This takes place after Batman carries Joker out of the Monarch Theater.

Sobs wracked through Harley's frame as she collapsed on the floor of the Steel Mill, hiding her face with her hands.

Mr. J. was gone. Her puddin' was gone.

He was taken from her by the poison coursing through his veins from his stupid TITAN plan. And the Bat…the Bat would pay for making that bitch steal the cure from her.

She was so close to saving her Puddin'. He was so hopeful and she let him down. There was nothing she could do about it and, boy, was he not happy about that. If he hadn't been so weak, he would have given her a good walloping.

Her cries slowed and she gulped down at the giant lump in her throat.

What was she supposed to do without him? She was carrying his child and as happy as she was about that, she was also devastated that the father wouldn't be there to witness the birth and all the little things that their precious baby would do.

She'd be the only one there for their baby. He wouldn't know the sex of their child. He wouldn't name it either. Or watch it crawl. Or watch it take its first steps. Or hold it when it scraped its knee after climbing a tree.

Harley started wailing again as she thought of the all the things her dead love would miss out on. How could she survive without him? Her hands clutched her belly that was beginning to swell and harden a little. Her body was preparing itself for the change and Harley knew she would have to make changes as well.

She'd have to move of the Steel Mill in case the overgrown Bat decided to go searching for her. She'd have to lie low and take care of herself. She would have to get bigger clothes and take prenatal vitamins. She'd also have to try to live without her sweet, sweet clown even though she was dead inside without him. For the sake of their child, she would live and she would change.

She ran her hands back and forth across her belly and softly sang to the Joker's legacy.

Hush little baby. Don't say a word. Momma's gonna kill for you the whole damn world…