A/N: this chapter is done in a sort of interview style

Saskia, Sadie and Kieran's story

Saskia: I want nothing to do with this. [Leaves room]

Summer: In that case I'll just ask you two. Why are you in care?

Sadie: Well mum and dad abandoned us with social services...

Kieran: While they go to Canada. They've moved out there to live and work. Apparently it's cheaper and there are more jobs but they didn't want us to have to...

Sadie: Change schools or fly out to Canada! Mind you, I have bever actually flown in a plane before. I'm quite scared of the idea but I would love to.

Summer: Believe me it's not that exciting Sadie.

Kieran: So anyway social services sent us here so we could all stay at our current schools like our parents wanted.

Sadie: Good thing about that is that we don't have to make new friends or learn the name of new teachers.

Summer: How long ago was this?

Sadie and Kieran: Couple of months

Kieran: Since then we've been to the zoo and let the monkeys out...

Sadie: I've got myself a boyfriend...

Kieran: We've celebrated your and Rick's birthday, Summer,

Sadie: We've had a Burnywood Christmas,

Kieran: and celebrated new year and me and Saskia are going to turn 15 in 5 days

Summer: I know I've got your presents. Why is Saskia so mean?

Sadie: Well mum and dad promised to take Saskia only with them when they went to Canada.

Kieran: Problem was her passport ran out the day of flying and she couldn't go and she's been bitter about being stuck here ever since.

Summer: I suppose that makes sense, thanks guys.

Summer's notes: Well I have to say I can understand why Saskia is mean if she was promised to go to Canada. Being stuck here isn't that fun.