A/N: Ahh…angst. It's painful. It's hard to write and takes a lot out of a writer. But sometimes it's a necessary evil plot wise. I promise you that I will do my hardest and update as frequently as I can. (So long as writers block doesn't get me!) Some more pain. But then happy times, I promise.

Chapter 19

When they arrived at the rehab center the next morning, Kurt was a bundle of nerves, but was keeping it together for Blaine. Or so he thought. Blaine kept sneaking glances at Kurt and saw that he was a mess. Blaine knew that rehab was going to suck, because of all the pain he was going to be in, but he knew that this was going to be the best thing for them in the long run.

"Hey. You know what calms us down, Kurt. Right?"

"I do."

"Then let's do it. The first song that comes on the iPod we sing."

Blaine said, putting the iPod on shuffle and then pushing play. Blaine chuckled when he heard what song was playing first, and then Kurt's eyes widened. Blaine looked at him and started singing, not caring who heard.

"I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock

Your peacock, cock

Your peacock, cock, cock

Your peacock

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock

Your peacock, cock

Your peacock, cock, cock, cock

Your peacock

Word on the street, you got something to show me, me

Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery, ee

I'm intrigued for a peek, heard it's fascinating

Come on baby let me see

What you're hiding underneath."

Kurt blushed as they walked to the nurses station to check in for his first session. After getting the okay to proceed to the waiting room, Kurt sat down next to Blaine in the wheelchair and leaned in to whisper in Blaine's ear as he started to sing the next verse.

"What's up your sleeve

Such a tease

Wanna see the show

In 3D, a movie

Heard it's beautiful

Be the judge

And my girls' gonna take a note

Come on baby let me see

What you're hidin' underneath."

Kurt said, blushing. He turned off the iPod and kissed Blaine on the cheek. He knew that Blaine was going to be in pain, and he knew that this would be the first time that Blaine would be wearing the leg permanently since getting it. He also knew that Blaine would being saying things that weren't nice.

"Babe, do you remember what we talked about?"

Blaine asked, taking Kurt's hand, needing to feel his closeness as they waited for the therapist to come out. Kurt nodded, knowing that if he were hurting, Blaine would say some not nice things to Kurt, and that it would hurt him. That was the last thing he wanted, but Blaine stressed that he wouldn't mean any of it.

"Not to listen to you if you say anything mean or hateful. But it will still hurt."

"I know. But I love you, Tesoro. And only you. But it's going to be difficult."

The door opened and a short woman with long brown hair and an affinity for bright pink glasses frames came walking out. She had a clipboard in her hand and she looked up at Blaine and Kurt. Kurt wasn't paying attention to her.

"Blaine Anderson, we're ready for you."

Blaine nodded as Kurt stood up and wheeled him towards the room. He couldn't help but to think that things were going to just make for a really bad day. The secretary pointed to the little room off to the side and Kurt wheeled Blaine into it.

"Mr. Anderson, my name is Lyla Katz. I'm going to be your physical therapist today. I understood that you spoke with my partner two weeks ago about your leg and fitting it onto you, am I correct?"

"Yes ma'am. I have spoken with her, yes. She said that it was going to be fit, and then these sessions were going to be rehabbing it so I'd be able to walk and not be in this chair unless for long distances."

The therapist nodded and made notes on the clipboard as Kurt helped Blaine onto the bed. Kurt never let go of Blaine's hand and that was what Blaine needed right now, because Kurt could tell that this doctor, therapist, whatever she was, was stressing him out.

"Uhm, excuse me…where's Doctor Cornerstone?"

"Doctor Cornerstone had to go out of town for a family emergency. She left me your file and so now I'm going to take over."

Kurt nodded and watched as one of the other nurses brought in Blaine's new custom fitted leg and Blaine struggled to sit up. Kurt was there helping him. Lyla and the nurse came around to the front and tried Blaine's leg on him. Blaine looked down at the leg and sighed. It was a perfect fit, and he had no reason to be angry or upset. Blaine knew that the hard part was going to come. That was the moving back and forth of the leg.

"Okay, Mr. Anderson. We're going to lay you back down and start the therapy session now, okay?"

Blaine nodded and lay back down with Kurt's help. He lay there as Doctor Katz came around and lifted Blaine's leg to make sure that it was secured safely. Blaine felt good about how secure the leg was, and when he told the doctor that, she smiled. Blaine smiled up at Kurt and Kurt was so proud of him. Blaine pulled himself up and sat there as he looked over at the place he'd be rehabbing.

"So, what does this entail?"

"Well, Mr. Anderson. We're going to have you start walking first on the treadmill to get your leg muscles working with the leg, okay?"

Blaine nodded and pushed himself up into a sitting position. He looked at Kurt and saw the pride that was in Kurt's eyes. He wanted to see that pride all the time, so he decided to stand up. Blaine was amazed, because he was standing. He was actually standing up on two legs. Legs that he never thought he'd see again.

"Okay Mr. Anderson, now, we're going to get you over to the treadmill, okay?"

Blaine nodded. Here it came. It was either make it or break it time. He knew that walking was going to be difficult because of his prosthetic. But that's what he was here for. To walk. He made his way over to the treadmill slowly and let Kurt stand him on it. He grabbed on the side and waited for his new instructions.

"Okay Mr. Anderson, I'm going to turn it on slowly. What will happen is you will feel the leg muscles start to stretch. Walk if you need to."

Blaine nodded and knew that this was what he needed to do. He watched as the treadmill went on and felt his muscles pull slightly. This was what Doctor Katz was talking about. He moved his good leg forward and smiled. That was progress for him, because he knew that it still worked. He knew it was go time, so he went to lift his prosthetic and smiled when he did. But when he went to step down on it, that was an entirely different situation. Once he stepped down, he lost his footing and just completely fell.

"Oh my god! Blaine! Are you okay?!"

Kurt asked frantically running over. Blaine knew this would happen. He knew that Kurt would overreact and want to baby him. He needed to do this on his own. It was scary for him, but he had to do it. Before Kurt could bend over to help him up, Blaine unleashed his fury.

"I'm fine Kurt! I don't need you to fucking baby me, Christ. Let me do it again. I don't need or want to be babied."

Kurt knew it was coming, but it still stung regardless. Kurt tried to hide his tears to no avail. He nodded as Blaine pushed himself back up on his arms. He looked up at Kurt to thank him, but it was too late. He saw the heartbreak in Kurt's eyes and knew it was his fault. Kurt averted his eyes and looked away from Blaine, realizing that things were no different.