the population of Hollywood Arts. Most people tend to walk the other way when they see her striding along the hallways, because she's a completely detestable person. Or so it seems.

The Vega sisters aren't all that they seem to be.

The effect that Tori Vega has on people completely terrifies her older sister Trina. Tori says jump, you say 'how high?' because that's just the way it is. She seems harmless enough though? A little thing like Tori Vega, so sweet and good hearted would never intentionally hurt someone, right? Wrong. Tori knows how people work, and how she can get them to do what she wants. How did she manage to score lead role after lead role in Hollywood Arts' productions just weeks after she arrived, not even knowing the meaning of the word 'understudy'? Because she wanted it, and Tori Vega gets what she wants.

There is no denying that she is talented, and that she deserves a spot in the highly acclaimed Hollywood Arts High School, but Tori Vega's talents go far beyond her skills as a performer, for she is expertly trained in the one skill that gets her whatever she wants, manipulation.

Everybody at Hollywood Arts knows the story of how Tori earned her place at the school. Her annoying older sister swallowed some 'Chinese herb gargle' to help her sing, and ended up with a tongue the size of Texas. Right before the big showcase. Before this, only the audition panel at Hollywood Arts and some of the teachers had seen Trina perform.

However what they don't know is how the younger Vega added a secret ingredient before her older sister downed the drink. Pine nuts. As allergic as Tori is to bush daises, Trina is to pine nuts. How convenient that Tori would know the song back to front and be able to step in and 'make it shine'. As Trina watched from the sidelines she knew that something wasn't right. Growing up Tori always had a way with people, a gift that Trina never had. Tori knew that her older sister was talented, but she was certainly not going to let anybody else find out about it, because she was going to be the performer in this family.

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