At the beginning of the year C.E. 74 the battle of Messiah occurred where the forces under the control of Chairman Durandal clashed against a union of ships from all sides lead by the forces of the Orb Union. With the destruction of the Requiem super weapon and the Messiah station a cease fire was called between Z.A.F.T. and the Orb Union. After six months of negotiations a peace treaty is signed between Orb Union and Z.A.F.T. with two major stipulations, one that Lacus Cylne return to the plants and accept the position of Chairwoman and two that Z.A.F.T. fund a joint venture with the Orb Union to finish building the orbital elevator that Uzumi Nara Athha had started in C.E. 58 to provided a fast and cheap method of transferring resource to and from space to be used in the rebuilding efforts of Earth and the Plants. In winter of C.E. 75 the orbital elevator is finished and named Ame-no-Mihashira1. The rebuilding efforts of the devastated countries increased by a factor of 10 with a steady flow of resources and goods from the Plants.

In C.E. 79 the majority of Earth's population no longer live in destroyed ruins but in pre-fab settlements built by Z.A.F.T and the Orb Union; reconstruction of the destroyed cities has commenced; estimated to be completed in 20 years. The governments of the Earth Alliance have collapsed and the people have elected new leaders to replace the old guard that pushed for war on the coordinators. In the summer of C.E. 79 Orb representative Lady Cagalli Yula Athha married Orb Rear Admiral Athrun Zala; it is also reveled that Plant Chairwoman Lacus Cylne has been married to Z.A.F.T.'s Admiral of the 2nd Fleet, 4th battle group, Kira Yamato the fraternal twin of Cagalli Athha for 6 years. A population boom occurs now that peace has lasted for five years and that medical services are available to the entire human race. The Earth sphere's population has recovered to levels before the Break the World incident.

The reconstruction of Orb's resource colony Heliopolis has begun and is projected to be complete in 2 years. Orb also begins construction on two more resource colonies and a Plant type colony in a joint venture with their long time ally the Kingdom of Scandinavia. The D.S.S.D. organization is rebuilt and is charged with adapting the Voiture Lumiere interplanetary propulsion system of the Stargazer Gundam to capital ships to enable colonization efforts of Mars. Z.A.F.T. Admiral Kira Yamato completes the Stargazer A.I. project by logging over 10,000 hours using the Stargazer Gundam in military exercises over the course of two years.

The D.S.S.D. in one year creates a modular Voiture Lumiere interplanetary propulsion system that can be attach to any of the known ships classes in use; this allows for a quick and easy modification that can be detach once the vessel reaches the planetary sphere. Construction of three more orbital elevators in the equator zone begins, one in North Africa, one in Asia, and one in the Central American. Plans are drawn up for a artificial orbital ring comprised of solar arrays connected to the three equator elevators to provide a clean energy source.

The station Heaven's Gate a joint venture between Z.A.F.T. and the Orb Union was completed in C.E. 82 at Earth Lagrange point 3. Its purpose was to be the launch point for the Mars colonization effort. Using a series of high powered lasers Heaven's Gate would artificially create a solar wind to create a space highway for ships using the Voiture Lumiere interplanetary propulsion system modular pack. It is projected to cut travel time to mars down to two weeks with minimal fuel consumed; a sister station to be built in the Mars sphere is first on the agenda to allow for quick returns to the Earth sphere. Within 8 months the second Heaven's Gate station is completed in the Mars sphere; the surveying of Mars is given the green light.

Over 9 months parts and supplies are sent to Mars Lagrange point 3 to facilitation the construction of five Plant type colonies to be provide support for ground based colonies. In the fall of C.E. 83 the Mars colony Unity was founded near the southern pole as a joint venture between Naturals and Coordinators. In the next six months a mass migration of 600,000 people flow into the Mars colony Unity rapidly expanding the size and scope of the Mars colonization effort. Construction of an orbital elevator is started to help with the influx of people and material to Mars. Two more Colonies are founded, Olympus near Mt. Olympus, and Red Hope near the northern pole.

In C.E. 84 geological surveys of the south polar region of Promethei Planum on Mars revel an artificial structure deep underground. Terminal under the orders of the Cylne faction quickly seized control of the area and began efforts to uncover the structure. What they find is a long abandoned alien facility that contain a broken down vessel and a data cache later identified as belonging to an extinct race called the Protheans. The revelation of proof of intelligent Alien life and the data cache rocked humanity to its core. Under the direction of Terminal Scientist from all nations converged on Mars to crack the secret of the Prothean data cache. While this was happening Orb reveled plans for cheap orbital mining of the system's Gas Giants for fuel elements like Helium-3 and a network of Heaven's Gate stations to connect all nine planets. Massive mining efforts of the Asteroid belt have begun; an unknown element has been found on Mars, and in the Belt that has strange qualities that affect the mass of an object.

In C.E. 85 Scientist decipher the Prothean data cache and discovers knowledge about Element Zero and its uses, a brief history of the Prothean Empire along with the location of Sol's Mass Relay, Pluto's second moon Charon. A Terminal task force comprised of the Archangel, two Nazca cruisers, and two Agamemnon carriers converted to supply ships was sent to confirm the existence of the Charon Relay, and if possible activate it. As the task force left Z.A.F.T., the Kingdom of Scandinavia, and the Orb Union call a conference of the world's governments to discuss the revelation of the Prothean three nation propose the creation of a new alliance that would govern humanity as more colonies are founded. The purposed government to be called the System Alliance would regulate trade between colonies and provide protection from hostiles with a space navy and army that would have allegiance to any one nation. Unknown to the rest of Humanity Terminal finds a second data cache hidden underneath the first one. Admiral Yamato orders the discovery hidden from the general public until its contents have been fully explored.

After one year of debates and negotiations and the confirmation of the Charon Relay as well as the discovery of the Arcturus system the System Alliance is ratified. Its constitution is based on the ideals of the Orb Union ensuring rights for both coordinator and naturals. Study of the wreaked Prothean ship and the Charon Relay results in the first Mass Effect Drive for capital ship designs. The Mass Effect Drives revolutionize construction of capital ships. The increase in power from the new drives combined with new breakthrough in miniaturization of technology results in a redesign of several ship classes. The new Mass effect Drives allow ships from the gigantic Gondwana to small shuttles to enter and leave a Planet's gravity well with ease though mass drivers and orbital elevators still are the cheapest means for transferring people and material from the surface to space.

The use of element zero in Gauss cannon technology has increased the number of cannons on capital ships and help resolved the problems of ammo supply for ships. Efforts are focused on creating a mass effect core for mobile suits, but estimate show that decades more research is still needed to miniaturize the Mass effect drive. A System Alliance Fleet is comprised of 140 ships with 942 mobile suits in total. Each fleet is usually divided into groups of 23 ships with the wolf packs operating separately from the main fleet. At the moment only two fleets are authorized to operate but the green light was given to have additional 4 more fleets create to help protect the anticipated growth of colonies for the next 100 years.

In C.E. 87 the military leadership of Z.A.F.T. and the Orb Union transfer to the newly created System Alliance Navy; the trials for the Mass Effect F.T.L. drive is completed and is implemented in all space going vessels. The Mars colony Red Hope produces the 400 meter long Acidalium class vessel, the primary purpose is to be a passenger transport ship though the hull allows modification enabling the class to fulfill different roles. The Acidalium class is used primarily by Scientific NGO D.S.S.D. because of the Recon/Sensor mod that makes it a excellent science vessel in addition to carrying 4 Stargazer mobile suits.

Four of these vessels are commissioned by the System Alliance to explore the Local cluster of stars for potential colonies. The 2nd Fleet along with two D.S.S.D. Acidalium ships is tasked with exploring the exodus cluster that the Charon Relay connected to. The Arcturus system is claimed by the Alliance to be the location of its Headquarters because of the multiple Mass Relays near the system. Twenty Plant type colonies are constructed to provide infrastructure support for the creation of the Arcturus station complex.

The Arcturus complex is four 10-kilometer diameter Stanford Torus-type space station laid out in a square formation with their rings pointing inward. At the corners of the square the stations are connected by elaborate framework that contains the docks and slipways for incoming vessels. The complex will be able to dock 150 vessels of various sizes at each of the framework corner dock. Each corner is for a specific purpose. One dedicated for receiving passengers, civilians, and diplomats. One dedicated for freight and commercial vessels. One dedicated for military vessels. And one dedicated as a shipyard for major refits, repairs and construction of new vessels. It is estimated to have a potential population of 400,000. In addition to this Z.A.F.T. plans on expanding the Plant type colonies to 120 because of the mineral rich asteroid belt and planets that reside in the Arcturus system. Several large asteroids are slated to be turned into Messiah style mobile battle-stations to provide a strong defense for the system.

In C.E. 88 a freighter goes ballistic and explodes over the main island of the Orb Union exposing the population to 100 tons of dust form element zero. At first it is seen as an accident but when unknown parties release another 100 tons of dust form element zero into the environment systems of 8 Z.A.F.T. Plants; it is discovered to be the actions of remnants of Blue Cosmos who had struck out in revenge against what they saw as Z.A.F.T. and Orb's dominance of the System Alliance. They are quickly hunted down and imprisoned. Many people suffer health problems but thanks to the gene therapy that creates coordinators the children born suffer no malignant tumors. The children born after being exposed exhibit strange powers similar in nature to the effects of a Mass Effect field; further research is approve for this phenomenon and the people exposed are tracked by Orb and Z.A.F.T. agents.

In C.E. 90 the cause of coordinator infertility is discovered to be the over use of gene modifications; laws are passed to limit the number of treatments offered in the creation of an coordinator. The rest of humanity becomes more open to the idea of coordinator modifications and the line between natural and coordinator shrinks. The average age of humans is now projected to be 160 years; pre-System Alliance the average was 180 years for 1st generation coordinators, 140 years for 2nd generation coordinators, 130 years for 3rd generation coordinators, and 110 years for naturals. Advances in medical technology can increase that by 40 years. Also in the same year the colonies Demeter, Terra Nova, and Eden Prime are founded and developed in the exodus cluster. The Arcturus complex is half completed and the System Alliance 3rd fleet is launched to be the shield and sword for the first extra-Sol colonies in the Exodus cluster. Five more colonies and 30 mining sites are founded in Sol's local cluster discovered by the D.S.S.D. explorer vessels.

In C.E. 98 the colony Shanxi was founded for its proximity to an inert Mass Relay that was one relay jump away. Being the first inert relay found since the Charon Relay plans were made to study it and compare it to an active relay for several years before attempts would be made to activate it. Shanxi is developed and a orbital elevator is built to facilitate infrastructure construction. Over the next 17 years 500,000 people immigrate to Shanxi for its mild climate. General Ashton Williams takes command of the Shanxi garrison and the forces of the Shanxi sphere. The defense force is comprised of the 4th battle group of the 3rd fleet which is 23 vessel strong. The battle group's consist of 2 Agamemnon Mk. II carrier, 10 Drake escort and barrier ships, 10 O'Neil cruisers, and 1 Laurasia class communication and command hub ship. One wolf pack of Nazca class cruisers is attached to the Shanxi defense force. Two Plant type colonies have been built at Shanxi Lagrange point 1. The ground side garrison has 15,000 troops and a force of 50 mobile suits, mainly the old Be-cue models with a few Dinn types mixed in.

In C.E. 115 the D.S.S.D Acidalium class Far Seer is escorted by one Drake class and one O'Neil class vessels is sent to reactivate the dormant Mass Relay that the Theta\Shanxi relay connects to. This event will result in Humanities first contact with an live alien race and forever change the galaxy.

The following vessels are what make up the 6 System Alliance fleets.

The Drake class escort ships were redesigned with Mass Effect cores and four Light-Wave Barrier/ Positron deflectors to provide defense screens for battle groups. (300 ordered with 50 per Alliance Fleets)

Armaments: 1 single barrel 30 cm DEW Gottfried turret. (on the top of the hull)

2 dual barrel 15 cm Linear Gauss Cannon turrets. (mounted on the each side of the hull. Ten thousand round ammo supply.)

2 Anti-beam depth charge launchers. (One mounted at each end of the hull. 4 Charges per launcher)

4 Missile pods ( armed with 30 anti-ship sledge hammers.)

4 Dragoon beam/barrier packs. (Each pack contains 7 Dragoon modules that have a 4 shot capacity before recharging back at the mothership. The 7 Dragoon modules form a lightwave matrix that can cover a area of 500 meters. The barrier draws power a dretonium emitters from the Dragoon pack.)

10 CWIS 3 cm linear cannon turrets. (30,000 round ammo supply.)

The Agamemnon Mk II based on the original but the frame was extended by 200 meters making it 500 meters in length to increase carrier capacity to 36 mobile suits. Used as medium carriers and battle group flagships. The Mk. I Agamemnon refits are converted into colony ships, Science ships, or relegated to troop transports. (36 Mk. II's have been ordered with 6 per Alliance fleet.)

Mk. II Armaments: 4 dual barrel 30 cm DEW Gottfried turrets. ( two on the top and two on the bottom of the hull.)

2 Anti-beam depth charge launchers. (One mounted at each end of the hull. 8 charges per launcher)

10 CWIS 3 cm linear cannon turrets. (300,000 round ammo supply.)

The Girty Lue-class assault carrier and stealth recon cruiser equipped with the mirage colloid system had mass effect turrets added to it weapon systems; carries 24 mobile suits. (12 have been ordered with 2 per Alliance fleet.)

The 250 meter O'Neil class ships are reconfigured in to heavily armored destroyers to operate as the ship of the line for carrier groups equipped with mass effect turrets for mass broadside attacks; carries 6 mobile suits. (300 have been ordered with 50 per Alliance fleet.)

Armaments: 2 dual barrel 30 cm DEW Gottfried turrets. ( one on the top and one on the bottom of the hull.)

2 Anti-beam depth charge launchers. (One mounted at each end of the hull. 4 Charges per launcher)

10 CWIS 3 cm linear cannon turrets. (50,000 round ammo supply.)

4 dual barrel 15 cm Linear Gauss Cannon turrets. (two mounted down each side of the hull. Ten thousand round ammo supply.)

3 single barrel 30 cm DEW Gottfried turret. (on the top of the hull, one near the prow and two near the rear of the ship.)

The Nazca class cruisers are made faster with the mass effect drives and equipped with a spinal mounted mass effect canon; carries 6 mobile suits. They are formed into wolf packs of 5 ships and operate as first responders to any conflict. (150 ordered with 5 wolf packs per Alliance fleet.)

The Minerva class battleships become the main battleship class because of its ability to operate planet side as well as space, it is equipped with a Mass Effect Drive and the impulse catapult is modified to launch various transports. Carries 24 mobile suits and ten transports. (16 have been ordered with two per Alliance fleet and 4 for spec ops. forces.)

The Gondwana super carrier is the flagship for sector fleets and is the choice for when invading enemy planets; carries 300 mobile suits. (6 have been ordered with one per Alliance fleet.)

The Archangel class are regulated to special task forces paired with three Orb Izumo class ships operating as heavy gun wolf packs when the need for overwhelming fire power is called for with their duel positron cannons. The Archangel carries 30 mobile suits while the Izumo carries 24 mobile suits. (4 Archangel and 12 Izumo class ships have been ordered forming 4 task forces.)

The Z.A.F.T. Laurasia class are converted into recon, sensor, and communication command ships for the fleet; carries 4 Stargazer mobile suits for recon and exploring plus 3 Zaku units for defense. (20 have been order with 4 per Alliance Fleet.)

Armaments: 4 dual barrel 15 cm Linear Gauss Cannon turrets. (Four mounted on the rear top of the hull. Ten thousand round ammo supply.)

2 single barrel 30 cm DEW Gottfried turret. (two on the top of the hull, one near the prow.)

The mobile suits the System Alliance operates have been narrowed down to five units for mass production that allow for a wide range of abilities, though command units may be special models like the Strike Freedom, Destiny, and the Infinite Justice Gundam or other limited run mobile suit units.

The Z.A.F.T. Zaku for the Nazca wolf packs equipped with the positron rifle as the main gun.

The Z.A.F.T. Gaia for ground and land superiority.

The Orb Murasama for space and air superiority.

The Omni Windam equipped with a variety of striker pack for mission flexibility.

The Z.A.F.T. Savior for fast heavy assaults.

1. means August Pillar of Heaven.

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