A 20 year old, Amy Rose sat in a rocking' chair next to her daughter, Sunny's, crib. In her arms was her little baby girl. She tried everything possible trying to get Sunny to sleep such as reading a bedtime story, puppets, making funny faces, and talking to her. But everything she tried it made Sunny cry even worse.

Amy: *whispers* Shhhhh, go to sleep.

Sunny: *crying*

Amy: *starts crying* please

As Amy sat there crying as the door opened revealing an exhausted blue hedgehog. Amy looked over at him and forced a weak smile through her tears. The male smiled weakly back at her and strode over to her quickly.

Sonic: Amy, its midnight and you still can't get her to sleep?

Amy: Oh Sonic, I've tried. I've tried everything, but she won't sleep.

Sonic: Have you tried singing?

Amy: No...

She got up from the rocking' chair and placed Sunny in the crib. Amy rocked the crib smoothly as Sonic sat in the chair with his guitar. Sonic then started to play while Amy sung.

Amy: Black Star, Black Star

Forever you will be

A shining star, shining star

Be whatever you can be

A rock star, rock star

You will all ways be

A Black Star, Black Star, Black Star

Black Star, Black Star, Black Star

Sonic continued playing as she watched Sunny's eye finally close. Sonic stopped playing and smiled. He got up and walked over to Amy and the crib. For a minute they watched Sunny snore lightly, Amy leaned down and kissed Sunny's small forehead.

Amy: Goodnight my little star.

Story finished...

Sonic, Amy, and the song "Black Star" Don't belong to me

Baby Sunny and the story does belong to me