Gaia Theory

I listen to the sounds of silence,

Of birds that sing no songs.

I wade in grime of rivers,

Where no water flows along.


I walk amongst tiberium,

A crystal shining bright.

From flora to mighty landforms,

Truly a sickening sight.


I swim within the oceans,

I feel the seas' pain.

Sucked dry by tiberium

Sending marine life down the drain.


I stand upon a withered shore,

A foul wind blows from sea.

Tiberium floats upon the wind,

Bringing misery.


Some of my children embrace this,

This tiberium, this fuel.

Saying this is for the better,

Fanatic, deluded fools...


My children give in to their urges,

For tiberium they fight.

Ignoring the problem they are left with,

Ignoring coming night.


Some of my children raise their walls,

To keep the natural order safe.

It comes to fail, as tiberium,

Batters down their gates.


They seem ready to accept their doom,

A scenario I've seen before.

From comets to a snowball Earth,

I see extinction's door.


But can life possibly rise again,

Will the crystal allow it so?

What life could live in this green hell,

Amongst contamination's glow?


It seems like it's all over,

And I look to stars and moon.

The scrin have visited other worlds,

Did they suffer a similar doom?


But suddenly, things come to change,

Tiberium recedes.

Could it be from the green crystal,

My world has been freed?


Tooth and nail, blood and sweat,

My surviving children labour.

All working in networked unison,

It's a sight I savour.


One last war, one last bout of madness,

But soon their world's complete.

Tiberium's now just for their world,

While from mine it retreats.


Tiberium for the technosphere,

It's a situation I assess.

Yet looking upon a ruined world,

I still feel regret.


But over time, fair life returns,

From tiberium they've been freed.

Animals of sea, earth and sky,

And flora, come from seed.


I regret all the life that's been lost,

But I savour life's return.

And as our world shines among the stars,

I feel rest we've earned.