The Roundhouse family was known for being calm and peaceful. They lived in the city of Newtonia, a city where everyone was everything. Or that's the slogan. It doesn't make sense. Anyway, the Roundhouse family had five members. Stellar Diarre, the mother. Robtatl Ross, the father. Light Ross, the twelve years old son and Crystal Ross, the fifteen years old daughter. Oh, and the family's pet Pokémon, Charmander.

The big adventure started the 28th July. Light woke up at 08:00, ready for school. In Newtonia, it was the beginning of winter. Newtonia is somewhere near South America, so that's the reason why it was winter.

"YAY! WINTER!" Light shouted.

The Roundhouse house was a two story building. In the first floor there was a bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. Upstairs there was four bedrooms, and a bathroom.

He quickly went into the upstairs bathroom, he brushed his teeth and then he went outside. His friends were supposed to meet him there, outside his house.

"Oh god, I'm in my pyjamas," Light said.

He went inside again, he changed his clothes and the kid went outside again.

Light was a blue-eyed, skinny brunette. That day he was wearing a dark brown scarf, a baggy green shirt and some red pants. His hair was always a mess, but somehow it was very nice on his head. On another guy's head? Hell no.

Light went inside again. He took his Charmander outside with him. The kid played a little bit with him until he saw a boy in the horizon.

The boy was quite famous himself. He was one of the survivors of The Calamity.

The Calamity was an event that happened between the Caels and the Uras. It literally teared the world the boy lived in before to pieces.

That boy had white hair. Natural white hair. And he isn't an albino or something like that.

His name, was Bastion. He was part of a group of heroes called "The X's". However, he wasn't very famous between all those guys.

Bastion was wearing a blue t-shirt, a black jumper, some green trousers and brown boots.

"HEY BASTION! WAZZAP?"Light shouted.

"Meh, nothing new or interesting," he answered.

Bastion looked at Light.

"Where are our rucksacks?" Bastion asked.

"Oh crap, I forgot them too!" Light realized.

Light quickly entered his house and he brought 5 rucksacks. Bastion shook his head.

"Some things never change," he said.

"Oh be quiet. We have to wait for the others," Light rolled his eyes.

"I never really lik-"


A redhead girl shouted from the distance, along with other 2 people. These guys were Light and Bastion friends.

The redhead was blue-eyed. She was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. Her name was Sun. Sun's hair reached the middle of her back.

The one to her left was a blonde, green-eyed guy. He was wearing a green jumper, a blue shirt, grey pants and brown boots. His hair was just like Bastion's. His name was Dark.

The one to Sun's right was a brunette, dark brown-eyed girl. She was wearing a beige sweater, brown pants and shoes. She had her hair like Sun, except she always wore a ponytail. Her name was Moon.

"At last,"Bastion said.

"Why are you so bloody serious?"Dark asked.

"I don't bloody know," Bastion answered.

"Can't you just bloody shut up?" Moon asked.

"I don't think they bloody want to," Sun said.

"We just bloody love to say bloody, don't we?" Light said.

"You're bloody right," Bastion said.

They all chuckled. Light always thought being with friends was great, funny and relaxing, so he was really enjoying the moment.

All picked up their respective rucksacks and chatted a little bit, until the bus came.

"Charmander, go back into the house" Light said.

The Pokémon did as how they told him.

The school bus was big, yellowy and comfortable. The bus driver, who opened the door for them, was staring at the friends.

"Hello kids," the bus driver said.

"Hello," the gang said at the same time.

They all sat at the back seat. The boys talked until they arrived to school.

"Alright kids, remember you have a school trip today," the bus driver said.

They went outside the bus and looked at the school.

"Where were we going?" Light asked.

"To some kind of lab called Red Second, I don't know what the bloody idiots want us to do," Dark said.

"Yeah, I mean, we're only 12," Sun added, "Are we supposed to understand every bloody thing they say?"

Bastion put his thumb in his lips.

"No. It's probable that they will show us things to prepare us for high school,"he said.

The bell rang. They looked at each other and walked towards the wooden entrance.

The school was always rather noisy, since every grade had a mischievous douche.

The teachers weren't exactly bad, except for the Math and History teacher, which seemed like Hitler's spirit had possessed them.

All the kids in the school knew each other, because everyone was really friendly and nice. Sometimes they had fights with the teachers, to the point of making something similar to a riot. Otherwise, nothing really bad happened.

The first class they had, was Math, which they hated a lot. The subject the gang liked the most was History, because they always were interested in all of that thing of the Pastback, Press and Futoing dimensions. Hyrule, Normandy, stories of Vice City (which were quite mature), that spy, Solid Snake, etc.

A/N: In other words, the Pastback represents the games that take place in medieval times like God of War, The Legend of Zelda, Assassin's Creed. Press represents the games that take place nowadays like Portal, Half-Life, Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto, Shooters, blah blah. And the Futoing represents the games that take place in the future like Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War, Star Wars, etc.

Sadly, the downside is that they have the bastard of their History teacher, who seems like he eats lion food everyday (I hope you get the joke).

Their next class was Language. Their teacher was a kind of a sympathetic old lady,who seemed like a grandmother to everyone.

Following the Language class, they had the school trip. All of the students had to bring a notebook, a pencil and a rubber. The 5 friends entered the bus and went to the back seat again.

"You know what guys? I'm kinda exited," Light admitted.

"Why?" Moon asked.

"You know, it will be quite interesting to see all those weird things they have in advanced labs. Things beyond what we have in Science class. I'm not going to you know, only ask things about what we'll see in the bloody high school. I want to see real things, understand them and all that stuff," he answered.

"Makes sense," Bastion said, "But I don't know if YOU should be dealing with, advanced stuff."

"Huh? Why not?" Light asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You're quite hyperactive, to the point you can't control yourself," he answered.

The trip to the lab was long, since the facility was far from Newtonia. They went through a deserted road, with desert to the side. How convenient, Light thought.

Meanwhile, in another place.

A dark building in a mountain scared the hell out of everyone. That was Senros's idea. No one had to enter that building. His lair, as he liked to call it. There was a sign saying Incorporated Minds.

He was planning something in that moment, something really evil. Senros was sitting in his large chair, with his assistant, Paule, next to him. Paule looked at his master.

"Master Senros, I have a doubt," Paule told Senros, doubtful.

"What is it, Paule?"

"Why are we going to attack the Red Second facility?"

"Oh. Do you remember our failed attacks to access the portals at Black Mesa?"

"Yes, Master," he answered, "What about them?"

"The objectives of Incorporated Minds are to dominate what surrounds us. Pastback, Press and Futoing. We plan to get riches, to make everyone suffer for what they have done to this world," Senros started.

Paule remembered that Senros was hot-headed. He was an orphan who hated humanity, that he wanted them to pay in the most painful way.

"But of course, we're more realistic than most corporations. It would be stupid for us to go against the worlds. It's only us after all, "he added.

Paule couldn't see where Senros was going with this.

"Black Mesa had portals to these dimensions. We aren't the only ones who want pain to the other beings. There are more of us in Pastback, in Press and in Futoing. We were going to get the help from these other beings. Help us bring pain to all this guys. Pain. Just that." Senros said, now standing.


"We have to get to this portals by force, if the living want it or not. Sadly, Black Mesa didn't want it and it already had an accident with the portals. So that part was extremely protected, even if they didn't use it any more, they still had thousands and thousand of it protecting it. The Black Mesa company is way bigger than Incorporated Minds, having loads of facilities spread out in the world, we can't attack them," he explained, "That's why we're attacking Red Second. They aren't as big as Incorporated Minds. That pathetic company is nothing against us."

A tall, muscular man came in front of Senros. He bowed.

"The tanks to attack Red Second are ready. We are going in 20 minutes," he told Senros.

"Perfect. Get prepared, because this is going to be an intense fight," Senros said, "Now...we'll have to destroy the Incorporated Minds sign."

"Huh? Why?" Paule asked.

"You aren't very smart. No one should know that it's us the ones that are causing fear throughout the world. I am afraid there is a possibility we fail. In that case, whoever that wants to stop us will have to figure out where and how we're making this things. Most people will act and rule the world telling everyone that it's THEM the ones that are the destroying. If we do that, stopping us will be easier. It's like a huge chess game," he explained.

"'re explaining this like if you were sure something will happen," Paule said.

"Yes...I am pretty sure that we'll have some trouble. I'm not very sure where, though," Senros answered.

Paule looked at Senros. The leader entered in a trance. He seemed to be in another world, thinking about what could happen next.

"Thank goodness we have a smart leader," Paule thought.

Autor Notes: That's the first chapter. As said in the summary, I'm writing this with The Element Commander. I made the plot and he checks everything. I owe a lot to him. Be sure to read his stories!

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