Emilys pov

the world slowly starts to come in to focus as i open my eyes i feel as if some one hit me i look a round and see I'm in a room with no windows and only a door i hear foot steps and when the door opens i relax a little because i see its Mr. Wayne and the man the hit me at the ring OK why did you do this because little Emily I'm not your teacher but this father i grasp no you were locked up and they told me you-ed never get out yer well see they are looking for me as i Brock out but I'm happy to go back once i finish what i started all those years ago he walks closer to me my hands are loose so i have a chance i look up he stopped half way to me he pulls out a 9 mm gun and keeps walk-inking when hes close enough i kick my legs up and hit the hand with the gun he drops it and i catch it before it hits the ground now I'm now holding a gun to his head with confidence move i say as we walk towards the door i walk close to him and i hit him on the back of the head and turn and run the moment he gose down I'm out the door i don't care about the man cashing me i run like never be-four
nick pov
i look all thought the school for Emily and when i can not find her i ask my brothers hey guys have you seen Emily i was meant to meet her be four school and lost track of time and now i can not find her she has not been in classes i have with her same her bro sorry maybe her uncle knows where she is Joe said so we head to the gym sir we where wondering if you happen to no where Emily is we have not seen her all day and are a little bit worried she was not feeling well and went home she said she might hit the gym if she was felling a little better thanks sir i say a i run out of the gym i run though the corridors and out to my car i jump in and turn on the engine by this time my brothers are also in my car nick slow down Kevin says as I'm speeding down the road i slow down a Little but not much i pull in to Emily's drive way and jump out leaving the car running i knock on the door and Lilly Emily's step mom opens it Lilly is Emily hear i ask no she went to the gym thanks I'm back in the car and down the drive in seconds for some reason i have a bad feeling about this we pull up and the police are out the front i run towards Ron wheres Emily i ask Ron look at me with sad eyes at that moment i new something wasn't right well i ask Ron then tells me that Emily was in a fight for the orphanage that she lived at and after the fight as she was leaving she was hit on the head from behind and taken buy a big man that looked mad like he had so sort quell with her oh no what if Mr Wayne Sr got her i would never forgive my self has some one told their family i ask no the police dint want in case its a set up so she could run away from the adoptive parents sir may i speak with the officer in charge i a ask I'm and you are he asks my name is nick Jonas and the girl you wont look for is my twin sister we have just gotten her back having never known she existed now you wont look because you think she has ran away bit i can tell you for sir she hasn't see the only way she would let her adoptive parents adopt her is if she was allowed to take the little girl that thinks of her as a mother no i know for a fact Emily would never runaway unless she had Rosie now i know for a fact Rosie is with we step nan lily as we where just there and there is also the fact that if you had looked at Emily's case file you would no that the man that killed our parents and tyred to kill her just Brock out of prison and the only thing he wants is to finish what he started 4 year ago now will you help her or not because if not then I'm going to find her and when i do if the man that killed our parents took her i wont be responsible for what happens i tell him OK Mr Jonas well look for your sister but please don't do anything stupid that may take you from her from what I've heard shes had a hard life and it finally training around don't skew it up for her OK i wont i head back to Emily's place and Lilly lets me inside we all sit on the couch and wait for news i hope shes OK I'm so scared if only i had turned up instead of going with Mr Wayne this may have never happened i think poor Rosie if something bad happens she may never see her mum again Nick i hear yelled i jump Dode i know you think this is your fault but its not now stop thinking like that its not going to help Joe tells me shes going to be fine I'm not ready to lose my little sister yet OK shell come home to us she has to

end of part 2 what will happen will Emily find her way back to her family stay tuned to find out