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'On the list of things I should never ever try again, this one ranks fairly high…' Drake thought to himself silently as he ran as fast as he could across the roof of the train carriage towards the rear, the rest of the train had already been disconnected and the passengers had been piled into the last carriage by their finder escort Jonathan while the female exorcist Lenalee would push the carriage from the front to help Drake in slowing it down and eventually stopping it.

'Good people they are, if only flawed by the girl's incessant whining.' He continued in his head as he hopped down from the roof and onto the platform at the back of the carriage.

'How the hell do I always find myself in these kinds of situations?' He wondered as he braced himself for his next action.

Several hours ago…

'Drake and Lenalee please report to my office for a mission briefing.' Komui's voice sounded over the intercom.

At that moment, Drake had been engaged in a rather vicious sparring fight with Lenalee and Allen; he had just knocked both down for the second time when Komui interrupted their fight with the announcement.

All three had been quite surprised to hear this; Drake shrugged and remarked, 'We'll continue another time.' And disappeared out of the Training room swiftly.

Minutes later, both were in Komui's hideously messy office sitting down on the couch in front of his desk.

'I've called the two of you here today because we've received reports of the presence of Akuma by our finder detachment up in Scotland.' Komui said.

'And?' Drake asked, sensing there was more.

'And I want the both of you to investigate it, hopefully you'll find an innocence shard, if not at least you'll have solved a problem somewhere, you'll be accompanied by one of the newer finders, his name is Jonathan, he'll be down by the docks getting the boat ready, show him the ropes will you?' Komui said.

'Fine by me.' Drake shrugged and got up to leave.

'Oh! By the way, you leave in two days' time, something happened with the train that needs to be sorted out.' Komui shouted after him as he left.

'Yeah sure.' Drake simply waved to him as he walked away with his back turned.

A little while later…

Lenalee was just delivering another batch of coffee to the science division when she bumped into Drake; Lenalee noticed he was carrying a single strap sling bag with him.

'Drake! Um…are you going somewhere?' She asked, Drake gave her an incredulous look.

'I'm just going to the bar in town…where do you think I'm going dammit?!' Drake nearly shouted at her.

'But…but the train's not ready yet…' She stammered, Drake lifted an eyebrow at her before he shrugged and walked away.

'Hey where are you going?' Lenalee called after him.

'You know that "train problems" have never stopped akuma before right?' He said after turning to face her.

'But…I...we…' Lenalee stammered out.

'You know what? Never mind,' He said as he turned back and continued walking away, 'if you wanna give the other side some extra time and a head start that's perfectly fine with me!'

'Oh…er…wait…wait for me! I just have to-' she was cut off by him.

'You have five minutes starting from when I get to the docks.' He said as he rounded a corner and disappeared, leaving Lenalee standing there with her tray of coffee cups.

'Oh no…I have to hurry!' She panicked.

It was the first time the science division had ever seen Lenalee walking so quickly into their offices, quickly putting down her tray on a desk where she usually waited for everyone to take their mugs, quickly explaining where they could get more coffee before dashing out at breakneck speed.

Lenalee panted as she threw together all of her travel items and ran as quickly as she could to the docks.

Only to find Drake missing.

'Oh no, I'm too late.' Lenalee kicked herself for not being faster, she walked up to one of the finders manning the docks and asked him, 'excuse me, did a tall man wearing a long-coat with red eyes pass through here?'

'No miss, I've been here for the pass few hours without seeing anyone.' He answered.

'…ok thank you.' She meekly replied.

'Where could he be now? I guess I'll wait here for a while.' She thought miserably.

A whole hour later…

Drake was mildly surprised when he met a very angry and infuriated Lenalee at the docks; her face was red with anger.

'Where have you been?!' The normally mild-mannered female exorcist yelled at the tall, dark male.

Drake glanced at his watch, 'how long have you been waiting?' He asked.

'A whole hour!'

'Not bad…'

'Excuse me?!'

'Most people can't come up with all their travel necessities in a whole day.'

'…I travel light.'

'Maybe, are you sure you have all you need?'




'You don't wanna check?'

'No! You made me rush so badly! And you think I have time to check?'

'Well since we're standing here…'


'We have time now actually, so why don't you check?'

'Weren't we rushing for time?'


'And now?'

'Well how the hell was I supposed to know that Black Order logistics and scheduling was would be so screwed up that the boat isn't ready 24/7?!'


Drake then went over to the finder and asked him about the boat, and found out that it was ready.

'Well since it's apparently as ready as it can be…did you check?'

'I said you were-'

'You had a whole hour.'




'You could have spent the whole hour checking and re-checking and let me guess, you didn't.'




'Are you going to start tomorrow or the day after?!'

'Er…I'll…I'll check now…'

'Better late than never...'

Eventually, Lenalee had to run back to get a few things she missed, causing several more minutes delay.

'Next time…' Drake said to her while they were on the boat.


'Or rather, when we get back, make sure from now on that you always have a bag that's ready with all your necessary thing inside, that way when a call comes you can simply pick it up and go.'

'…Ok…thanks for the advice.'

'No problem.'

Sometime later…

Drake, Lenalee and a finder named Jonathan were seated in their cabin on a train that ran along the coast up into Scotland; it was not exactly the first class stuff that the Black Order usually got when they got the company to prepare a special carriage for the exorcists.

Lenalee yawned and leaned back, long train rides were always a bore to her, so she decided to take a nap so that time would fly by a little faster. Meanwhile, Drake read his copy of the King James edition of the Bible and Jonathan merely observed the scenery.

Unbeknownst to the trio, there was a group of level two Akuma on board planning to sabotage the train, hoping that it would incur a massive loss of life when it derailed at the precise spot that they hoped it would.

But before that could happen, they had to ensure that every measure that could potentially stop the train did stop it.

The Akuma had already infiltrated and were now in the cabin of the locomotive. And now they set their plan in motion.

'It's already prepared isn't it?' One cackled.

'Yes! At the next stop we'll request a full load of both water and coal, have you activated the emergency brakes already?' Another asked a third, the third Akuma gave a thumb up.

'Indeed, I can instantly activate all the emergency brakes.' The third replied.

'Good good! Now let's get this thing going!' The first laughed madly.

'Now let's give the passengers a little taste of what's coming!' The second grinned evilly.

They began to shovel coal quickly into the firebox, although not so quickly that they would run out.

Elsewhere in the cabin where Drake, Lenalee and Jonathan were residing in, Jonathan had now fallen asleep as well, Drake was the only one still awake and was running through the revelations section of the Bible when the train began to rock from side to side.

'Hmm, the train's moving faster than usual, are we late?' He wondered, but a quick check of his watch told him otherwise, 'Hmm, guess we're going to be a little early, so much the better'

And so the ride continued, Drake was lost in reading the bible when suddenly; a massive shudder ran through the train and jolted him out of his concentration, it nearly sent Lenalee tumbling to the floor too, Drake caught her in time and set her back in her seat, waking her and Jonathan up.

'What is it? What happened?' Lenalee asked as she rubbed her eyes.

'Don't worry, we're just at the next stop and the train driver got a little excitable, go back to sleep.' Drake remarked.

On hearing this, Lenalee stretched her stiff limbs and tried to go back to sleep, as did Jonathan, Drake simply went back to reading.

After a while, the train began moving again, although this time the acceleration was very slow.

'Either they want to make up for what happened just now, or he started with the brakes on.' Drake thought quietly, pretty soon though, the train was back up to normal running speed, and he forgot about that.

Eventually though, he got bored reading revelations, and decided to see if he could go out and get some fresh air. In the meantime, he decided to scan the entire train and the surrounding area for Akuma, just to be sure.

He went out and stood on the platform outside the carriage, his eyes glowed pinkish and he scanned the train, just as he made out the three level twos in the cabin, he heard the door in the carriage across from his own open, and a sullen young man with little expression on his face stepped out.

Drake's unigue vision instantly identified him as a level one, and before the Akuma could do anything, Drake jumped the gap between both carriages, and bisected the Akuma cleanly with Annihilator.

The explosion that resulted caused a significant enough of a jolt that Lenalee and Jonathan woke up again.

'What's happened? Are we there yet?' She asked sleepily, just then, Drake burst into the cabin.

'Get up and rub the sleep out of your eyes! There's Akuma on the train!' Drake announced.

Lenalee was alert immediately, 'where?' She asked.

'Mainly at the back, but I saw a few in front, can you clear all those at the back? Go outside and make yourself a target, which should entice them.' Drake remarked, as he said it, he punched clean through the window of the cabin and then threw the whole frame out, making a very large hole.

'Go!' He said.

'You got it!' Lenalee replied firmly, 'innocence activate!' She said and sped out of the carriage.

'And you just stay here and out of trouble.' Drake said to Jonathan as he ran out of the cabin and to the front of the train.

'Drake ran through the carriage, out of it and into the next one with his glowing all the time, one Akuma tried to intercept him, without missing a beat, Drake slammed him with his left claw through the roof the train and fired a single low powered shot that exploded the Akuma before the train moved too far away.

He continued hacking and slashing his way through any Akuma that he came across until he came up against a middle-aged man with a wavy moustache.

'Excuse me! What's going on here?' He demanded.

'Crap is happening, there are bad people on the train, now get into your cabin and stay there until I say it is safe to come out.' Drake said quickly.

'I am the train conductor, this is my train!' He said firmly.

Drake paused for a moment; it was rare for him to find humans that were so…unpersuasive.

'I need to know if there is anything wrong with the train at the moment.' Drake responded, meanwhile, several people were peeking out of their cabins to see what the commotion was all about.

'The train is going too fast! At this speed, it will derail at any sharp turn!'

'Can't we just use the emergency brakes to slow down?'

'No, I just found out that someone turned them on already! If the emergency brakes are on for too long at such a high speed, they fail.'

'Ok…so what happens when the emergency brakes fail?'

'They explode.'

'Excuse me?' Drake said incredulously while blinking rapidly, 'did you just say explode?'

Right on cue, there was a loud "BANG" and a tremendous jolt as several broken, circular disks exploded from the wooden floor of the carriage and planted themselves into the ceiling, one of them missing Drake by inches, he didn't flinch as several people cried out in fear. Immediately, he felt the train begin to accelerate as the ride got bumpier and bumpier.

'Anyone hurt?!' Drake called out, a quick check showed that miraculously, no one was.

Drake quickly turned back to the man, 'what about the regular brakes?' He quickly asked.

'They're up front in the cabin, but they won't stop a train at this speed, they'll probably fail too.' The man said.

'Never mind that, at least we can slow this thing down some.' Drake said as he turned to Jonathan, 'Jon, get everyone into this last carriage, I don't care how but we can't have more than one carriage with people ok?' Drake ordered.

'Yes sir, alright people let's get moving, go to the rear.' Jonathan said firmly and as loudly as he could without shouting.

With that said, Drake pushed his way through the crowd to the front of the train, it was a struggle fighting against a literal wave of people pushing and shoving their way into the last carriage. Eventually though, he made it all the way to the steam engine up front.

On reaching the locomotive, Drake quickly jumped over the gap and threw open the door to the cabin. He was mildly surprised by what he saw.

Three men, all Akuma, they turned to look at him, one said, 'it's him! The half-ling!'

Before the others could respond and transform into their Akuma forms, Drake bisected all three with a single slash from his long blade.

'Well now…that sucks.' Drake exclaimed grimly as he stared at the completely thrashed and destroyed engine room, every lever was broken. He quickly threw open the door to the firebox and was greeted with an intense rush of hot air and soot, he was shocked to see the firebox full of coal and was a literal inferno.

He checked the water level, remembering that they had only left the station minutes ago, and his expectations were met when he saw that it was still quite high.

Giving a quick look around the compartment, he noticed a map pasted to one side of the cabin, as he looked carefully at it, he noticed that the route of the train was marked out in red, but he noticed that the line marking it deviated from the train's original route and ended at an area that went over the sea.

'Holy crap. They're going to-' His thoughts were interrupted when there was an incredible shudder swept through the cabin and he fell backwards although he caught hold one side to steady himself.

Along the tracks, an Akuma cackled to himself as he watched the train zip by, having just barely adjusted the tracks in time to their "correct" setting.

'Enjoy the time you have left stupid exorcists!' He laughed madly, and failed to see Lenalee approach him from behind.

With a cry, Lenalee kicked him with her "dark boots" as hard as he could, and the Akuma exploded without knowing what hit him.

She quickly flew to the cabin of the train, having heard from the other passengers that Drake was headed there.

'Drake!' Lenalee shouted over the sound of the roaring locomotive as she landed carefully at the back of the locomotive behind Drake, Drake turned to look at her.

'I've gotten rid of the rest of the Akuma, what's happening now?' She shouted.

'They filled the damn thing to the brim with coal!' Drake shouted back.

'Can't we stop it?' She asked.

'No dice! They've destroyed the brake controls, I don't know of any other way to activate them!' Drake said.

'Aren't there emergency brakes in the passenger compartments that we can use?' Lenalee remarked.

Drake was about to yell at her when he remembered that Lenalee had not been present when the emergency brakes failed.

'Tried that already! The Akuma disabled it while you were out fighting!'

'Ok…what if we just let it run out on its own?' Lenalee asked.

'No can do! We just left the station where it took on more water remember? It's still quite full! Anyway, at this speed, the train will derail on any sharp turn!' Drake answered before he gestured to the map.

'And look at this, look at the circle! That part of the track runs over the sea!' Drake said, turning to the girl to let her draw her own conclusions.

'Oh no, they're going to blow the track!' Lenalee responded.

'Looks that way.' Drake answered affirmatively.

'Well what do we do?' Lenalee asked in a panicky voice.

'I've already told the finder to get everyone into the last compartment; I'm going to detach the engine and every compartment without people! Now let's go!' Drake ushered her out of the cabin and into the carriage behind it, once they were off he unsheathed his sword and sliced off the connection. The engine began moving away slowly as the carriage was still moving quite fast.

He and Lenalee then raced to the back of the carriage, taking care to check and ensure that it was completely clear before moving on to the next carriage, they performed this same process for all the carriages until they came to the final one which all the passengers had been crowded into. Jonathan was waiting for them at the platform in front.

'How's everyone?' Drake asked after he sliced off the last connection.

'Quite frightened and cramped sir.' Jonathan answered.

'Well at least no one's hurt.' Drake breathed a sigh of relief, 'do you have a map of this area?'

The finder shook his head, 'no sir, only of the area we were supposed to go to.' He answered.

'Damn.' Drake swore, 'I guess we just have to ride this out then…Lenalee go forward to check ahead of us, tell me when you see the bridge.' Drake ordered.

'Alright.' Lenalee answered before taking off and shooting ahead.

'Well at least I didn't have to perform another crazy stunt…' Drake trailed off quietly, 'keep watch out here.' He said to Jonathan as he climbed up and onto the roof.

'Yes sir.' Jonathan said and turned away.

Drake slowly walked across the roof as the rushing blasted against his thin body, when he got to the middle; he opened the hatch and peered down into the carriage.

'Are all of you alright?' He asked, 'wow it is cramped as hell.' He thought, noticing that some were standing on the seats in the cabins and that everyone was packed like sardines.

'Yeah.', 'we're alright.', 'fine' was what he got from the passengers.

'Great, just ah…' He turned his head to face the front and noticed Lenalee approaching from a distance, '…a couple more minutes, and we'll have the train stopped.' He said before the closing the hatch.

He hurried to the front where Lenalee landed.

'Drake! The bridge is not too far from here! I don't think we're going to make it!' Lenalee said, still quite panicked.

'Crap.' Drake swore again as he considered his options, 'how far?'

'A kilometer, maybe less.' Lenalee answered.

'Dammit!' Drake swore loudly, and then his eyes lit up with an idea, 'I got an idea!' He said as he began climbing up the roof for the second time.

'Where're you going, what're you going to do?' Lenalee asked.

'I'm going to the rear, I'm going to try and stop the train manually.' He answered.

'But how? You can't possibly stop a train!' Lenalee responded.

Now standing on top of the train, Drake turned and faced her, 'watch me.' he said.

'Drake no! It's too dangerous you can't stop a train! How do you propose to do it anyway?' She quickly flew up and tried to stop him.

'Well why don't you make it less dangerous for me by pushing from this end of the train?' Drake said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

'I'll just jam my blades into the wheels and I'll pull back, trust me ok? I've done worst things.' Drake pushed her aside and ran straight to the back.

'On the list of things I should never ever try again, this one ranks fairly high…' Drake thought to himself silently as he ran as fast as he could across the roof of the train carriage towards the rear, the rest of the train had already been disconnected and the passengers had been piled into the last carriage by their finder escort Jonathan while the female exorcist Lenalee would push the carriage from the front to help Drake in slowing it down and eventually stopping it.

'Good people they are, if only flawed by the girl's incessant whining.' He continued in his head as he hopped down from the roof and onto the platform at the back of the carriage.

'How the hell do I always find myself in these kinds of situations?' He wondered as he braced himself for his next action.

Drake unsheathed both of his thread blades form two scabbards hanging from his belt, he twirled them both rapidly, the blade detaching and spinning rapidly to build up momentum, and he then sucked a lungful of air…

And then he hurled both blades down and in between the wheels of the carriage while jumping clear of the train.

Drake felt a massive force yank him backwards as he landed and jammed both his feet into the ground, he bent his knees and crossed his arms while laying the threads over his shoulders to use as much strength as possible, he could hear the loud, shrill screeching of the wheels and felt the wooden planks snap under his feet as he was pulled along with the train.

Drake gasped and heaved as he pulled with all his might, on the other side, Lenalee pushed as hard as she could even though she doubted that she was doing anything at all to help, Suddenly, she heard a loud explosion and turned to see what it was, she was shocked to see the fast approaching rail bridge disappear in a conflagration of fire and smoke, taking the steam engine and all of the other carriages with it as it crossed the destroyed bridge.

At the back, Drake heard the explosion, spurring him to pull even harder even as he felt all of his muscles and bones scream in protest at the abuse he was throwing on them, although at the same time pure adrenaline pumped through his veins, lessening the pain somewhat.

On the other end, Lenalee could only watch in horror as the broken bridge drew closer and closer the carriage that they were trying so hard to stop.

Drake seemed to sense what was happening even though he could not see it; he threw everything he had into one last massive pull…

And stopped the Train about a meter from the bridge.

Drake fell down and gasped for air, as the adrenaline seeped away, his muscles and bones began screaming at him again and the pain came in waves, he gasped and tried to get up, even as his tired and strained muscles did not want to.

'Drake! Are you alright?!' Lenalee quickly flew beside him; Drake put both of his hands on his face.

'Holy crap woman! I just single-handedly stopped a goddamn train! How the hell do you think I'm doing?!' Drake shouted at the top of his voice, before removing his hands from his hands and closing his eyes.

Before Lenalee could reply he continued, 'look I just…need to rest ok?' He said in exasperation.

'…ok' was all Lenalee could say after Drake's rant, she deactivated her innocence and sat down beside him while hugging her legs together.

After a while, Jonathan approached them, Drake tilted his head upwards to look at him.

'How's everyone?' He inquired.

'A little shaken and a bit bruised, but it seems that they're mostly alright.' The finder answered.

'Ok…hmm,' Drake leaned his head back and rubbed his temples for a bit before he stood up and said, 'alright enough sleeping on the job, time to go.' He said as he offered his right hand to Lenalee, who took it with thanks.

Drake dusted himself off and looked at the crowd of people who were gathering outside the train.

'Has there been any call for rescue?' Drake quizzed Jonathan.

'I've sent a call out to headquarters, but we're not in a completely barren, isolated area, there should be a nearby village where we can send a telegraph or something for help.' He replied.

'Fair enough, just what I had in mind.' Drake nodded in approval.

'What about the passengers though?' Lenalee asked.

'They're British, I'm sure they can find something to do while waiting.' Drake remarked, looking at the crowd.

'I'm not sure that's-' Lenalee started but was interrupted by Drake.

'And we have a mission to complete, so let's quit wasting time and go.' Drake said firmly as he walked off.

'You can't just leave them here! There could be other Akuma around!' she protested.

'Watch me.' Drake replied without even looking back.

Lenalee looked at him, then turned to the group of people spreading out around the field around the train track, when she turned back to Drake she noticed that he had already covered some distance and did not appear to be turning back anytime soon.

'What do you want to do miss exorcist?' Jonathan asked meekly.

'I think, he'll be fine on his own, we'll stay with the passengers.' Lenalee said, although she was still unsure.

The rest of the day passed without incident for Lenalee, she interacted with and got to know a few of the passengers until the police arrived and investigated, although that was much later and the day was already coming to an end, whereupon she decided not to delay any further and after asking for directions, headed with Jonathan to the nearest station.

They were just in time to catch one of the last few trains heading out for the day, strangely enough, several stops later they encountered Drake, who had disembarked from his train to wait for them, after that the trio continued on their journey north.

In the end though, there was no innocence to be found, although Lenalee and Drake cleared up a minor group of Akumas, Drake theorized that they were only bait and that the train wreck was an attempt to kill of a few exorcists, although nothing came of that.

On the return trip…

Lenalee had thought about why Drake had willingly left the passengers behind even though they were vulnerable to another attack by the Akuma, unable to come up with anything, she finally sucked up enough courage to ask him.


'What?' Drake replied in bored tones without looking up from his bible.

'Why did you leave them behind?' She asked.

'Why did I leave who behind?'

'The passengers on that train.'

Drake paused on hearing that, he knew exactly why he left them behind, 'simple, I'm not a savior, I'm not the knight in shining armor or the angel who comes down from heaven and saves everyone…' He let that sink in for a moment before continuing

'I'm a destroyer, a killer, I don't save, I destroy. I'm not the white knight, I'm the black knight, I'm in this not because I want to save the world, I just don't like having that fat bastard around.' He finished.

'Is that a reasonable enough explanation for you?' He returned to his bible.

The rest of the return trip continued in silence.

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