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Prologue: A Strange Savior

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves.
-Amelia Earhart

'Please, promise me that you will keep him safe, that you will protect him…please…' The woman sobbed as she felt her life slowly slipping away from her. Beside her, a young man held her hand to comfort her as tears poured from eyes and wet her own blood soaked shirt.

'I promise… I promise with all my heart that I will protect this child of yours, and that he shall grow up to be respected and honored amongst his peers and his fellow men.' The man said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

'Thank you…' The woman answered softly as she felt herself finally go.

'…Sleep now girl, your suffering is at an end.' The man said after a pause as he closed her eyes for her. He then stood up, and glanced at the baby that he held in the crook of his arm, he eyed the red, scaly left arm of the babe and smirked.

'For you though, dear child, your suffering is just beginning, you will encounter great trials and tribulations throughout your entire life, men will laugh at you, children will mock you, death itself will come for you, but if you can persevere and prevail through all of these, you will emerge as one they will revere and be in awe of, for them, you will be their equivalent…of god.'

He paused before continuing, 'That is of course, unless you decide otherwise…Allen.'

Allen woke up with a start at the end of the dream, he shielded his eyes from the sunlight that came in through his window, 'The same dream again, who is this guy anyway? And is that my birth mother I keep seeing?' He wondered.

'No.' He muttered angrily, 'my parents abandoned me because of this arm of mine, my only parent is Mana.' He felt something bump his head and looked up at his, correction, his master's golem, Timcanpy.

He sighed and stared out of the window of the room in which he had taken for the night in the nearby inn, he was nearly at his destination, the Black order where he be inducted as an exorcist, an apostle of god.

As he packed up his belongings in his suitcase and prepared to go downstairs, he couldn't stop thinking about the dark figure in his dreams and what he had said, he had had the same dream several times already throughout his life so far, but recently they were coming to him with increasing intensity and vividness.

He could now even recall very well what the man in his dream looked like, he was very tall, wore a black zip coat with a hood, and most remarkably, had a pair of crimson red eyes, and spoke with a slight rasping tone in his voice.

But he pushed all of those thoughts to the back of his head as he prepared to go continue his journey to the black order, and fulfill his promise to Mana to keep walking.

As he walked out of the inn and began a slow walk to the train, he failed to notice that the same person from his dream was sitting on top of the roof of a nearby apartment and was gazing down at him. The stranger smirked on seeing the boy before getting up and walking off.

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