Truly Lucky

I do not own Boardwalk Empire. If I had it my way, I would own all those attractive Italians.

Lucky strolled down an empty Manhattan street. He came across a girl leaned up against the side of a building, smoking a cigarette.

She was dressed in a newsboy outfit.

It was pretty obvious she was a girl, considering she left her hair down.

He stopped and pulled the cigarette out of her mouth. "Pretty broads like youse shouldn' smoke", Lucky said. He started to walk off.

"Didn' use ta bothah youse when wese was youngah Salvatore", she said.

Lucky stopped dead in his tracks. He stormed over to the girl and ripped her newsboy cap off. He threw her up against the wall and angrily wrapped his hand in her black hair. He tugged her head back. "Who told youse my real name?" Lucky spat.

She threw Lucky off of her and said, "Easy dere Lucania". She felt her head. She pulled her hand away. "Damn Tor", she said, "Youse made me bleed".

"What did youse call me?" Lucky asked.

"Tor, it's what I always used ta call youse", she said.

It suddenly dawned on him.

"Bianca?" he asked.

"Took youse long enough", she said.

Lucky smiled and gathered her in his arms. He kissed her head.

"Look at Lucky Luciano. Gettin' teary eyed", Bianca said.

Lucky suddenly got very serious.

Bianca looked up at him.

"Let's go to my place", he said softly.

Bianca bit her lip in that cute way Lucky loved. "Okay", Bianca said.

Bianca layed with her head on Lucky's bare chest. "So youse really met Big Jim Colosimo?" Bianca asked.

"Honey, I knows everyone", Lucky said.

"Will I ever meet them?" Bianca asked.

Lucky kissed her forehead and said, "Maybe someday".

*1 year later*

"I am sorry Mr. Luciano, but she went home early", the shop owner said.

"Did she say why?" Lucky asked.

"No. She wasn't feeling well", she said.

Lucky rushed to his apartment. "Bianca?" he called. He heard soft crying. Lucky sat in the parlor smoking and drinking a scotch.

Bianca came out of the bathroom. She whipped her eyes.

"Doll, what's wrong?" Lucky asked.

She stood in front of Lucky. She took his hand and put it on her stomach. "Tor…I'm pregnant", she said. "

What?" Lucky asked.

"I'm pregnant", she said again.

Lucky sat there wide-eyed.

"Tor? Say something", Bianca said.

"Pregnant", Lucky said softly.

"You're goin' ta be a daddy, Lucky", Bianca said, "Come lay down with me?"

Lucky just nodded.

Around midnight, Lucky got up.

"Tor, where are youse goin'?" Bianca asked.

"Gotta take care of some business", Lucky said.

"At midnight?" Bianca asked.

"Go back to sleep. Youse need your rest", Lucky said kissing her forehead, "I won't be long".

Lucky bust in on his mentor's meeting. "Get out", Lucky said to the men gathered there.

"Why?" they asked.

Lucky pulled out his revolver and said, "Get out".

They cleared out quickly.

"What the hell was that about?" Arnold asked.

"She's pregnant A R", Lucky said.

"Who? Your girl?" Arnold asked.

"Yeah. Bianca's pregnant", Lucky said.

"Relax Luck", Arnold told him.

"What if I'm not a good father?" Lucky asked, "What if…"

"You're not your father Lucky", Arnold said, "It'll be fine".

"I'll need extra protection", Lucky said.

"Anything you want Luck", Arnold said.

"I need to keep Bianca and my child safe", Lucky said, "Dey come foist now".

*9 months later*

Bianca layed in a hospital bed, exhausted.

Lucky stood holding his son, Alonzo Angelo Luciano.

Arnold was the first person to see him. "He's gorgeous Luck", Arnold said.

"Thanks A R", Lucky said.

"You done good kid", Arnold said.

"Will youse be da godfather?" Lucky asked.

"I'd be honored", Arnold said.

For once in his life, Charles 'Lucky' Luciano, felt truly lucky.