A/N: Elizabeth's third child is Lily Mae Webber and the father is Jason. The history is kind of altered to have her being pregnant a little before their breakup.

With the days growing cold in Port Charles, most of the teen population can be found in the local skate park. Since the park is indoors and the heating system top of the line, not too many teens can be found anywhere else. Jacob Webber finds himself kicking back on the cement bleachers while the rest of his friends did their thing on the ramps. Every day seems to be more of a struggle and Jake took his time at the skate park to relieve it most of the time. Today just wasn't a skating day and he didn't mind it.

"Hey stranger." Emma Drake greeted, hopping up beside him. "Why aren't you skating? You're usually the first one on the halfpipe."

"Don't feel like it." he replies, handing her a gatorade. "I thought you weren't coming back here after what Spencer did."

"Screw Spencer." Emma scoffed, downing half the drink. "Prince Dimwit can shove it for all I care."

"Oh really now?" Jake laughed at that. "Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?"

"Shut up." Emma nudged him. "I'm so over that jerk."

"Sure you are." Jake popped open a can of red bull and downing it. "This coming from the girl that pined after that jerk's every last minute."

"What about you, huh?" Emma countered. "Still pining after Jocelyn?"

"Not since the fourth of July." Jake states through gritted teeth. "She can screw Spencer till her eyes pop out for all I care."

"How noble of you." Emma laughed, knowing that it was a low blow, but not caring. "So can we both agree to just drop it?"

"Fine." Jake shrugs, leaning back against the wall. "Its dropped."

"Good." Emma relaxed against the wall beside him. "So how's your mom doing?"

"She's better." Jake concedes. "The treatments are still a little bad though."

"I can imagine." Emma sighs, downing some more gatorade. "My parents have me volunteering at the hospital."

"So I've heard." Jake chuckles. "When do I get to see you in the candy stripper's uniform?"

"Never!" Emma smacks him. "You are to never be at the hospital while I'm working there."

"What if I'm in a terrible accident and can't help it?" Jake counters, glad that the conversation turned light. "Should I just tell the paramedics to wait until you're off?"

"Then and only then." Emma says with conviction. "I look horrible in the uniform."

"You say that about everything you wear and its never true." Jake says seriously. "Forget what that idiot has been telling you. You're beautiful."

"Thanks." Emma smiles slightly. "Good to know."

"Why don't you just drop the act?" Spencer Cassadine spoke, making his presence known. "You just want to get in her pants like the rest of us."

"Jake, don't." Emma holds him back as he tries to jump down. "He's not worth it."

"Listen to her Webber." Spencer taunts. "Wouldn't want your mob infested blood to stain the floor."

"Jake!" Emma exclaims, having been moved aside as he jumps down to face Spencer. "Don't do it!"

"Ooo, I'm so scared." Spencer continues to taunt him. "How does it feel knowing that your own father didn't even want you? Not only are you the product of a diseased bitch, but your own mobster father won't even give you the time of day!"

Jake's anger reached its peak and before either of them knew it, he was on top of Spencer, pounding him. Spencer's followers tried to get Jake off of him, but Jake's friends jumped in and it turned into this huge fight. Emma and the other girls were kind of freaking out, screaming for help or for someone to break up the fight. Emma couldn't help but scream for Jake to stop, knowing that he'd be in a whole lot of trouble once the fight was broken up.

The days have been long and strenuous with his mother going through chemotherapy and two younger siblings to watch out for. Nineteen year old Cameron Webber, sits by his mother as she is hooked up to the IV line that will pump all the toxins into her body. Ever since they got the diagnosis, Cameron returned home, transferring from Princeton to Port Charles University to help his mother. She tried to protest to him switching schools, but she didn't have much fight in her and he wouldn't back down until she let him do it.

His heart has been aching for the last couple months. Seeing his mother so weak, barely able to pull herself out of bed on some days, it wasn't like her at all. His mother was always so strong. She was his rock, forever by his side through thick and thin, not like the woman the chemo was turning her into. So, putting his own needs aside, Cameron became his mother's rock. Sitting with her through every treatment and taking care of his brother and sister while she's unable to.

"Cam, why are you still here?" his mother questions when she opens her eyes. "Don't you have a date?"

"No." Cameron wouldn't admit that he had cancelled at the last minute. "Next week."

"Oh." Elizabeth smiles slightly, the nurses removing the IV line. "Where's Jake and Lily?"

"Don't worry about them." Cameron says automatically. "They're taken care of. You just try and relax."

"Cameron." she eyes him intently, prompting him to answer her question.

"Jake's at the skate park and Lily is with Uncle Steven." Cameron concedes, taking his mother's hand in his. "Now will you relax, please?"

Just then, Cameron's cellphone started to vibrate, causing him to sit back and hold it to his ear. Listening to the person on the other end, Cameron mentally cursed his brother's temper and shoved the phone back into his pockets.

"What is it?" Elizabeth questions, taking a deep breath.

"Jake's been arrested again." Cameron sighs, knowing that this was the last thing his mother needed. "I'm gonna go get him."

"No." Elizabeth says sternly. "Help me into my jacket. We're both going to get him."

"You're not strong enough to be going down to the station." Cameron tries to reason with her. "I'll call Uncle Steven to..."

"Cameron Webber, I am still the mother." Elizabeth hands him the jacket. "I'm going with you to the station."

Knowing it was futile to argue the point with her, Cameron helped her into her jacket before walking with her to the car. Once he got her situated in the passenger seat, Cameron took off to the PCPD as fast as he could, knowing that his brother hated cops more than he hated Spencer Cassadine.

"Jake?" Jason eyes his son confusedly as the detective shoves Jake into the interrogation room that he occupies.

"Oh great." Jake groans, wishing they'd put him in a cell instead of in that room. "Just what I needed."

Jake stares at his father. Cameron and his mother explained everything to him and, at that point, he just wanted to knock his father down a few pegs. Once Jake found out the truth, he made it a point to find out everything about his father. While searching for the truth, Jake found out that he was married with a daughter. That made his blood boil and his hatred for the man grow. Not only did he have a family, but he was married to the woman that put Jake in danger more than once. No amount of explaining on his mother's part could ever make that right.

"Why are you here?" Jason blurts out before he can stop himself.

"Right back at ya." Jake throws back, not answering his question.

"I'd like to help, if you need a lawyer..."

"My mother will get me one." Jake snaps. "Why don't you just stop acting like you give a damn?"

"I do care..."

"Tell it to someone that'll believe you." Jake cuts him off again. "I don't need you or your help."

"Jake, your mother's here." the detective says from the doorway.

"She had treatment today." Jake says, worry overruling his anger for his father. "She shouldn't be here."

"Treatment?" Jason looks at his son, confused as to what he meant.

"She's here with your brother." Cruz says gesturing for him to walk out of the room.

"My mother has breast cancer." Jake concedes, hatred in his eyes. "Not that you actually give a damn."

Taking a deep breath, Jake walks out into the main area, finding his mother standing there waiting for him. Cameron was clearly not happy with him and Jake didn't blame him. His anger gets the better of him sometimes and he truly regrets it in that moment. His mother had to have come straight here after treatment and, if he wasn't feeling guilty before, he sure as hell was feeling it now.

"Are you okay?" Elizabeth questions, framing his face in her hands. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay." Jake assures, hugging her. "I'm so sorry."

"Its okay." Elizabeth pulls away, smiling slightly. "We'll talk about it at home. Can we go Mac?"

"He's free to go." Mac confirms. "Do your mom a favor and think before you do this again."

"I will." Jake says plainly, turning to his mom. "I really am sorry."

"Let's just go home." Elizabeth says softly. "Your sister is waiting for us so we can eat dinner."

Elizabeth feels his gaze on her and looks up to meet his eyes. There was once a time where those eyes would have her spilling every last of her deepest darkest secrets, but that was long gone. Holding his gaze for a moment, Elizabeth links arms with her two boys and walks out of the PCPD, leaving Jason behind like always. Getting home, Elizabeth is made to sit on the couch while the table is being set.

"What happened tonight?" Cameron questions, once he sends his sister to be with their mom.

"I lost it." Jake states, setting the table. "Can we drop it?"

"Either you tell me or you tell mom." Cameron says sternly. "Your choice."

"Fine. Spencer was running his mouth about my deadbeat dad like always."

"That set you off?" Cameron looked at him in disbelief.

"I couldn't care less about what that dumbass says about him." Jake spat, remembering the look on Jason's face when he told him about Elizabeth's cancer. "He started in on mom and I snapped."

"Okay." Cameron understands that more. "What do you want to drink?"

"That's it?" Jake eyes him intently. "No lecture or punishment?"

"Don't do it again." Cameron says plainly. "Now what do you want to drink?"

"Rootbeer." Jake says, putting the utensils down. "Is that seriously all you have to say?"

"I get it, okay?" Cameron sighs, carrying the drinks to the table. "I know what its like to lose it, just try harder to keep it in. Mom can't handle you getting arrested again."

"You're right." Jake glances to the doorway. "How was the treatment today?"

"Same." Cameron admits. "She has a checkup tomorrow to see if its doing any better than her last treatment."

"I want to be there." Jake says seriously. "Please talk to her about it."

"I'll talk to her after dinner." Cameron concedes. "For now, lets just have dinner. The rest can wait."

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