Transformers Prime: Ordeal


You want to know something about stories? Almost all the time, they start with one or a bunch of characters who embark on this grand adventure, and as they journey through life, they encounter huge amounts of problems, obstacles and challenges... All those factors amass into an epic climax, embroiled with danger, misconceptions and tensions, before it spirals down to a calm, collective and happy ending.

This story isn't a happy one. It doesn't have a happy ending, like you'd expect it to. At least I don't see it. My life isn't coming to an end, but I feel as though I'm hosting a decaying soul, devoid of all the joy that makes me the person that I am. To me, I've lost all reasons to live.

Many people have told of their own greatest discoveries, whether it be the unraveling of a theory or that hidden talent they were unaware of. But none of their jubilant breakthrough can top what I have to reveal: together with my best friend, we have practically discovered the existence of an alien race of mechanical, sentient beings known as Cybertronians, or as some of us like to call them, Transformers. They say we are part of the very lucky few to have befriended the Autobots, a group of warriors who hide in plain sight, but who fight and defend us in the name of peace and justice from a threat that most of us do not even know of. Unfortunately, weeing friends with the Autobots, I have crossed paths with the enemy known as the Decepticons, harbingers of destruction. One of them has grown very fond of me because of one little incident, one little accident, and I understand now that he will hunt me down until I either breathe my very last breath, or until he fires his last missile.

I... I can't get my thoughts together. There are too many of them, one as painful as the other, expanding, multiplying as they begin to take too much space for my head to contain. My vision is blurred by the tears that I have shed for the past hour. I can't stop crying. I can't control my trembling, sobbing body.

My story won't have a happy ending, because today... I have just lost my best friend.


Hi everybody! Thanks for reading the prologue of the story!

Now, I'd like to let you guys know that this story is the actual text for a script-reading project. Yupp, in other words, this is a script for my Transformers Fan Project, in which voice-actors as characters tell the story. I have an already awesome cast, I mean that's what I think...

The prologue is already out on Youtube. Check it out, and you'll have an idea of how it's supposed to be like: .com/watch?v=7C9fLGqefLo

Oh, I welcome all constructive criticism. If there are Beta Readers out there, then I would happily like for them to look over this story I'm writing. If there are any errors, please point them out! ;D

Thanks for your attention, now I'll return to my daily life of... Whatever it is that I do. Cheers!