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Welcome to Mystic Falls, a picturesque town located in the southern area of Virginia.

Southern in its hospitality, northern in its attitude.

A place where history meets the present.

A place that compels your attention.

A place where you would like to start-

"Seriously, and I had to stab him in the stomach, because apparently as a doppelganger I belong to the supernatural team by definition." Elena poured herself more coffee.

-a family.

We thirst for new blood; come and join our extraordinary community!

"Yuck!" Caroline grimaces.


They were sitting in Caroline's kitchen. The morning sun was already high in the sky and the girls were soaking every ray of sunshine that entered the room. The blonde vampire couldn't even imagine her life without the sun. It was essential.

Night is for secrets, day is for living.

And with all her non-beating heart she loved to live. She was still wearing her pink pajamas, but Elena, just in her tracksuit, appeared no more appealing than Caroline, so they both looked totally casual, sloppy, and oh! they enjoyed it.

They enjoyed every little bit of normalcy they could get.

Elena used to come to Caroline more and more frequently, because obviously now it was her only friend left. Bonnie still claimed she needed more time to get over her mother's transformation. Elena would love to give the witch all time in the world, but she didn't have so much. So Elena decided to hang around with Caroline which wasn't such a bad idea, considering Caroline's latest... issues.

The blonde seemed different lately, she was spending a lot of time at the cemetery, standing over her father's grave. She told Elena that she needed to remember him for who he was, not for who he became. The doppleganger didn't understand it at all, but you know what they say, the less you know the better.

Nobody was supposed to know about the unfortunate accident that happened to Bill Forbes.

Nobody, except for the Mikaelson brothers.

They had invaded her life like a newly-discovered continent, burning all the native villages to the ground, colonizing her thoughts, capturing her attention. Little by little, the Forbes Empire was falling apart. Klaus had her mental equilibrium sacrificed on a makeshift altar of her (their?) momentary weakness. Her peace of mind had been offered to an anonymous god of everlasting chaos and confusion.

On top of all that, she had a weird dream in which Kol was turned into a llama.

"How's Tyler?" Elena asked, stirring her coffee and catching Caroline off her guard.

"Tyler? Tyler is... Tyler. Which means absent." She lowered her gaze and was now staring at a cookie bowl standing on the table between Caroline and her guest. Once her friends had called her a cookie monster, she remembered. Now cookies were gone, monster remained. What an irony.

"How are you dealing with this?" Elena tried to be supportive.

"Weeks of practice and I'm getting better and better at it. Every. Day." Caroline sighed bitterly.

"Yeah. Tell me about it."

They both sat in somber silence for a while, each immersed in their own thoughts.

"And what's new in the Salvatore realm?" Caroline asked, waking from her reverie.

"Well, basically, Stefan feels paaaaaain every time he tries to care, and Damon-" She hesitated. "And Damon is back to being old good -that means bad- Damon."

"They both still love you, you know that." Caroline took a sip of coffee, grimaced, and added some more sugar.

Elena nods.

"I always thought it was awesome, you know. Two brothers fighting over you. I was so jealous." Caroline confessed. That was right, she'd tried so hard but it was never her. She had never been the one.

"Really? There's nothing fun about it, believe me, Care." The brunette sighed and looked at the window.

Mornings mean new beginning, they always bring a ray of hope. The sun was shining so bright she had to squint her eyes.

"I know, now I know. I mean, one boyfriend means trouble, so what happens when there are two of them?" Caroline joked half-heartedly.

"And when you love them both," Elena grew somewhat gloomy, "you're screwed."

Caroline wondered how it was possible to love two men at the same time. What is love, anyway? Need for companionship? Friendship with benefits? Affection, tenderness? Lust?

As a vampire, she experienced many emotions she had never felt before as a human. Moreover, it was hard to even differentiate love from hate sometimes.

Her life was now an emotional roller-coaster without any safety handrail to hold on.

Welcome to Mystic Falls, a magical place where your life will change forever.

And forever is a very long time.

Welcome to a place where the most secret wishes come true.

So be careful what you wish for.