Some say that we are born astride a grave and that life is partnered with death. Is this fact? Or is this fiction? Some say that Chaos Island is born astride a grave and is partnered with death. Is this fact? Or is this fiction? Come with me reader and we'll travel into the not too distant past.

Our story starts in 1973 where darkness, danger and destiny lurks. All around, sight of burnt down trees, moss covered rocks and abandoned houses caught the eye of a 17 year old girl, she wore an oversized queen shirt with ripped black jeans that were covered in ash. Her trainers looked as if they had seen better days; the colours on her trainers had faded from a bright gleaming white to a musty grey. Short red spikey hair gave an image of danger people caller her – Eccentric Esther.

Esther liked to wander around the derelict part of Chaos Island as it held mysteries. Every morning when the sun fought through her bedroom curtains – she rose – and went on an adventure. But one day she came across a stone door her right ear pounced to the door, when the sound of sizzling rock was produced. A hunter's instinct soon came clear as she found her hand edging closer and closer toward the sparkling brass handle – when it finally reached the door opened. Revealing the catastrophic stench of sulphur and the sight of beaming orange walls engulfing the area.

One foot made its way in and the other closely behind. Each corner of the room was as black as twilight, hiding past mistakes and secrets. The room itself was bare. Sauntering forward to find a disembodied hand lying there. Backing away, Esther thought to herself, where have I come? Who lives here? Am I in danger? But as that last thought came across her mind, the stone door had slammed shut and loose bits of rock started to fall all around Esther.

As she turned around, to see what had made the disturbance, she seen a woman who looked extravagant and her beauty was blinding. The woman's soft, inviting voice said, "Hello, my name is Aphrodite." Esther stayed frozen and silent. Aphrodite asked, "How did you get into my lair? – Wait I mean home?" Still silent Esther tried to slowly walk toward the door, to go home but something caught her eye. A shimmer of silver. What was hidden behind Aphrodite's back?

Gripping hold of Esther's wrist, Aphrodite started to take something from behind her own back. It gleamed like an amethyst. Little did Esther know that her life was in grave danger. She thought Aphrodite was forgiving, as it said in all Greek mythology. However, she was mistaken.

That glimmer behind Aphrodite's back was a knife covered in blood stains. Was the mythology wrong? Was the goddess of beauty a murderer? Esther managed to escape Aphrodite's grip – she sprinted towards the door, in hope for an escape.

Aphrodite threw a large piece of rock at Esther knocking her unconscious. One month later Esther woke up in hospital with Aphrodite leant over her. Aphrodite whispered into her ear, "Never come near my home again or it'll be more than your hand that'll be missing!"