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"I'm so sorry to inconvenience you but I think you have my dog."

Norah was a little startled by the police officer on her door step, and more than a little disappointed that Hercules had an owner. Dorie is going to be crushed… "Yes, come on in. He's with my niece in the other room."

"Mommy who is it?" Dorie asked when they walked into the living room.

"This is officer… I'm sorry, what was your name again?" Norah asked.

"Name is Officer Ryan Beecher, ma'am. And I thought you said she was your niece?" he asked a frown creasing his forehead.

"She is my niece but I've raised her from infancy so she calls me mom."

Sitting down on the couch across from Norah, his frown grew deeper. "If you don't mind my asking, why are you raising her?"

Norah sighed, it was a deep wound, but he was a cop and probably heard stories like this all the time. "She is a drug addict and while she stayed clean during her pregnancy she fell back into old habits after Dorie was born. I took her to court and won custody of Dorie until she completes certain steps… but I've had Dorie for so long I fear the day she comes for her…" Hercules came trotting in at that moment a stuffed rabbit in his jaws.

At the sight of the dog the cop tensed but a huge smile stretched across his features. "Hey Buddy! Come here boy!" Hercules cocked his head but remained by Dories side.


Who the hell are you? Pete wondered as he dropped the bunny Dorie asked for at her feet. An unpleasant tingle went up his spine as his ruff stood on end, he didn't have a vibe but something just didn't sit right with Pete about this man. "Aw c'mon Bud I didn't know the guys were going to dump you in the city." The cop had a bitter acrid smell coming off him in waves. Fear.

"Are you sure this is your dog?" Norah asked the strained smile on the officers face as the dog refused to move made her nervous.

"Yes he is, I've had him for years and he's just mad at me cause some yahoos I work with got drunk at a cookout, snatched him and dropped him off somewhere. They said if I was a cop worth any salt I could find my own dog." He explained, but Norah wasn't really buying it.

Beecher got up from the couch and reached out to Pete but the dog stepped back, and rumbled in warning. "Now knock it off Bud I know you're mad but I can't help it now and I just want to take you home." Again Pete dodged him and growled louder.

"I think you should leave this obviously isn't your dog and he doesn't want to go with you!"

"He is and I have the papers to prove it!" he insisted, Beecher pulled adoption papers and photos of him and the dog in question, and sure enough it looked like Hercules.

As Norah read over the papers Beecher got close to Pete despite the growling, "I don't know if you can understand me, but they will hurt this family!" He whispered urgently.

Pete stopped growling and stared at Beecher, what was he supposed to do? He couldn't risk endangering Norah and Dorie. Pete's shoulders drooped and his head hung in defeat, with a heavy sigh he allowed Beecher to place a chain collar around his neck and clip a leash on him. "NO! You can't take him he's ours!" Dorie wailed.

"He owns Hercu- I mean Buddy. I'm sorry sweetie but we can't keep him."

Dorie started to cry and threw herself onto Pete's neck refusing to let go. "Oh Dorie please, he isn't ours I told you he might have another home." Norah was close to tears herself and prying Dorie off.

"Please don't take him!" the pleading cries of the little girl echoed throughout the apartment, and tore Pete's heart from his chest.

"I'm sorry but my own kids miss him." Beecher dragged a reluctant Pete out of the door and both were forced to hear Dorie wail.


Pete pulled against the collar and turned around to look back, but the door had been shut leaving only the muffled cries of a heartbroken child to ring in Pete's ears. "I promise you this; they won't be harmed if you just get in the car." Beecher said tugging the leash.

Pete snarled but kept his teeth from closing around the cowards calf only by the grace of God and the threat of a child's blood being spilt. "Watch it or I'll put a muzzle on you."

I'd love to see you try, asshole! Pete was lead to a standard cop car and forced into the back. Beecher got into the drivers seat and they started driving, to where Pete had no clue but for now he was helpless… and he despised it. After about a half hour Beecher got a call on his cell phone, "Hello? … Yes I have him… no he wasn't any trouble… yeah she wasn't willing to give him up till I gave her the fake documents and photos… I'll be there in about an hour or so depending on traffic and I'll give you the dog. Have my money ready."

Pete felt the first prickle of fear run down his spine like ice water and he dreaded this future encounter with whoever was pulling Beecher's strings.


Growling in frustration Claudia checked the monitor on her laptop that was sitting in the passenger seat of the sedan she was trying to direct through traffic. The little blue dot that was Pete's gps implant was still moving and if it kept going she wouldn't be able to find the vehicle he was in and kill him. The amount of shit she'd had to take from the over worried Myka had finally driven her to book a flight out to Chicago to beat her senseless. However when Artie became accepting of her plan she got suspicious, and had to employ every manipulating trick she knew to get Artie to confess he had implanted a gps tracking device in all the agents. "If you had just checked that when Myka first called in Pete missing; he would have been found by now and I wouldn't want to hog tie Myka and throw her in Lake Michigan!" Claud fumed at a stoic Artie.

"The chips are a secret for a reason; now just go find the moron before anything unsavory does."

"Easier said than done, Artie…" Claudia muttered shifting gear and heading down a side street following the dot on the screen.

Taking a few more turns Claudia saw a police car parked beside the curb in a small back alley behind a Korean restaurant. Oh Pete what the hell have you gotten yourself into? Claudia watched from the car and prepped her tesla gun. As the cop opened the back door Claud expected Pete to pop out the back but instead a massive dog came out and took a snap at the cop. Taking a quick glance at her laptop Claudia connected the dots, damn it Pete why do you make things so difficult!

Jumping from the car Claudia rushed across the street and into the alley where dog Pete was being muscled into a muzzle. "Hey mister! I think you got my friends partner in that muzzle." She said pointing to Pete.

Dog Pete rushed forward but the choking collar kept him in place, "You're wrong Miss now if you'll excuse me."

"Naaah, I don't think so." Claudia then zapped his sorry ass, with immense satisfaction.

The cop dropped like a rock and released the leash holding back Pete. Pete galloped forward and leaped onto Claudia, knocking her onto her butt. His tail was wagging so hard his entire body was wiggling, and his tongue managed to reach Clauds face in spite of the cloth muzzle holding his jaws shut. "Easy killer, I'm glad to see you too. Can you stop licking me now so I can take this thing off?"

Pete whined and kept his tail wagging a mile a minute, as Claudia took off the restraining cloth. Shaking his head once it was gone, he gave Claud another lick before she could stand up. "Would you cut it out? Its creepy having you lick me when I know you're really a dude." Pete just panted and followed her back to the car.

One hour later…

Ten minutes after they were booked into the same hotel as Myka and in her room Claudia started laughing hysterically. "Pete turned to Lassie, Pete turned into Lassie!" she sing-songed skipping around the bed.

Pete bristled and glowered at her from across the room, he had been ecstatic to see her but he knew that the teasing would come sooner or later. It appeared to be sooner… "Seriously? She named you Hercules?" which started a whole new fit of laughter.

She had found the small cardboard tag that Norah had inscribed the name Hercules for him around his neck on a piece of yarn. Pete pulled back his lips and flashed his sharp teeth at her, but Claudia was unimpressed. She walked up to him and patted his head, "Yeah real intimidating Cuddles, but I know you still sleep with a teddy bear."

I hate you…