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Chapter 19

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

You won't admit you love me

And so how am I ever to know

You always tell me

Perhaps perhaps perhaps

Elena woke up, but stayed in the bed with her eyes closed. The morning light was penetrating her room through the curtains. She tilted her head to the other side and smiled to herself. She knew she wasn't alone. Somebody's eyes were fixed on her sleepy face. She fought a need to look at him. Let him have a few more minutes of a morning bliss.

After a while, she finally stirred in the bed, turned her head to the left and opened her big brown eyes. He was lying next to her.

"Good morning." She yawned, still smiling.

"Good morning, Elena." He said, still focused on her face.

She realized he was afraid of the 'morning after' issue. A thousand years old vampire had qualms about sleeping with a teenage girl. Or, as he would said it, a young, blooming woman.

Elena rolled to her side and faced him. He took in the sight of her body covered with the white sheets, her bare collar bones hypnotized him. He could stare at her forever, getting more and more intoxicated by her scent. Oh what a night it was. He shivered with excitement at the mere thought of them together, rolling in the bed. Tossing and turning. Moaning. Panting.

But she was just a girl, so fragile, and now he wondered how she was going to react. Would she yell at him or feel ashamed? Or maybe she would tell him it was a mistake, because she still loved one of the Salvatore brothers?

He dreaded this conversation. Elijah feared it so much that decided to start it first.

"Elena, if you think it was a mistake, I—"

She silenced him by gently putting an index finger on his lips.

"Shush! Perhaps it was the best mistake in my life." She whispered with her wide, keen smile.

The greatest mistake is to live in paralyzing fear of making one.

A million times I've asked you

And then

I ask you over again

You only answer

Perhaps perhaps perhaps

"We're making a mistake! A giant fuckin' mistake!" Damon raged while Stefan was sitting calmly in the armchair by the fireplace. His brother cursed loudly and threw a glass of bourbon into the fire.

"It's her choice, Damon." Stefan aka new Yoda (Soda didn't sound as cool as Brangelina, he thought) was a perfect picture of an undisturbed stoicism.

"You just say so because you have a soft spot for that blonde Original bitch!" Damon didn't cease fire. Rebekah told Stefan what happened with Tyler, Stefan told his brother, and Damon blew a fuse. He just couldn't let Caroline have feelings for that Original serial killer. He couldn't stand it.

"He and his family brainfucked her! No wonder she's feeling lost." He reasoned.

"She's rather miserable and depressed— "

"My words exactly!"

"— because she's living a life she doesn't want."

Damon clutched his head and started to tear his hair out.

"Are you serious? Do you really think she'd be better off with him?" I'm the last sane person in this town, he thought.

"I know Klaus better than you do.("Yeah, I don't exactly envy you." Damon muttered and Stefan shot him the-serious-Stefan-look.) The thing is, if he does something, there's no way back. Do you understand?"

"There must be a way back!" Damon almost squeaked.

"No, Damon. And she'll never be the same. Accept it."

"You were turned into the Rippah (yup, he said it with the accent) but you came back."

Stefan remained silent. It wasn't as easy as one would think. When Klaus takes you on such a journey, you come back different. Even if you look the same and try to live your old life, you can't. Not entirely.

He affects you like nuclear radiation.

He changes a part of you forever.

"Why do you care so much, Damon?" Stefan deftly changed the subject. "You used to treat her like trash."

"I've changed my mind." The older Salvatore sulked.

"Is there something you're not telling me?" The-serious-Stefan-look evolved into the-grave-Stefan-look.

Damon's jaw tensed. Something like, my contribution to her now-demented state of mind has been more than generous?

"No." He spat and went upstairs.

Stefan fell into a reverie and sank even deeper into the armchair. The Originals displayed an unfortunate tendency to wipe off every trace of normality that was left for him. He took his cell-phone out of the pocket and dialed Rebekah's number.

Just to check if she was all right. No sentiment at all. Of course.

If you can't make your mind up

We'll never get started

And I don't wanna wind up

Being parted


"My head. Is killing. Me!" Rebekah whined.

Well, that's how drugs mixed with vervaine work. They might dull your senses, but when the senses come back, you'd better prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

She was lying on a leather couch, dressed in her pajamas, with a soothing compress on her forehead.

Kol, sprawled on the floor, was zapping from channel to channel. Their apartment in Mystic Falls wasn't bad, he had to admit it, but staying with Bekah for too long might result in death. Or two.

"I can't believe there's no Buffy today." He pouted.

"Seriously? That dumb blonde?" His sister made an effort to roll her eyes.

"Why am I even surprised? It's your target, after all." She snickered.

"Careful with words, Bekah." Kol frowned.

Rebekah gave him a searching look. He was still her crazy brother, but something about the way he spoke of Caroline made her wonder...

"I still hate her." She grumbled quietly.

"She saved your life." Kol flipped through another channel. Baseball match? Why not, he liked to swing a baseball bat from time to time.

"That makes me hate her even more." The blonde took the cloth off her forehead and tried to sit straight, but failed spectacularly and plopped onto the couch again like those funny toys.

"Because you owe her?"

"Yes! Even if she did it for Nik." She groaned. Kol's expression clouded over, becoming somber. Rebekah noticed how he got all gloomy in an instant. She sighed.

"Have you two talked about all that crazy stuff that happened between you two?"



"I've messed enough with her head." His face didn't give away any detail as to what he was thinking about.

Then he shrugged. "What could I tell her, really? Don't you know me at all, Bekah? Even I know I'm bi-polar batshit insane."

"Tell me who isn't in this goddamn town." His sister pouted.

Kol just grimaced. Rebekah was right. This town was much more than just a little drop of poison.

"Feeling guilty?" She cocked an eyebrow.


"Feeling... something for her?" She raised both her eyebrows now.

"No." Perhaps.

"So?" She pressed him.

"I still owe her a bunch of good memories. Let it stay that way."

"Men." She spat in exasperation. "Never expressing their feelings clearly— "

Then her phone rang. Stefan?

She got up to her feet in a second — the pounding in her head miraculously ceased — and dashed as fast as lightning to her small bedroom, shutting the door with a loud slam! making her brother jump.

"Women." Kol shook his head in disapproval. "Always expressing their feelings too clearly."

So if you really love me

Say yes

But if you don't, dear, confess

And please don't tell me

Perhaps perhaps perhaps

The evening wasn't as lovely as the morning since it started to rain. Heavily. A cloudburst. A freaking flood. The rain was playing a triumphal march against the windows. She'd been sleeping almost all day after the incident with Tyler. Now it was the time to sort out the rest of affairs. She made a phone call and then took a long shower. Caroline just put a pair of jeans and a black tank top on when she heard a knock on the front door. She trudged barefoot down the stairs, afraid of what was about to happen. What might happen. And what might not.

He was standing on the porch, in his usual attire, soaked to the skin.

"You called. I'm here." He said, his face tense, serious. A raindrop fell off his nose.

"I thought it would be too dramatic if we met in the woods in the pouring rain." She cracked an uneasy smile and gestured at him to come inside.

Klaus — as silent as the grave— left a trail of puddles throughout her whole house.

"Oh." Caroline sighed when she saw the dripping water that was spilled over her soft carpet. "Let's dry you off a bit, ok?" She took him by the hand and dragged him to the bathroom. He did nothing but observe her with a pensive look on his face. She sat him down on the brim of the bathtub. He looked up at her with wide, expecting eyes, still not saying a word. The girl took a bath towel and started to dry his head with it.

"There you go!" She smacked her lips when his dry head emerged from the fluffy abyss. Klaus just stared at her intensely, making her slightly uncomfortable.

Caroline exhaled and sat down on the edge next to him. He looked so defenseless, sitting there slumped and totally drenched. Like a sad, wet puppy. One hell of a puppy, but still a puppy.

They were sitting in this awkward silence for five minutes or so, both searching for the right words, but nothing came to mind.

She reached slowly for his hand, hoping that he would take hers. He did. He took it gently and covered her palm with his. The first step, she thought relieved, at least it's something.

Klaus took a hint. His hand held hers tightly as he said,

"All those things I've said and done in Chicago—" he took a breath, "I meant all of them. Everything on my part was genuine, Caroline."

"I know." She studied his face for a second and felt reconciled with him, and with herself. They were exactly as they were. Nothing less and nothing more.

He seemed so agitated and troubled when he turned to her.

"Do you feel anything for me, Caroline?" He gritted his teeth, still holding her hand.

"Yes." She admitted.

"Do you love me?"

Caroline gasped. This shot her right in the heart. Did she love him? He was waiting for one, honest answer to clear the air. One word to somehow determine the rest of his life.


Klaus' face darkened. He needed more answers. He needed to solve the puzzle once and for all. As they say: no risk - no fun, no pain - no gain. He gathered all the strength he had and mustered the words. The words.

"I love you, Caroline." He said slowly and carefully, looking straight into her blue, scared eyes.

"I need to know if you want me to stay."

She broke the eye-contact and looked down at her feet. That was never a good sign. He felt his hope wither away.

"No, I don't want you to stay." She whispered.

Her hand was set free from his grip as he got up. Klaus was about to take a step forward and walk away when Caroline's hand wrapped around his wrist.

"I want you to take me to the French Rivera."

His shocked stare bored into her, his mouth hung open. Pardon me? Caroline stood up, closed the space between them in one wide step, and took his other hand in hers. They were standing in her bathroom, holding hands, looking at each other. He — soaked to the skin, with water dripping from his clothes. She — smiling at him warmly, with the eyes full of light again.

"Paris is so last season." She winked at him. Klaus just squeezed her hands tighter, pulled her to his wet, cold body, and rested his chin on her forehead.

Caroline smiled, leaning against his chest. He felt like home.

And there he was.

Feeling complete.


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(in no particular order)

Caroline Seriously? Forbes

Klaus I'll tear out your liver Mikaelson

Kol Relaaax Dahlin' Mikaelson

Elena I don't know Gilbert

Elijah You can't beat me Mikaelson

Rebekah Strumpet Mikaelson

Damon Eternal Stud Salvatore

Stefan The Rippah Salvatore

Tyler Dude Lockwood

Bonnie I do mojo Bennet (guest appearance)



Love, it's a crazy

Make my heart go upsy-daisy

Make my blood flow not so lazy

'Cause I love you inside out

"You know, a fortune teller told me once that we'd end up together."

"A fortune teller?"

"Yeah, at a funfair in Mystic Falls."

"Oh. OH."


"Nothing, love. See? Even the cards are on our side."

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