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Chapter Seven: Seraphina I'm Coming For You!

"Again? But Viridi will kill us! Well, except for Percy," said Pit, earning a few glares from Sera and I.

"But we must. We need support from the humans, like how Seraphina is supporting us now" said Palutena. Wait, Seraphina? Everyone else in my squad had their jaws on the floor, and I probably had the same expression. Calypso was the daughter of a titan, I was a demigod, Pit was an angel, and Sera was a HUMAN! Then she hit me in the shoulder.

"Hey!" I exclaimed.

"Why are you surprised? Didn't I tell you during the flight before the... our... first kiss?" said Seraphina. Oh. I must have been so busy staring at her that I didn't pay attention to whatever she was saying.

"Well, I was kind of... Argh! Just read Chapter Five!" I yelled. Sera whipped out her IPhone, going to Fanfiction.

Then Calypso got us on track, "Um, hello? We have a mission to get to here." Then Calypso picked me up and Pit picked up Sera.

"Guys, what are you do-AAAAH!" I yelled as they tossed us out of Skyworld's doorway. I could see other angels heading towards the sea, and others to Vanilla, that First Town. The Underworld army was certainly keeping us angels busy. We leveled out using our wings and began busting up some Forces of Nature goons.

"So," I started, kicking an acorn in the eye, "what did happen? And How did you get your wings?"

It turns out that when Pit was a ring for three years, Sera's family was affected. Palutena's army started attacking the town she lived in. Her people went into hiding in the valley in front of it. She just went to play outside one day, when she came upon a ring. Pit's ring. She was controlled, used by the very same angel as the one destroying her town. She could hear him talking to himself, and it drove her crazy. Out of pity, Lady Palutena offered to make her an angel after the war, so here she is.

"I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't know," I apologised.

"Never mind that, I'm over it, but where are Calypso and Pit?" Then a blue blur appeared, traveling towards us.

"Duck!" I said. And my intuition was right, because Phosphora zoomed past, lightning surrounding her.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" said Phosphora.

"Why is everyone saying that? I mean, the thing appears in the Author's Note all the time, plus it appeared twice in the finale of Fire Meets Water! It's getting old," I said.

"You!" said Sera, filled with rage. "Prepare to die!" She started shooting like crazy. Phosphora ducked the first blast and did a volt tackle, knocking the wind out of Seraphina. I swiped for her head, but she flew down, darted up and volt tackled Sera again, causing her to get knocked down to the ground.

I paniced, "Sera!" I swooped towards the ground. I twirled around, shooting Phosphora before she could tackle me. As my shots slowed her down, I sliced down, making her flip. I kicked her stomach, saying, "Nemesis is a jerk, huh Phosphora?" I kicked off her, using the force to fly towards Seraphina faster.

"Seraphina I'm coming for you!" I yelled. She was out of control, heading towards the lake. I made a giant hand out of the water and caught her, putting her on the nearby shore. I flew in and checked her vitals. She was breathing, her pulse was normal, she was only in an unconscious state. Then something else ruined it.

"Hello there!" said a dragon. Luckily, Hewdraw only had one head, but how was I supposed to fight him and tend to Sera at the same time. I decided to call for back-up.

"Lady Palutena, I need help here!" I said to the hologram. "And where are Pit and Cally?"

"One, I'm out of troops. They're everywhere, at Gaol's old castle, the seafloor castle. Two, your teammates are currently destroying the Reset Bomb Depot," said Palutena. Then she pulled out her x-ray specs. "And I can't 'Beam you up' either, because Viridi's blocking me. It's sad that she turned cold-hearted again."

"So... we're finished?" I asked,

"Less talking and more FIGHTING!" yelled the dragon as it lunged for me. I rolled to the side, dragging an unlucky angel with me. Then it dived underwater, but the orange orbs weren't there, neither were the purple ones.

Great, how am I supposed to get out of this one?,I thought. Then I saw a familiar blue blur soaring towards the battlefield. Idea time! I hid Sera in a relatively safe alcove and flew one hundred feet over the lake. Then multiple things happened at the same time. Hewdraw snapped up, opening his mouth wide. Phosphora darted towards me, pissed off. I did the reasonable thing. I spun. Phosphora swung past me, flying into Hewdraw's maw. Thinking that he had eaten me, he closed his mouth, only to get shocked. He fell into the lake, conducting and concentrating the electricity, making it into a big explosion, causing Phosphora to fly into the air, knocked out. I zoned in and said, "Finishing blow!", copying Phosphora and slashing through her, finishing her. Hopefully she win't get revived too quickly. Then I saw two white dots flying towards us. Using the zoom-in feature, I saw that it was the rest of Squad Seven. We got Sera, woke up and returned to Skyworld.

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