At least an hour had passed from their arrival till when the three of them sat down to actually eat their proper meal. The fire in McGee's mouth had been extinguished while Tony and Ziva had reacquainted themselves with their previously buried feelings towards each other.

"How many more colleagues do you think should be interrogated Tony?" McGee asked, sounding very official as he recorded exactly what Adriana had said. Tony absentmindedly popped some tapas into his mouth while he pondered over McGee's questions.

'I doubt Cacharro could've done it. He's got one heck of a brain but when it comes to computers he may as well be illiterate. If he was in cahoots with Buho though...those two are one hell of a team." Ziva frowned.

"Puppy? Owl? Cahoots? Please be a bit more specific and formal Tony," she chided him, a smile getting the better of her and gracing her face. He took in that glorious for a second longer then he meant to, tearing his gaze away only when McGee cleared his throat for the second time.

"Umm yes well Cacharro's actual name is Joe. He's a fresh new NCIS recruit. Basically like the same but opposite of McGee...?" He waved away McGee's indignant expression.

"You'll understand me when you meet him. And yes the Owl...well no one actually knows his name..." Ziva sighed and tapped her hand on the table.

"This is a serious matter Tony. Unless you want to be incarcerated I suggest that you serious up."

"I think you mean get more serious. And I will, if that's what you really want. Owl's actual name is Damian. He's our resident whiz-kid and Joe follows him around a lot." McGee chuckled.

"Like a puppy?" Tony laughed and shook his head.

"Nice link McGee but that's not actually the reason why. Guy's got a killer nose, a cute face that no elderly lady can resist pinching and chubbiness that won't go no matter how many times he runs up the colinas.'

"I think we need to pay these two a visit. Whose house is closer?" Tony's face visibly fell.

"The Owl roosts near here. I shall guide you to his branch." McGee cringed at the joke but Ziva couldn't restrain a giggle.

"And you shall stay with us while we climb the tree!" Tony shook his head.

"Leave it to the pro Zeevs."

10 minutes later

"Are you sure this guy works for you?" McGee questioned upon seeing the three story nearly one-block wide mansion that stood before them. "I would have to save for 10 years and not spend my salary on ANYTHING to afford this house. And I didn't even consider tax."

"Young Damian lives with his family. Much like myself he chose to follow a path other than the family business. But man gets food cooked for him and laundry's a sweet life."

"How long are you going to stand out here for?" A chillingly quiet voice seemed to wrap around their necks before reaching their ears. Even spookier was the fact that it seemed to come from the shadows.

"Isn't a bit late for you to be wandering around Daniela?" A body appeared; one of a teenage girl with waist long dark brown hair. She smiled coyly.

"They say youth is wasted on the young. Are you going to tell me off for making the most of mine?" She strode up and her clothing became clearer to discern. Thigh high boots enfolded long tan legs and a tunic fit snugly around her upper body.

"I suppose you're here to call on my brother? I shall call him out for you?" Tony eyed her up and down.

"Your parents aren't going to be mad?" Her laugh was empty.

"If only there were actually at home to feel it. Mother is in Gibraltar with her friends and Father is on yet another business trip to London. But there's no time for dallying." Daniela strode up to the door and rapped on it with the golden knocker. The housekeeper answered in a matter of seconds and Daniela smiled and nodded towards them before entering.

Five minutes later the sound of a gunshot shattered the peaceful silence encircling the Rodriguez mansion.