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What is that God-awful smell? Pete thought groggily. And where the hell am I? He slowly opened his eyes and snapped them shut again at the searing pain. Something with his body didn't feel right either... and all his muscles ached along with the nasty migraine. Rolling from his side to his stomach Pete tried to climb to his feet. This is feels worse than when I got shot with the tesla! ...And where's Myka? Pete groaned in pain, and froze. The groan wasn't human sounding, it sounded...

Finally opening his eyes Pete looked down at himself to see what had happened to him. Only what he found made him wish he hadn't. Please be a dream! A really really bad dream! Paws were his hands and feet should be, long black and brown fur were skin should show, and a tail. He was a dog...

How can I be a dog! What the hell happened? Pete desperately searched his memories for anything that would explain his current... uh condition. Nothing from the night before came to him, it was all black. The last thing he remembered was eating Chinese take out in a small hotel room with Myka going over the case. But where were they? And what were they chasing? All he could recall was that the food had been delicious and Myka had worn some new, very distracting perfume. Something with lilacs... He thought as he remembered his partner across the small table eating chicken low mien and pouring over the case file. The ever present crease between her eyebrows whenever she concentrated on something.

Knock it off Pete you have other things to worry about! Pete slowly made his way to his feet; it was a little strange since standing up was now on four legs instead of two. His legs shook slightly and he wobbled a bit when he tried to walk, but he got the hang of it. Slow and steady, you can do this. Looking around he saw what appeared to be a storage building and judging from the rotting fish smell somewhere close to docks or a fish wharf.

Pete's sensitive nose twitched and he sneezed at the overpowering odor. Pete slowly wandered around the storage shed that was filled with stacked crates, pallets and other boating equipment, till he found his clothes shoved behind a broken crate and the wall. He found his wallet, tesla gun, badge, and his father's fireman badge tossed on top of the clothes. Inhaling he caught the mixed scents of himself, Myka's perfume, fish, and… someone else. So someone else had to have witnessed his transformation and stashed his clothes, which meant someone did this to him. An angry growl rumbled through his chest at that thought. Well there's no point in sticking around here, I need to find Mykes so she can get me out of this mess.

Pete hadn't a clue as to where to go but as long as it was away from the stench of the docks. The doors at the front of the shed were chained shut but it was just loose enough for him to squeeze through. That's a bonus I guess… Pete thought mildly. He found himself on a pier for fishing boats and other commercial vessels. That explains the smell. He followed the paths till he found the main entrance to the marina and once again wormed his way out of the chain locked gates. Black Star Marina, that doesn't give me any clue as to where I am. The streets were filled with traffic, and Pete wondered just how was he going to find Myka in all this?

Thinking he might as well start somewhere Pete trotted up the street and looked at the road signs, no luck there. Sighing he headed north hoping for something to jog his memory. As he searched for anything familiar what he got was a familiar rumble in his stomach. He ignored it, he couldn't stop to eat now, and besides even as a dog he didn't want to eat out of a garbage can. However his stomach had other ideas, with his now amplified sense of smell it brought him to the dumpster of what appeared to be a Mexican eatery.

Judging from the sunlight he guessed it to be about ten in the morning, to his delight he found the dumpster lids open and he was just tall enough on his hind legs to look inside. Smells assaulted his nose, red chili powder, jalapenos, meat, salsa, burned bread and thousands of others slammed his senses. Using his paws to dig around Pete found a half eaten burrito, stretching for it Pete almost had it when the back door swung open. Jumping down from the dumpster Pete faced the boy in the doorway. He looked about sixteen with a stained apron on his slim frame, he held a large plastic garbage can in front of him.

Pete was unsure if he should run or see if the kid would feed him. His empty stomach chose for him, so he took on a non-threatening position and waited. The kid moved slowly gauging Petes reaction, he only cocked his head and thumped his newfound tail to show he was friendly. The boy spoke in soft Spanish and eased passed Pete, who whined a bit to show he was hungry. In response the kid froze, but after a moment reached into the can and tossed him a handful of chopped pork. Snagging it mid air Pete gulped the meat down, he was hungry and didn't care if the meat was too old to be served to paying customers. Plus he was a dog so now he really did have a cast-iron stomach.

As the boy became less afraid of the large dog the more food he tossed to him. Pete avoided the chicken breast that was thrown to him, for without the ability to pick out the bones he was not going to risk choking on one. He wasn't quite full when an angry sounding male voice broke into their game of toss and catch. A large man stood in the door with his own messy white apron on however he was not as friendly as the teenager. When he started yelling in Spanish, Pete tensed and when the man bent and picked up a rock he bolted down the alley and up the streets.

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