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There's a place called home

I can almost see,

With a red front door, and

A roaring fire and a family.

Yes, a place called home

Even though Monica was at the lowest point she had ever been at she couldn't help but smiling. In her heart her friend Jezzy was always there. Soon after they had become friends Jezzy was promoted to the top of the angels. It was awkward for them at first. Monica had acted strange for awhile and one day Jezzy approached her.

"You okay," she could remember him asking her, "You haven't been yourself for awhile"

"We're different now," she pointed out.

He smirked.

"What else is new," he said, "You're a girl. I'm a guy. You're thin. I'm muscular. Monica we've been different since the beginning of time-"

"Yes," she said, "But it's different now. You're above me. I mean my goodness—you could..."

Full of love and family

,And I'm there at the door

Watching you come home to me.

Her voice had trailed off and Jezzy knew exactly what was going through her mind.

"I could also eat bananas with my toes," he replied, "Doesn't mean I'm going to do it. Monica you are not only my best friend. You are the one that I love"

"You love everyone," Monica pointed out a smile dancing on her lips.

"I do," he said, "But not in the same way that I love you. You are a part of me. My heart would never let me forget you even if I wanted to; which I don't by the way."

That was many years ago. Monica spotted a young girl who seemed like she had been through the lowest point ever. She went over to her and sat down next to her.

"Are you alright," she asked gently.

"I'm in **** more or less," the girl; Mira said, "How alright can I be"

"Why stay where you are now," Monica asked.

"There's nothing I can do," Mira said.

"You can pray," Monica pointed out.

Through the years

I'll recall this day

"What good would praying do," Mira asked, "I'm beyond the point where there is any hope for me."

"I asked the very same question when I was in your shoes," Monica said, "Prayer can do a lot. You know the Father loves you and He has made it clear that those who seek Him He will in no way cast aside"

"Are you saying there's still hope for me?"

"Of course there is," Monica said, "There is never a time that it is no hope for anyone"

"I thought that there was a time..."

"That is an untruth if I ever heard one," Monica said, "I was in the place you're at right now."

"What brought you back," Mira asked.

"The love of a very dear friend of mine," Monica said smiling at the memory.

"What was his name," Mira asked.

"Jezzy," Monica said, "Well that's what I call him anyway. I also have two other friends who helped me along the way—Tess and Andrew. Tess was the pushy type."


In your arms

Where I finally found my way

"Come on Ms. Wings," Monica said imitating Tess, "Quit having a pity party and do something about your situation instead of boo-hoo-hooing about it."

Mira couldn't help laughing.

"Tess sounds a lot like my older sister," she said

"She is in many ways," Monica said.

"How do you know that," Mira asked.

"I'm an angel," Monica replied.

"An angel? What are you doing here then," Mira questioned.

Monica placed a hand on Mira's shoulder.

"I go where I am needed," she explained

"Isn't it hard," Mira asked, "Being away from heaven and all that?"

"No because I am never away from heaven. Heaven is with me all the time."

"Is it with me all the time," Mira asked softly.

Monica nodded.

"All you need to do is ask the father and He will restore you"