Harry La Fay

A Harry Potter Übercross Fic

By Insanity Lord


Prologue – Gods, Devils, Boredom, and Harry Potter

She was a goddess. Not a very high-ranking one, but a goddess nonetheless. Her name was Marin, and she was Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. She was married to, of all things, a devil of the La Fay Clan (and yes, this was the same La Fay that the Arthurian Legends spoke of. They were devils. Or demons. Whichever you wanted to call them. Get over it), Mordred La Fay, son of Morgana La Fay.

How such a union worked, when the subject was brought up, was answered with a small, impish smile. Anyway, Marin La Fay, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, was currently curious about what her devil husband was doing with her All-Seeing Sphere.

So she asked. "Mordred, what are you doing?"

The black-haired man looked up from the godly device and grinned. "We're going to find a darker Harry Potter at a young age, adopt him, and make him a La Fay, and raise him as our own."

Marin facepalmed. "Are you bored?"

"A little," Mordred said, shrugging. "Besides, he wouldn't be the first La Fay wizard. Mother is actually the Wizarding World's Morgana La Fay...she just got bored once and posed as a human witch. She says having to use a focus like a wand really got on her nerves..."

Marin could only imagine the insanity that happened because of that. "...well...all right. After all, he'd probably be happier with the clan than...with anybody else. What age?"

Mordred looked down at the various images in the sphere. "I was thinking about 5 years or so. I think the Dursleys will die in a tragic accident. Involving a lightning strike on their house. And please don't tell me it's a bad idea to off those bastards."

Now, Marin was a goddess. Technically she was supposed to revere all life, not really judge mortals by their actions except for after they died. But there was something about Marin that was unusual. She was mortal once. Her green hair, while natural now, had been a dye job when human.

And her elvish ears were natural, of course. She was a goddess, she could appear however the hell she wanted.

"AH! Found one! And on my original world too. How about that? That means we can use the La Fay Mansion in Wales," Mordred said, smiling as he tapped the image, singling it out and enlarging it. Text appeared next to the screen, displaying important information. "Yeah, he's an angry one. Five years old...oh, but look at this...this world's Dudley is as angry about his parent's treatment of Harry as Harry is. I wasn't going to kill him anyway...Arrete would be pissed if I did. Just get him out of the house, into a home that will make him a better person. You going to talk to old Dumbles, Marin?"

Marin nodded. "Yes. I don't know if he's a manipulative old man that likes to control everything 'for the Greater Good' or not, but it never hurts to be careful. Are you going now?"

Mordred nodded, long black jacket billowing...

"Marin, how many times have I told you I don't need dramatic wind every time I decide to do something that's going to change the course of a world's history in some way?"

Marin smiled. "Oh, you know you like it."

"That's hardly the—-okay, yes, I like it. Can you do it when I'm doing something badass though? Like facing down a horde of Death Eaters."

"Why?" Marin asked, blinking. "Defeating Death Eaters is nothing to be proud of."

"...rain on my parade why don't you?" Mordred muttered, stepping through a special doorway and into the cold winter night in Little Whinging.

A storm was brewing...


Mordred stood on Petunia Dursley's flower bed, scratching his head. "Eh, screw it, I'll just break in," he said brightly. "And since I'm not aiming to harm Harry, the wards can't stop me."

A pause as he thought of something. "...wait, the Dursleys hurt him all the time! Why don't the wards stop them? Seriously, Dumbles, you should have listened to McGonagall that night."

With a shrug, he walked up to the door, eyed it critically...and shattered the lock with a surge of lightning from his hand. Well, it would be more accurate to say that he melted the lock. Like butter. But whatever.

Then he stepped inside and looked around. "Ugh, how much money did they spend on themselves while Harry starved and lived in that damned cupboard?"

The green-eyed devil sighed and walked to the cupboard, ripping the door off the hinges. "Harry?" he asked, peering in. "I'm-"

He got a letter opener to the face. "...what the hell? Why did you stab me in the face?"

Harry stared at the man that was still talking despite having a silver letter opener in his right cheek. Mordred pulled the opener out and looked at it, even as the wound healed completely. Having an immortal being of awesome supernatural powers had its perks.

"Huh, this looks expensive."

"Stole it from my aunt," five-year-old Harry said. "Not that I ever get letters...but she liked it, so I stole it."

Mordred sweatdropped. "I'm Mordred. I'm here to adopt you into my clan. You'll have a new home, a nice one. In Wales."

"...What about these people?" Harry asked, though Mordred could see the child was seriously considering his offer.

"I'm going to kill them," he said matter-of-factly. "Make it look like their house got hit by a particularly powerful bolt of lightning and exploded. I know Dudley isn't that bad, though. I've arranged for him to be out of the house, and he'll be taken care of, I'm sure."

It was a testament to the utter hatred and rage that Harry felt towards the Dursleys that his next answer came without any real hesitation.

"All right, I accept. Get me out of here, make them burn."

Mordred was just a little disturbed by the rage he saw in his new 'son's' eyes. "Take what you need out of this..actually, no, we'll get you real clothing and things soon. Come on."

He paused. "Oh, there is one more thing," he said brightly. "You're a wizard. We'll get into that later."

Harry blinked. "I'm a what?"

"Wizard. Magician. You do magic and...stuff. Like, say, last week when you randomly found yourself in the larder because you were hungry? Accidental teleport...or Apparation as wizards call it."

Harry blinked again. "..."

Mordred nodded and walked out with Harry. "I hope you don't mind getting wet," he said. "And yes, your parents were wizards too. Like I said, everything will be explained."

"Mordred, the boy is out," Marin said as she faded into view next to her husband. "Do it."

She smiled at Harry. "Hello, Harry. I'm Marin. I'm going to be your new mother."

Harry just stared. Marin created an umbrella and handed it to him. "It's going to start raining now, Harry," she said. "Use this."

Mordred grinned at his wife. "Can you not use an umbrella? I want to see those robe all w-"

Marin hit her husband in the face with a heavy tome. "Focus, Mordred. Focus."

Mordred rubbed his face. "What's with everybody hitting me in the face today?" he muttered as the clouds opened up and the rain came down. Lightning lit the sky, and Mordred raised a hand. Again, his jacket billowed in a wind. The lightning got closer and closer, the thunder rumbled, and Mordred's hand began to glow with an awesome power.

"Say goodbye to this house, Harry," he said. And lightning struck the house with enough force to shatter the rooftop tiles. Electricity surged throughout the house, appliances overloaded, and the house exploded. Spectacularly. Mordred turned to his wife.

"See?" he said, "that's a time when you do the dramatic jacket billowing thing."

A pause. "Awww, you're not wet! I feel cheated."

"...oh just get Harry to the mansion in Wales already. Honestly."


The La Fay Mansion (in Wales) was a grand place. Old, but well-kept thanks to ancient wards designed to keep it that way. The La Fay clan didn't believe in keeping House Elves after all. The main gates were huge, made of wrought iron, and charmed to repel most offensive spells.

Oh, and there were anti Apparation wards up all over the walls and grounds. Only a blood-related La Fay could bypass them, and the clan was so loyal that they generally put Hufflepuff to shame. As it was, Harry had to be escorted onto the property by Mordred, the recognised owner of the mansion. The gate opened up as he approached, Harry in his arms as the wards accepted him.

Mordred had his own way of travel, a method he used to get from Little Whinging to Wales. It was a method used by all devils, but for mortals the method was...cold. For a five year old human, it had been better for him to be asleep when he used it.

He would discuss Harry's adoption into the clan once Marin had convinced Dumbles to let it happen. Not that they would listen if he said no, though. For now, Mordred would let the child rest in one of the many rooms in the mansion.


Dumbledore, hidden from the muggles that were trying in vain to put the blazing fire that was fast consuming the house out, was distressed. He knew young Harry was alive, his instruments said as much, but where the boy was had been hidden somehow.

And what was worse, he knew this was an act of nature, not magic, that caused the explosion. He had already done the tests, and had found no trace of magic. Dark or otherwise. The Dursleys were dead, though their son had been found wandering around in the dark earlier and had been taken in by the muggle authorities that dealt with such things.

"He's safe. In fact, we're going to adopt him."

Dumbledore jumped slightly at the sound of the voice that spoke right next to him. "Who are you, my de-oh my."

Marin smiled. "Marin La Fay," she said. "I take it you know what I am?" Dumbledore nodded. "Yes," he said solemnly, "I suspect I do. You said La Fay...I was unaware that they allowed goddesses into their fold. I was under the impression that they accepted only their own ilk.

Marin nodded. "You know what they are, then. That makes this easier. You're right, of course, normally they only accept devils into their fold, but Mordred and I love each other, and the Matriarch of the clan and I get along quite well..." the goddess trailed off, "...well, when she isn't giving me a headache with her antics."

Dumbledore closed his eyes. "...so," he said, "to adopt young Harry..."

"Yes," Marin said. "Of course, it's his choice entirely. The La Fay clan never forces it on people. I'm surprised you aren't reacting badly to this...you're taking it quite well, in fact."

Dumbledore smiled. "I was looking forward to the day young Harry turned 17," he said, "so that he could leave these...people behind. They were his only family, but I was quite aware of how they treated him. I could not, however, interfere. Wizarding laws and all. Their deaths are a sad thing, though... they were his family, for good or ill. I see that young Dudley was spared."

Marin nodded. "Yes, well...he hated the treatment Harry received as much as Harry did. I've arranged for him to be adopted by a family that will raise him properly. Listen, Dumbledore, if Harry agrees, we're adopting him...even if you disagree."

But Dumbledore smiled. "I don't," he said. "This will be good for young Harry, I believe. The name in the school scrolls with change accordingly should he choose to join the La Fay clan."

Marin looked the old man over, surprised. "You aren't what I expected. You'll be welcome to visit whenever you can."

And the goddess vanished. For a few seconds. Then she reappeared.

"Oh, and about that Horcrux in his head...I'll get rid of it. Don't worry."

Dumbledore just stared.


The following morning, Harry was enjoying a real breakfast for the first time...ever. Eggs (scrambled), bacon, and French Toast with orange juice. And he didn't have to cook any of it! Well, he would have gladly done it, but Mordred had tied him to the chair to stop him.

Yes, really. Of course, it was after breakfast that Harry started discovering things about the people that had offered him a new home and family. He was oddly fine with Mordred being a devil ("You're nicer than the Dursleys, so I don't care. I'd have probably stabbed them eventually anyway."), and was amazed that gods existed and that his new mother was one herself.

And then they told him what he had to do to join the La Fay clan. "Harry," Mordred said, "to join our clan...you have to become a devil. Marin is the only exception to this rule because she's a goddess, which makes her higher 'ranked' than a devil on the power scale. There's an ancient ritual we can use to do this. It requires La Fay blood – mine, in this case – and an ancient spell. It will hurt, there's a chance you'll die, but if you live, you'll be a La Fay. You'll want for nothing, you will never be betrayed by the clan...but on the flip side, you'll have to deal with my mother on a regular basis..."

"Let's not dwell on the cons when the pros outweigh them," Marin said. "Besides, mother isn't...that bad...I suppose...maybe. When she's asleep anyway."

Harry didn't even need to think about it. "I'll do it! Make me a devil!"


Author's notes: For a full description of Mordred and his mother, see my profile page. Marin's bio will be up there soon. This fic is based on an ongoing RP I have going with a friend, but it's so much fun that I decided to make it into a fic to share with people!

This fic is going to be Harry Potter meets Devil May Cry meets...well, you'll see in time. I'm going to continue Shattered Prophecy, but this idea just won't leave me alone!