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Lucius wasn't surprised that Aro, Caius, and Marcus arrived with some of their guard before Hermione woke up. "Hello, Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Thank you all for coming."

Aro shook his head as he gave a Lucius a slap on the back. "Of course we would come, Lucius. I don't think anyone knows this but Hermione is actually related to Caius, Marcus, and me. Hell the girl doesn't even know it. Now before we get down to business I want to tell everyone here at that I have sent some of my guard out looking for Anton Dolohov. He will not get away with what he has done to our grandchild. What do you all need to know?"

Carlisle smiled at his long time friend. "We need to know anything and everything you know about mortal females carrying half vampire babies. Hermione is pregnant and where it read she was about three weeks pregnant yesterday the scan is now reading that she is approximately six weeks pregnant. I need to know what is safe to do and what isn't safe to do concerning Hermione's care."

Aro frowned but it was Caius who said "She will need blood and by blood I mean human blood. While animal blood can sustain a vampire it won't do anything to help Hermione right now. Hermione will need to be monitored closely. Since Hermione is magical she should have a little easier time carrying a half vampire baby than an actual one hundred percent human female because her magic will instinctively work to heal her body. I hate to say it but for the next several weeks Hermione will be homebound because the pregnancy will advance and advance quickly. She will need some exercise but nothing that will strain her body."

Carlisle nodded. "So we will need to find some place private so that she can take small walks. I will see about getting blood from a blood bank so that we have blood on hand for her. So is the reason that Hermione isn't able to keep food down because both her and the baby need blood right now to sustain the pregnancy?"

Caius nodded. "That is exactly why she cannot keep much food down if any at all. As for some place private to walk I see that you have some shape shifters here so can't she walk along their beach or in their lands? It isn't like their tribe doesn't know about the legends or even believe them. I know for a fact that everyone in La Push knows about the pack even if they don't open discuss it."

Sam who had been listening in silence nodded. "I see no problem with Mia walking through the tribe or the beach. And you are right that being a shifter and being in the pack is an open secret. I think that Hermione would love to see the beach. She loved walking along it the last time she was there."

Lucius nodded and quietly asked "Is it going to be a problem for one of us to be with her during her walks, Sam? I know that you can protect her and that you would be I would also feel a hell of a lot better if one of us vampires were with her. After all it is better to be over prepared than it is to be under prepared."

Sam shook his head as he sat forward. "I will talk to the Elders but in the end it is my decision and I trust everyone here. As long as I have everyone's word that they will not drink from someone on the Rez then I have no problem with having any or all of you in La Push. In fact I would prefer to have Edward and/or Jasper among those who walk with Hermione so that they can alert us if something is off with her. I may not have seen Hermione recently but I know that she won't open her mouth and say if something is wrong unless she is confronted with it. She keeps shit to herself because she doesn't like having people worry about her. I figured that out within hours of first meeting her three years ago."

Severus chuckled and nodded. "She has always been like that and I don't see it changing at all. So now we know what we need to do as far as her being pregnant but we still have to come up with a plan on making sure that she stays safe. She has the gala in Britain that she will want to go for the simple reason she plans on making sure that everyone knows just exactly what Ronald Weasley has done. My question is will it be safe enough for her to travel that far?"

Marcus sighed. "She will be alright to travel but several people will need to go with her. In fact I do believe that I will attend as will Caius, Aro, Demetri, Felix, Jane, and Alec. Although in honesty by then she will have probably given birth so the baby or babies will be going with us. Hermione while she is not a vampire she is still the Princess of Volturi so anywhere she goes she will have an escort. The boy who gave her location up will have charges brought against him on top of whatever she plans to do to him. He picked the wrong girl to hurt like he did and for that he must pay. I'm not saying that we will kill him because we won't but it doesn't mean that he will not wish that he was dead once we are finished with him."

Jasper nodded from where he was sitting. He was glad to see that someone else thought the same of him. "I will be attending that ball/gala with Hermione to make sure the little traitor does not get near her. Alice said that she sees Edward and I by Hermione's side all night along with a shifter or two."

Sam smirked at that. "I'll be going along and I'll take Paul with me. Jared, no offense but I will leave you behind to help protect the tribe."

Jared nodded. "That is fine with me and the others that are phasing can help keep an eye on things. I have a feeling even more will be phasing since we are having more vampires in the area."

Severus snorted. "Why on Earth do you think that you are phasing because of vampires being in the area? The reason any shift phases is because of trouble that is coming towards their town and/or tribe. So while you may have only phased when the Cullen's have showed up that doesn't mean that they are the cause for it. If I am correct when the last group of shifters in La Push phased and they made a treaty with the Cullen coven that trouble happened after the Cullen's left town. It is any kind of trouble that is coming not just supernatural trouble."

Sam thought about that and then finally nodded. "I never thought about it but you are correct, Severus. I wonder why the Elders never told us this."

This time it was Caius who scoffed. "They didn't tell you because they want to make you blame people who are not to blame. I do believe that we shall be setting up a meeting with your Elders for in the next couple of days. Right now Hermione is more important."

Everyone nodded and then sat back to talk as they waited on Pansy who just went upstairs to help Hermione down since they heard her moving around.

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