They left, and I was gonna do what I needed to do.

First thing, going to the control room to lock down all doors so that these zombies had no way out of here; second, dealing with the dead Venezuelans. Gotta need some acid, and the clinic should be equipped with such kind of reagent.

I found what I needed and started to compound the acid. I got really sick of doing this since I'd left Division, and I could never imagine why I'd been completely indifferent about this before.

While the acid was taking effect, I had a quick look through Mars' computer, shut down all surveillance cameras and revised all the records, and then I found out information related to the regimen and its prescription.

Now the corpses were cleaned, gotta find someone to call on the cops.

I was wondering whether there was someone here could do it. Oh, right, Lucy, the receptionist. I'd heard Mars saying the name. That would be her.

I put away my guns, and only brought a baby pistol to the reception desk.

"Are you Lucy?" I asked a woman who was concentrating herself on the files on the desk.

"Yes…whoa, where did you spring from?" she apparently got surprised.

"Look, Joseph Mars is dead." I said it on purpose, because I wanted to see her reaction. If she was involved in this, I had to take her out and look for another method.

"Who? Who's dead? I don't understand what you're saying. What are you doing here? Listen, if you…" she reached out her hand to the phone. I could see she was really frightened. And I already got what I wanted. She had no idea about the name Mars, and she was only responsible for accepting patients. That's it.

"Wait." I stopped her by pressing her hand.

"What do you want?" she was totally freaking out.

"Give me two minutes to explain what just happened in there, and you'll do as I say, or you'll be in danger."

"Danger? What danger? Danger comes from where?"

"From Dr. Francis' previous employer. I bet you've got a not really good job." I said, "Besides Dr. Francis, you ever seen someone else? I mean, besides patients as well…"


"Good." I nodded, "Now, find out your information on this computer, and delete it. All of it, phone number, address, anything that can lead to you. Hurry!"

"Okay…" she said, and did as I said.

"Now, follow me to the treatment room." I made a gesture. She stood up and walked out. I could saw her legs shaking.

"Hey, why you are so scared?" asked me, "Do I look dangerous?"


"Okay…um…if I walk ahead of you, and you then won't see my face. Will that make it better?"


So I took a few quick steps ahead with a sigh.

"Am I dangerous just as the same way I look?" once I asked Nikita.

"No." answered her.

"Really?" experience told me she'd not finished yet.

"You're far more dangerous than the way you look."

Hah, that it was. I stepped closer to her.

"What you wanna do?"

"Just do something to prove that."

"What happened? Why they all…" Lucy saw the zombie-like patients lying in the hallway.

"Shh…don't stimulate them." I turned around and said, "Now stop. I need to tell you the situation there around the corner first, in case you scream later."

"What situation?"

"Listen, Dr. Francis has been controlling his patients by hypnosis, making them just act like zombies and having them do some bad things. You don't need to know the details, just be aware it's his hypnotic therapy, which you already know, right?"


"Good. Now you call the cops and ask them to come here. You tell them that you had something to tell Dr. Francis, so you came in here to look for him, but all you saw were these patients, lying on the floor, while Dr. Francis got shot and dead. Cops will figure out all these happenings by themselves, and you don't need to anything more. OK?"

She nodded her head.

"OK. This is my comm." I gave Lucy an earphone which I'd found in the treatment room, "Now you make the call. I'll be nearby, where they can't see me. Do as I say later then, OK?"


"OK. It'll be fine. Now call them."

Lucy made the phone call, and the cops soon arrived. I hid at the entrance and spoke with Lucy through the comm.. In fact, before Lucy finished her saying, cops had already understood everything. And I could hear them discussing.

"What now?" Lucy asked in a low voice.

"They may ask you for the patients' records. You know where they are, right? Find them on the computer and give'em to the cops."

"How do you know…"

"Excuse me, Miss, we need the patients' records…" it was a cop's voice.

Everything went well as I'd planned.

Cops already got the records, and I guessed they were searching for the files of that ice-cream boy and Alicia. And it wouldn't take much time.

"Listen Lucy, they will find out that Dr. Francis was shot by one of the men lying there. They probably will ask you what you know about this. Don't be afraid; just tell them what you know. They will not ask much." About P9, I bet they wouldn't like people to know more.

"OK, I see." said Lucy.

Soon, the question time was over. What cops suggested Lucy was to pack up and leave.

And I left the entrance, and went back to the alley.

"Hey." Lucy talked to me again, "I'm out of the clinic. Thank you."

"OK. Now drop the comm." said me, "Never get back here again."

"Who are you exactly?" asked her.

"Someone you'd better not know." I said, "Good luck." Then I crushed my comm..

Then I was waiting in the alley for Michael and Nikita. Not long after, my phone started to ring.

"Settled?" it was Nikita.

"Yeah." I said, "Cops are here investigating. How's everything going on your side?"

"We found Alicia. Senator's not the target. Anyway, it's good that she didn't make it."

"Is she back sober?" asked me.

"Yeah. Should still be a little dizzy. Got hit on the head." she said.

"So what's your plan?"

"We need find a place to let her accept recovery treatment."

"Maybe there's a chance here." said me, "Let her come back to the clinic, pretending that she's here for treatment. Cops will take care of her."

"Yeah. We'll be there asap." said Nikita, "Birkhoff's with us. You go to his car after we arrive."

"OK." I hung up the phone.

Soon I saw Nikita and Michael' car and…a Lamborghini whose glasses were all smashed. I went to the Lamborghini. Human-computer opened the door, in an extremely unwilling way. I got into the car.

"So…what happened to your ride?" I asked, looking at his injured face.

"Shut up or get off." said him, not looking at me. Along his eyesight, I saw Alicia walking into the clinic. And the human-computer was watching her back in a way that…made me can not call him computer any more.

"OK." I said, "Just one more sentence. Thank you, for saving us."

He finally turned to me, "It's nothing."

After confirming Alicia was fine with the cops, Birkhoff started his car, followed Nikita and left this place.