Harry La Fay

A Harry Potter Übercross Fic

By Insanity Lord


Chapter 2 – Personally, I like the Yu-Gi-Oh manga. And the card game. Well, the video game versions of it anyway. The actual CCG bores me. All CCG's bore me. Oh, and this chapter is going to be awesome. I should know. I'm writing it.

It wasn't long after Morgana purchased Harry his card deck that Harry was being told how it all worked. He was five. He didn't know how to read properly yet (though Marin was teaching him), and to him, the pictures on the cards were kind of creepy.

Except the Arcanite Magician card. He thought that one looked cool. The Lady of Faith was pretty, but he thought she looked sad. And then Mordred pointed to the cards and declared, "Those aren't normal cards," he did declare, declaringly, which isn't a word but I'll use it anyway. "Can you feel it, Marin? They're...gateways. I think if they focus magic into it, they'll summon whatever the cards represent."

Marin frowned and reached out with her godly powers, touching the cards with her mind. "Yes," she said. "You're right. Do you suppose Mother knew?"

The two looked at each other, silent, and then at Harry, Ardell, and the cards they held. Then Mordred walked up to a wall and started hitting his head against it. "Yes," Marin said, "I think so too." Harry looked at the card of the pretty Lady of the Faith. He had no idea what the words were (he only knew the name because his new mother told him), but he wanted to meet her. It struck him suddenly, but he wanted to meet this lady.

"So I just focus magic?" he asked. Without waiting for an answer (or reason why he shouldn't), he picked up the card and held it, squinting his eyes and focusing. He had no idea what he was doing, honestly, but he felt a surge of power from within himself. The card began to glow, and Ardell stepped back, blinking in surprise.

"What's going on?" he asked, feeling just a little scared. Marin looked at her new son closely, noting how his magic felt different to the magic of other wizards. Newly-acquired devil nature notwithstanding, this magic felt...odd. Like Harry was calling something from somewhere.

He's summoning, she realized. Mordred is right. These cards act as a gateway to summon spirits.

And then the light died down, and a woman floated in front of Harry. She was of average height, with long blue hair and pretty blue eyes, wearing something purple on her head (Marin knew it was a traditional headpiece worn by priestesses in times long past), and dark blue robes.

"Oh, dear!" the Lady of Faith said, staring at Harry. "You're so full of rage, child!"

And then the Lady of Faith hugged Harry La Fay and started singing softly into his ear. Ardell paused, the fear of what just happened fading away as the soft, beautiful melody filled the room. Marin smiled as Harry physically sagged, eyes closed as his body relaxed. Mordred smiled as he watched, nudging his wife. "I think she's going to come around often, dear." Marin nodded. "Yes," she said, "and I won't stop it. He needs this, doesn't he?"

The Lady of Faith pulled back, looking around. "I'm not used to being summoned outside of a Shadow Game," she said. "Why did he call me?"

She looked at the boy as she spoke. He had fallen asleep, visibly drained from the summoning. "Such anger in one so young. It is...sad, isn't it? Are you his family?" she asked, looking around before focusing on Ardell. "You're staring at me, child."

"Of course he is," Mordred said with a grin. "You're a pretty lady."

"Mordred, he's five years old," Marin said flatly. "I think it's because a spirit was just summoned. He might be a wizarding child, but this is unusual, even for them."

"You're pretty," Ardell said, confirming Mordred's theory (and making Marin facepalm again), "but are you a ghost? You don't look like a ghost. Mommy said ghosts are transparent."

The Lady laughed lightly. "I am more than just a ghost, child," she said. "I am a spirit, I fight on behalf of my summoner. I defend him." She patted the young boy on the head. "You're too young to know, however. Far too young. I must leave now. Without this boy's conscious effort to keep me here, I cannot stay for long."

She handed Harry over to his mother. "There is much rage in him," she said. "But it has been centuries since I have been summoned. There is much potential in him. Tell him that if he needs my soothing song again, he need only summon me."

And the Lady of Faith faded away, back to the hereafter where she was summoned from. It would only be later, when they could read enough to understand the way the card game worked, that Harry and Ardell would understand how unusual it was for a devil, a being of darkness (but not necessarily evil), to summon a spirit of light.

Well, that was them. Marin realized the contradiction, and for the first (but not last) time, she wondered if Morgana had given Harry a light-themed deck for a reason. The she-devil acted like a complete lunatic (which she was, in many ways), but she was ancient, powerful, and very, very cunning when she needed to be.

"What are you planning, Mother?" she muttered.


It was the very next day that Ardell's mother introduced Harry to another pure blood. "He's lazy," Jane said, "but his family has lived in this town for generations, and my parents were friends of his. He has magical guardians now, one of whom is...nice...I suppose."

Truth be told, Jane didn't get along with the boy's magical guardian. The female one at any rate. She was cold and distant, but was clearly a noble-born woman. Her husband was slightly warmer, but not by much, and they took their job very seriously. To the point that Jane was surprised that the boy (the same age as Ardell and Harry, five years old) was even allowed out of the mansion he lived in. Still, she had heard rumours, troubling ones, involving the boy's grandparents and even his parents. Rumours that they were dark, but looking at the boy, you would never know...

"Leon's not bad," Ardell said. He knew the boy, though not well. He had seen him around town, with his guardians. The woman turned heads when she walked. In ten years he would understand why, she was a noble woman (in terms of birth and bearing), but positively glacial to most people. Once, a year ago, people came to the town. They came to Leon's house. Ardell was too young to understand, but his mother did.

Death Eaters had come to their town. They were there for revenge, against the 'blood traitors' that had refused to help their Lord Voldemort. Jane had been scared, but prepared to die in defence of her son. It was unnecessary. Leon's female guardian had stepped forward, sword and shield in hand, a flat and unimpressed look on her face. In a blur of motion, she had struck the Death Eaters, sword literally disarming them before ending their lives.

The 'fight' had lasted mere seconds, and not one Death Eater survived. The scariest part of it all was that the woman hardly even seemed worried. Faced with the terrors of the magical world, even bereft of their leader, and she seemed...bored.

Needless to say, Jane made sure to stay clear of the frankly frightening woman that struck down twelve Death Eaters without batting an eyelid. There was no denying that Leon was safe with her, but she was absolutely terrifying.

She never told her son about that event. He slept through it all, only hearing about it the next day. But he never heard the full truth about the woman. To Ardell, she was just 'that pretty but cold lady that looked after the lazy boy'.

But all that was unimportant in the long run. She was just the magical guardian of one Leon Kennedy Whitewood, heir apparent to the noble house of Whitewood.

And besides, killing Death Eaters was hardly brag-worthy.


Jane was hardly expecting Mordred and Marin's reactions to the guardian of Leon Whitewood. Nor her reaction to them. Mordred broke into a grin and pulled the dark-haired beauty into a tight hug before pulling back.

"Tiffany!" he said cheerfully. "You're a magical guardian now? And married? Since when?"

Tiffany rolled her eyes and stepped back from the devil. "It's been a long time," she said, "hello, Marin." The cold woman smiled, surprising Jane. "It's been too long my old friend."

Marin gave Tiffany a warm hug. "You're a magical guardian? I didn't think you would tolerate this world's blatant lack of common sense." Tiffany just laughed, smiling and gesturing to her husband. He was a handsome enough man, with short black hair and brown eyes. "The irony is that my soul mate is one of the wizards of this world."

Marin raised an eyebrow. "Orion Jacen Forrest," she said. "Auror, retired after nearly losing your innards to a curse. Tiffany healed you, saved your life, and you courted her for five years before marrying her."

Orion blanched. "How can you possibly know that?"

Tiffany smiled. "Love, she's a goddess."

Ardell, Jane, and Orion all blinked in shock. "What?" Jane asked. Marin giggled and waved a hand, books appearing around her. Old tomes. Lost tomes.

"Marin La Fay, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom," she said with an impish smile.

Jane passed out. Ardell poked one of the books, curious. Orion thought about it for a second before shrugging and levitating Jane inside. Marin looked at Ardell and the book opened up in front of him. He didn't understand anything in it, of course, but he stared anyway.

"Wow," he said. "This is neat!"


Leon Kennedy Whitewood was more prone to napping than anything else. Orion had taken to trying to teach him things. Things that a five year old wizard would understand. Leon took the token effort to try and work through it, and then went back to sleep. Orion found it frustrating, Tiffany just shrugged her shoulders and went with it.

"He's a child," she would say, "let him have his fun. Your laws say he'll go to Hogwarts at 11, so let him be lazy now."

That, unfortunately, would pretty much set Leon's personality for life. Not lazy, just unmotivated. He didn't think he had any motivation to make friends, he didn't think he had motivation to even get to know the town (or learn the name). He barely had the motivation to study what little he understood about the magical world at his age. But today, he would find motivation to play a card game.

"Leon, stop napping and say hello," Tiffany said to her charge. Two dark green eyes blinked open, and Leon yawned, chocolate brown hair messy from sleeping on the couch. "Tiffany?" he asked. "Who're they?"

Harry blinked at the boy, then looked at Ardell. "You know him, right?"

"I've seen him around," Ardell said in reply. He was rather articulate for a five year old, wasn't he? Must be the whole pure blood thing. I certainly don't remember if I was that articulate at five years old.

"You've probably seen Ardell around town," Tiffany said. "Harry moved here recently with his family."

"Hello," said Harry. "I'm Harry La Fay. I used to be Potter but I got adopted by a really nice family."

Leon blinked. "Potter? Everybody thinks you killed Roldymort."

"That's Voldemort," Tiffany said. "Stupid name, that. 'Flight from Death'. Indeed."

Leon shrugged and smiled in a way that suggested he knew very well how to pronounce the name but didn't care. "Well, did you?" he asked, looking at Harry.

"Blaidd Drwg!" Ardell said suddenly. Everybody looked at him. "The name of the town. I just remembered it!"

"That's because the Author has been on a Doctor Who binge lately," Harry nodded. "Nice name though."

"What are you going on about?" Leon asked, sweatdropping. "What's a Doctor Who?" Harry shrugged and pulled out his cards.

"Nothing. Say, do you play this card game?" he asked. "It's wicked cool."

Leon stared. "No," he said. "What is it?" Harry grinned and opened the box and pulled out the cards.

"It's a game," he said. "I can't read very well yet, but mum explained the rules and everything. Ardell's better than me, but...I'm learning."

Leon blinked at the colourful images on the cards. "I've seen that around," he said. "I actually have a deck, but I can't be bothered to play."

"Really?" Ardell asked, blinking. "What deck type?" Leon shrugged, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a deck box and opening it.

"Fairy," he said. "Mainly dark type..."

Ardell and Harry grinned. "Wanna play?" Harry asked. Leon blinked and shrugged.

"Sure, why not?"


Marin found Ardell and Harry later that day, talking in hushed whispers as Leon napped on a couch. She could see what had happened easily. "You lost to him, didn't you?" she asked. "Both of you."

Harry nodded. "Five times each!" he said. "Leon said he's never played other people before, but he's good!"

Ardell nodded. "We even double-teamed him and he beat us," he said. "It was wicked!"

Marin sweatdropped. Are these two masochists?


Author's notes: Yay for pointless introduction chapters! Right? Right.