One could look at this as a one-shot or a prologue. I can only write this when I have free time since "J" isn't writing this with me. May you enjoy this and feed me constructive criticism and love.

Lesser Devil to Higher Angel

Humans are aware of the battle between the archetypes of the devil and the angel, whether they read about them in fairytales or the bible, etc. In this world, the most prominent angel was Britannia angel, or what numerous humans have referred to him in their first meeting as Arthur. Just Arthur. Britannia Angel was the most powerful of them all, able to capture five demons with a swish of his wand, and could overpower a devil in a five minute battle. He would know since that was a true story. One day, a peculiar event thrust him into a gray realm between the moral of right and wrong, logical and illogical, emotional and impulsive. That day, on July 4, he was saved by a devil, a lesser devil named Alfred.

It was out-of-the blue; at one moment up in the clouds of heaven, the notorious band of devils, the Bad Touch Trio, attacked their walls and released hundreds of devils due to the lack of attention of their jail guards, two twins at the front gate. While the Germanic Angel scolded the two and shielded them while handling his "angelic" machine gun, he began shooting in all directions, aiming for the devils' wings. Each one that he shot plunked down to the ground and was aggressively strapped down with their hands behind their back, uselessly wiggling out of the angels' grasps. Britannia nodded his head in approval for the Germanic Angel's valor and chased one promiscuous devil in front of him. Like a lightning bolt, the Tenshi swiftly caught the fleeing devil from above, leaving the Britannia Angel empty-handed. The Tenshi bowed an apology for the intrusion and hunted for more devils.

That was when it happened.

A purple orb was hurling straight towards him, and he closed his eyes for the impact because it's too late for him to respond to the attack, but then something or someone pushed him out of its path. A yelp was heard, and Britannia lifted his eyes, only to widen them afterwards because a devil saved him. He, of all people!

He saw blood dripping from his fabricated wings and the grimace of pain on his face; the devil had dark, black hair, with bangs coursing over his gleaming, navy blue eyes. He has yet to develop his horns apparently. Then he was roped down, screaming in agony when the Tenshi bound his wrists with their purified, holy bands of light, as if he was injected a lethal poison.

"Wait!" started the Britannia Angel. The Tenshi ceased upon his orders and looked at him questionably with his translucent eyes.

"He saved me. Don't hurt him just yet." The Tenshi looked at the devil quizzically; sweat forming on his forehead because of the disparity in his head whether to disobey Britannia or to cut off the luminescent bands binding his wrists, probably unleashing a new horror. He did the latter; however, because Britannia had that glare to his emerald, green eyes again, indicating that the dogmatic angel wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

The Germanic angel, finished with dumping the remaining devils and demons back to their incarceration, blubbered in protest against the Tenshi's actions, but was shut up when the Britannia Angel held his hand up to silence him. Although he was extremely perused by his leader's decision, he zipped his mouth closed, trusting Britannia's judgment to the end. The devil, with his head mushed onto the fluffy clouds, was unconscious when he was freed, probably from the raw pain on his leathery wings. The Britannia rose out of the whole crowd surrounding them.

"I will take him in." said the Britannia Angel.

Everyone's eyebrows rose in astonishment, their mouths gaping open at his immaculate statement.




"How odd!"

"Are you crazy?"

Despite their demonstration, the Britannia Angel, with an unwavering heart, healed the devil's wings and started to pick him up, but his magic diminished at the touch of the devil.

Whenever an angel and a devil come into contact, whatever happens after that depends on the willpower between the two. You see, the main dilemma for the Britannia Angel is that the devil's power is drastically low and is still depleting, so he can't cancel out Britannia's holy light; thus letting his body to be consumed by Britannia's sacred incandescence.

Britannia readied his sinewy arms to hoist the devil up and heaved the heavy devil upward until sparks popped and danced around his fingers. Because of that, it almost caused him to drop the devil, but he was too mesmerized and gaping in awe at the changes happening to the devil's outward appearance. The sparks subsided into plain static, and the Britannia Angel continued to observe in mystical wonder of this profound discovery because it seems that his hands were magically casting a pure glow onto the devil, spreading onto him like a rapid disease, and when the light reached to his face, it switched his hair color to a brilliant gold, a shade two notches lighter than Britannia's.

He blinked his eyes open and stared deeply into the celestial being with stagnant eyes, flitting back and forth to register the scenario he is in.

Britannia introduced himself while struggling to float in midair with the heavy devil in his arms. "Hello Mr. Devil. I am the Britannia Angel. You can call me Arthur. From now on, I'll be your caretaker."

On July 4th, Alfred, the lesser devil, met Arthur, the higher angel.