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"Allen! You're here!" Lavi yelled in delight as he glomped his white-haired friend.

"It'd good to see you're alive and well." Allen nervously chuckled.

"Tsk, idiots." Kanda grumbled as he came over, Krory slung across his back.

"Kanda!" Allen squeaked and smiled.

"…Lavi take Krory." Kanda demanded.

"What? Why?" Lavi wined. Kanda only glared at the red-head. "Fine!" Lavi gave in and took Krory from the samurai. With his hands finally free, Allen quickly gave Kanda a huge hug. Everyone stared in amazement; after all, Kanda wasn't pushing the whitenette away. "…You wouldn't happen to be the same boy from before would you?" Cross muttered; staring at Kanda.

"Hmph, let's get out of here." Kanda huffed and began walking away with Allen. Everyone then began to follow Allen, believing he knew where to go. "It's been so long since I've seen you Timcanpy." Allen giggled as he played with his golden golem. Tim responded by flying in circles around his master's head. "Moyashi." Kanda muttered.

"What?" Allen stopped walking and turned around to face Kanda.

"Quite playing with your golem and get us out of here." Kanda sighed.

"…Is Kanda jealous of Timcanpy?" Allen chuckled and wagged his tail.

"No." Kanda stated bluntly.

"You're lying." Allen snickered. Kanda only rolled his eyes. "Okay, for once I agree with Yu, let's get out of here." Lavi groaned.

"Don't call me by my name!" Kanda growled.

"Idiots…" Cross shook his head. Then Allen finally escorted everyone out of the ark. "Oh my God!" Miranda cried when everyone came back to the "camp".

"Hey. Calm down now. And, follow me, let's all go back home." Allen smiled.

"So the ark is safe?" Bookman questioned.

"Yes, it's in my control as well." Allen answered. Bookman nodded his head softly. Then it was finally time to go home. "Welcome home!" Komui cheered as everyone finally was back at the order.

"It's good to be back." Allen smiled.

"…Hey, you all are going straight to the infirmary!" The nurse came out of nowhere. Then she dragged Krory, Lavi, Allen, and Kanda all the way to the infirmary. "Geez, I don't need to be here." Kanda groaned.

"Neither do I, but we're stuck here. After all, the nurse is scary when she's mad." Allen wined and sat on Kanda's bed.

"The nurse is scary?" Kanda rolled his eyes.

"Oh, shut it Kanda." Allen groaned.

"It's been a long night, why don't we get to sleep." Kanda sighed.

"Say my name first." Allen flicked his tail.

"… Not with the others around." Kanda muttered under his breath.

"Say it into my ear then." Allen chuckled softly.

Kanda sighed and then leaned over Allen's ear and then whispered, "Night Allen."

"Good night!" Allen blushed and lied down next to the samurai.


(A/N: I hate to say it, but this is the end. Sorry if it seems short or odd in any way. I hope you've enjoyed the story. Bye-bye.)