Hello again! This story was inspired by the upcoming game "Kid Icarus: Uprising" and those Chaos stories. At first, I wanted to just cameo Pit in my Fire Meets Water story, but after getting tired of all the same Chaos stories, I decided to breathe life into it, making it a little original. Plus I just can't wait a week for the game, so I'll just vent out using this story.

The Pairings will be Percy/OC and Pit/Palutena. It may look like Perlia at first, but it's only a crush guys. By the way, warn me if my OC Seraphina turns into a Mary-Sue. But please don't flame. Kid Icarus elements will appear in the second chapter. This first one is basically filler for introducing the plot.

Disclaimer: I own neither PJO nor Kid Icarus

Chapter One: Realizations and Portals

I was hanging out with Nico, trying to play Mythomagic with him, when I saw the bane of my existence kiss my girlfriend, who was happily returning it. No, neither Gaea nor Kronos was locking lips with Annabeth. Aaron, son of Hermes, was making out with her.

Aaron is always average at everything, with average looks, to average skills. The only thing he really excels at is spreading rumors and lies. The ones he spread about me were really sick. So sick, in fact, that the whole camp hates me. The only ones who still talk to me are Thalia, Grover and Nico. Even Annabeth has been a little distant.

So when I saw this, I felt suicidal and gullible. She had taken advantage of my kindness and love. I gave her all of my love, but she never actually returned it. I decided to run away. While Nico summoned skeletons to attack the "perfect couple" for vengance, I packed really quickly. I left a note, putting all the feelings into my note. I then sprinted towards the beach. I needed to look at it one last time.

Then a giant wave that I couldn't control swept me off my feet and carried me into the ocean, knocking me out in the process.

When I woke up, I was in my father's palace.

"You're finally awake," said a certain Prince of the Seas

"Triton, what am I doing here?" I asked. Instead of replying, he simply walked down a hallway, gesturing for me to follow. I kept my guard up and followed him to a door which looked like a sleeping quarters. When we entered, I saw my dad, Poseidon, hunched over a crystal ball, which was now the color white. When the Sea God saw us, we instantly bowed.

"Percy, why did you turn suicidal?" asked Poseidon.

"Ann- She cheated on me. Plus, the whole camp hates me for things I didn't even do," I replied, the ball turning blue. Then it hit me. The ball was a mood ball. That must've been how he'd notice my mood change. "So you caused the wave!"

"Yes son. How about you stay here in my palace and train while I find a solution to this."

And so I did. For three years. I would train from Monday to Friday, then hang out with Tyson on the weekends. Sometimes Dad even let Thalia and Nico come here, but that was only once every season. It was a great way to handle my heartbreak. It doesn't hurt that I have a crush on Thalia. Her visits, that would last to about a week, would brighten up my day.

Then Dad did something crazy. He talked to Zeus about how strong I've become, and now all of the Olympians have offered me immortality. Without refusal.

"What do you mean, 'No withdrawal' ? What if I want to stay mortal?" I questioned.

"Very funny, now stay still while we turn you immortal, son," replied Poseidon helpfully. Yeah right. I tried to run, but Artemis snapped her fingers and my legs couldn't move anymore. The Big Three (Hades had shadow traveled there for the ritual) raised their hands, a ball of pure energy forming in their palms.

I had an idea that I had gotten from a video game I had played before. There was this person named Link who was fighting the Phantom Ganondorf. When the phantom would throw his energy ball at Link, he would swing his sword to whack it away.

So when they threw the ball, I whipped out Riptide and slashed it back at them, surprising them so much that the invisible bonds on my feet broke. Then I ran for my mortality.

Then a portal appeared right in front of me, sucking me in.

Sorry about the little Perlia added in there.