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After having drunk about a pint of milk McGee sauntered over to the table. Instead of Tony and Ziva a receipt was waiting for him.

"Great," he thought. "I fly all the way in a MILITARY plane and then a dodgy minivan and Tony still expects me to foot the bill." He lay down a few euro notes before exiting the restaurant.

"Hey guys!" McGee stopped himself just before he voiced his thoughts. Was that Tony and Ziva...kissing?!

It was a very clichéd kiss, the light of the moon acting as their own personal spotlight. For the first time in months Ziva looked relaxed. McGee's heart warmed; peace was something that Ziva deserved after everything that she had had to go through.

It was the same for Tony. Even though he had never admitted it the break up from Wendy had hit him hard. For years McGee came to realise that the reason Tony dated so many women was because he wanted to be the one to leave; never the other way around. And in his heart of hearts McGee knew that he had finally found someone who would stay, if only Tony would let her.

Retreating into the darkness of a nearby alleyway McGee carefully snapped a picture of Tony and Ziva before composing a new message in his email.

To: Abby

Subj: Our Little Bet

Attachments: 1 image

Guess you won after all. What do you want me to bring back from Spain?