The surname Vega makes Jade West shudder. She cannot stand either of the self entitled brunette sisters. Being stuck in a room with them makes her want to bash her head against a wall, which is most of the time because her stupid 'friends' hang around with Tori, and Trina always seems to be close at hand somewhere. Doesn't she have any friends her own age? Stupid question, of course she doesn't. Who would want to be friends with that gank. So you can imagine Jade's frustration when she discovered that she would have to suffer through an hour of after school detention with Trina Vega. Jade was in detention for accidentally pushing Sinjin down a small flight of stairs. It wasn't like he broke any bones or anything, just got a little bruised and well, he should man up and not be such a creep. She found him with sock puppets again, one of her and this time they weren't doing something as tame as 'cuddling' she ripped the vile socks off his nerdy little hands and threw them down the stairs, giving him a shove. The shove was more of a 'go away' rather than a deliberate act of violence, and some anonymous freshman who obviously doesn't know the wrath of Jade West yet, thought she was doing the right thing by telling on her. If Jade ever found out who did it, they'd be sure to keep their mouth shut next time.

Trina received detention for not doing her history homework for the third time that week. Every time the teacher asked about it she would reply, 'Miss, I'm too pretty for homework, and that Hitler dude freaks me out…' the class rolls their eyes and mutter things that are definitely not very nice. The truth was that she was too busy learning a monologue for her audition for the new play that Sikowitz was putting on later that month. A play which her sister would most likely get the lead in, surprise surprise. That didn't mean that Trina wasn't going to try. She knew that if she looked like she was putting in effort (which she was) that the teachers and those around her would start to take her more seriously. Well, at least that's how it would go for most people. Trina never really had much luck in getting people to take her seriously. It was her self entitled façade, she knew that, but the façade was the only thing that kept Tori off her back. Ever since Trina started acting like she was better than everyone else, Tori laid off trying to embarrass her and put her down. She figured that Trina did a good enough job of that on her own. Tori knew so many of Trina's secrets and embarrassing stories, at least this way Trina could gage how embarrassed she was. One wrong move and Tori would throw Trina into humiliation overdrive.

Trina learned of Tori's power games when she was 13 and Tori was 12. It was something so simple and petty, but the memory of it still haunts her to this day. The Vega family was headed to the beach for an afternoon out and an argument broke out between the sisters over what the family should have for dinner. It was Trina's turn to choose and she wanted Mexican, but Tori wanted pizza. Tori threatened Trina saying, 'Listen, I want to have pizza and so do you.'

'I don't want pizza; we always get what you want!' Trina protested in the back seat.

'Tell them you want pizza.' She whispered harshly. The parents too consumed in their talk back radio to notice what their daughters were talking about.

'No! Tori, it's just one night. Stop being such a baby' Trina huffed and turned away from her sister, tired of this stupid argument. It was only dinner for god sake.

'Fine…we'll have what you want. But you're gonna regret it.' She smiled at her sister, slumping down in her chair. Trina gave her a quizzical look and rolled her eyes, Tori was being extremely immature. That Monday at school Trina was horrified to find disgusting pictures of her littering the halls. Pictures of her last summer in a pink high school musical bikini, before she started to grow out of her baby weight and just other really disgusting photos of herself. Horrified, she ran to her locker blocking her ears to the taunts and looks that were coming from the other students. As she opened her locker, the last blown up picture fell to her feet, she picked it up and examined the neat writing on the back.

'Next time, you say pizza, coz there's more where this came from! :)'

Trina scrunched the paper up as tears fell down her cheeks. Why was her baby sister doing this to her? Just as she was about to run to the girls bathroom to vomit, she heard the youngest Vega's chirpy little voice, full of concern coming towards her.

'Trina! Oh my God are you okay? Who did this!' Tori looked up at her sister, wide eyes even making Trina think for a split second that maybe Tori wasn't the culprit.

'I-I wh-why would you?' Trina stammered as she started to back away from her sister, who now terrified her more than anyone.

'What are you talking about, Trina? Come with me, we need to go to the principal about this!' before Trina could protest, she was dragged to the principals office where Tori gave a very convincing performance of a concerned sister. Tori told Mrs. Shand that she needn't call their parents, because she'd tell them all about it all when they get home. Trina was excused from first period to clean herself up. Tori gave Trina a squeeze on the arm as she was about to walk away to class.

'Hey Trin' Tori smiled, as she put the last of the posters in the trash. 'I'm thinking we should have pizza for dinner tonight, what do you think?'

Trina's stomach churned as she watched her sister play the role of the perfect sister so well, when underneath that faultless façade was an evil, manipulative girl who for some reason had it out for her own sister.

'Y-yeah I think so too' Trina stammered, closing her locker. Tori gave her a pleased smile and sauntered off to class.

Trina knew how to keep Tori at bay, just make it look like she was already so undesirable that Tori found no need to put her down anymore.

Jade walked into detention and rolled her eyes at the brunette girl sitting in the front row. Nobody else had arrived yet, not even the teacher so Jade just slinked up the back row and started etching curse words into the desk. She shouldn't be here. She wondered what they'd be doing for detention today, was it cleaning, writing lines or painting sets? Perhaps her detention was being forced to have a conversation with Trina, oh God she'd rather test out the electrical wiring by shocking herself than that!

Trina had hear earphones in and didn't notice Jade's presence, she was sitting there playing grumpy gerbils on her PearPhone and singing. Jade was about to throw her pencil case at the back of her head when she noticed something. She wasn't awful. She wasn't screeching and she wasn't even a little bit bad. She was singing really, really sweetly. Why didn't she sing like this all the time? Jade couldn't imagine how Trina was singing so nicely, when every other time she's heard that screech box she's wanted to smash her head against a wall. Trina tuned around and was startled by Jade's presence, pulling the earphones out of her ears.

'Oh hey Tori's friend' she said, turning back to her game.

'Tori's not my friend…and were you just singing then?' Jade asked.

'I dunno, probably.' Trina replied nonchalantly. Crap! People weren't supposed to hear her singing.

'Yeah, pretty sure you were and I didn't want to kill myself…what's up with that?' Jade asked staring at Trina with her fierce eyes.

'I don't know. Coz I'm just amazing all the time.' Trina beamed, beginning to feel the pressure. How was she going to explain this? Oh please Jade, don't tell Tori, Trina thought, putting her headphones back in to try and get herself out of this conversation.

Jade rolled her eyes, still thoroughly confused about why Trina sings so terribly most of the time. Maybe she'd ask Tori.

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