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Warning: The story is basically the same, just with my tweaks in it. May be OOC-ness.

It was a dark, lonely, cold night in the emptied streets of London. "We're almost there Tim. Just a few more miles." A lone boy was speaking to a small fluttering object in the dead of night. The golden creature nodded in response. Though it would seem the duo was alone, a certain red- head was observing the two. Suddenly, the boy spoke up, "Who's there?" The red-head blinked in surprise, but came out of hiding. Quickly, the red-head scanned the boy's appearance. Though hooded, he could tell the boy was no older than fifteen. "What do want?" The boy questioned.

"Oh, nothing. Just I noticed you creeping around, so I thought I'd check you out." The red-head replied. Before the boy could ask another question, a strong, foul scent filled his nose, and his eye began to bother him. "Get out of here!" He yelled. However, before any action took place, a huge, disgusting creature attacked. "Akuma! ," The red-head screeched. With that, the boy's left arm suddenly transformed into a enormous claw, and he attacked the akuma. The monster was quickly destroyed. "Whoa! Who would have thought you were an accommodator." The red-head smiled brightly, blown back by the whole performance.

"I'm a what?" The boy shook his head, "Wait, you knew what that thing was?" The red-head nodded. " Yep, and I'm Lavi by the way, nice to meet you. And why don't you come with me? You know, if you would like some more answers to your questions." Lavi held out his hand.

"Um… Sure, I have nothing better to do. After all, I believe I was heading that way." The boy refused to accept the handshake.

"Cool, we'll head out in the morning." Lavi put his hand back at his side.

"No, we'll go now, if you don't mind. And my name is Allen." The boy turned to keep walking.

"Um… ok." Lavi sighed and walked in front of Allen, so the boy could follow him. When they finally reached their destination, Lavi informed Allen that the place was called the Black Order, and the sun just rose over the horizon. At the top of the cliff, Allen flipped off his hood,"*yawn* so this is the place?" Lavi nodded and replied with a nod, using this opportunity to soak in as much information about Allen's appearance as he could. 'Hmm, snow white hair, silver eyes, fair pale skin, and a deep red scar through his left eye.' Allen's voice suddenly snapped Lavi back to reality. "Stop staring at me, it's really creepy." The boy pouted softly, and then returned his gaze to the building.

"Um… Hey! I'm back, and I found an accommodator!" Lavi yelled out.

"Really? ," A voice called out, "Come on in then." Just as those last words were spoken, the building's gate opened.

"Welcome! Now come with me, I'll show you around." A cheery girl meets up with the two boys and took Allen by the hand.

"A-Alright." Allen let the girl drag him inside.