Will You Still Love Me?

Calliope Medina Erato

PART 1 Chapter 1

Shoyo Junior High, four years ago

          Fujima Kenji had always been popular, especially with the ladies.  It figures what girl won't go gaga over him?  He has this boyish look that appeals to every girl who sees him, he is tall but not too tall that one has to look up at him, as one would do to a post.  But what really make the girls swoon is his eyes.  Clear blue eyes that take one's breath away (A/N: That's how I felt when I first saw his eyes.).  Add the fact that he is now becoming the rising star in junior high basketball; it's no wonder every girl is after him.

          And of course, Fujima knew all of this and will not hesitate to boast about it.  His friends are now getting tired of hearing him brag about how this girl fainted when he said hi or when that girl gave him a love letter.  The worst part was when he related to them the dates he had and the way he would dump an overly infatuated girl.  It was not that he had a mean nature, but despite of his considerate personality there was this certain arrogance in him that could make a gentle breakup sound so condescending.

          He left so many trail of broken hearts, but he doesn't care.  Why should he when there're other girls to throw themselves at his feet?  His friends are now beginning to get annoyed at him because of this, but being his friends they tolerated it, thinking that there will come a time where he would eventually stop.

          Until the last straw came when one day, they were at their usual hangout in school, which is a bench under a sakura tree studying for the upcoming exams.  Fujima along with his friends Hanagata Toru, Takano Shoichi and Nagano Mituru were quietly reading their books when three girls passed by.

            And it was obvious whom they wanted to see.  " Fujima-san!"  One of them chorused.

                    " Hi girls."  Fujima said cheerfully, waving at them.

          As expected, the girls screeched in delight happy that their heartthrob just said hi to them.  They kept on screeching, despite the fact that the rest of his friends were getting annoyed at the sound and the way their friend behaves.  Fujima looked like he was enjoying it.

                    " Hey, handsome."  Hanagata said sarcastically.  " Could you tell your fans to keep it down?  Us human beings have to study y'know."

          Takano choked back a laugh while Nagano buried his nose in a math book, trying not to smile.  Count on Toru and his dry humor.

          Their high-pitched voices and squeals faded to a whisper   as they were leaving the group.

                    " New-found fame can be deadly sometimes."  Takano said.

                    " Hm."  Hanagata mumbled in agreement.

          Fujima frowned at them.  " What now?"

          Nagano inclined his head to another group of girls passing by and watching him with their lovestruck gazes.  " Admirers multiply in droves."

                    " Like cockroaches in a kitchen."  He and Takano said in unison.

          Fujima glared at the three laughing men.  " I can't believe you all had the nerve to make fun of me."

                    " Oh hell no, we're not poking fun at you.  We're just stating but the obvious."

                    " Hn, you're all just jealous because girls like me."

                    " Oh it hurts, it hurts!"  Takano said, putting his hands on his chest as if he has a heart attack and in a voice by one of the Jets in West Side Story.

          The brown-haired bishounen scowled at them further.  " Hah, I can make any girl fall for me anytime!"  He said arrogantly.  " Why don't we make a bet on that?  First girl I see, I'll make her fall for me."

                    " What are the terms?"  Takano asked.

                    " I win, you guys pay me 6,000 yen.  I lose, I pay all of you 6,000 yen that's 2,000 each."

                    " Deal!"  Hanagata said extending his hand.

          Takano placed his hand on top of his.  Fujima and Nagano did the same.

                    " Yosha!"  They shouted.

          And just in time too a girl just passed by their group.  " Well what do you know?"  Hanagata said, casting a wicked smile in his friend's direction.

                    " Kawaii, isn't she?"  Takano said mockingly.

          Fujima wanted to die.  Of all the girls that passed by, why did it have to be her?  Maybe he was not being unfair since the girl is quite pretty with her purple-black hair, which is in a thick braid and she has fair skin.  She is taller than the rest of the girls he saw and knew, but not too tall for him.  But the thick coke bottle glasses she was wearing marred that beauty especially her bronze eyes and to make things worse, her glasses does not have frames on them making the thickness of the lenses very evident.

          The guitar she was carrying in one arm was bad enough, but add the books at her other arm he was expecting her to collapse and be smothered.  Oh great, a nerd and a bumpkin.  He thought.

                    " Aren't you going to make your move loverboy?"  Nagano teased.

                    " Yeah, you better start early if you still want your wallet to be full."  Takano seconded.

          He narrowed his eyes at them.  " And you people better start saving up!"  He snapped and with that, he stormed off towards the girl.

          Ouch, my arms are killing me!  Hajime Yuri thought.  She shifted the weight of the guitar she was holding then the books at her other arm.  She managed to look at her watch and winced.  And I'm almost late!  Chikusho!

          She walked faster, but that was her mistake.  One of her books slipped out of her arm and fell down the ground and the rest of her things followed when she tried to bend down and pick it up.

                    " Chikusho!"  She muttered.  It seems that it was the word for the day for her.  Setting aside her guitar, she began to gather her things.  She took the first book, but another hand beat her to it.  She looked up and her breath caught up in her throat.

          She was looking into a pair of the most beautiful sapphire blue eyes she had ever seen in her whole life.  What shocked her was that those eyes belonged to a guy.  A guy she knew so well, but only in name.

          Fujima Kenji, the ace pointguard of Shoyo Junior High and the resident heartthrob.

                    " Here let me help you."  He said as he picked her books one by one.

                    " Iya, you don't have to.  I can take care of this."  She protested.

                    " I insist."

          She looked like she wanted to argue with him, then she smiled revealing braces on both her upper and lower teeth.  Fujima tried his best not to groan.  Wonderful, how was he suppose to kiss her with those things?!  Then he felt his face grow hot.  He just exchanged a few words with her and here he was thinking of kissing her.  Darn those lips!  They were full and rosy and he bet his bottom yen that no guy has yet to kiss those luscious lips of hers.

          Gathering the last book in his arms, both of them stood up and Yuri looked at him expectantly.  " Where're you off to?"  He asked casually.   

          That reminded her.  She should be at music class instead of ogling at this handsome guy with lovely eyes.  " Drat, I'm late for class!"  She said taking the large guitar and slung the strap over her shoulder.  " Domo arigato."  She added trying to get her books from him.  She frowned when he refused to give them to her.

                    " Let me walk you then."  Fujima said, smiling at her.

          Yuri blinked.  The hottest guy in school asking her, the reigning geek queen, to walk her to class?  It's either she's dreaming or he's nuts.  " You don't have to.  I'll manage."  She said firmly, but gently.

                    " I know that I don't have to, but I want to.  It's not everyday I get to walk a gorgeous girl like you."

          She almost forgot on how he broke so many hearts because of his reputation as a shameless flirt.  She smiled at him, but it was a tight one.  " Thank you for the compliment, but I don't think you'll get me with just mere words."  She said and nearly snatched the books away from him.

          Fujima watched her walk away, speechless.

                    " How about that, Mr. Hotshot got his first rejection."  Hanagata said beside him.

          Takano slapped a hand on his back.  " Looks like it's you who'll have to save up buddy!"

                    " Let's see about that."  Fujima said, his cerulean eyes flashed with determination.

Author's Notes:

I can't believe I made Fujima an asshole in this fic!  I can't help it I guess, since popularity can go in one's head.  As for his fans, please don't get mad at me he'll change in the upcoming chapters, promise.

Oh and as for Shoyo Junior High, I know there isn't any but let's assume that there's one ok?

Disclaimer: Slam Dunk is not mine, but by Inoue Takehiko and all those other companies.  I'm tired writing this down, but if I don't want to get sued…