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"God, I can't take this anymore." Penny breathed, leaning back against the couch as Leonard peered over at her and pointed to the screen.

"Are you talking about Alien?"

She shook her head. "No, it's not about the movie. I'm talking about my life."

He reached for the remote and paused the film. "Penny, nobody's life is perfect. This is why we have movies and television shows to make us feel better about our lives."

Penny turned her head to look at him. "And does it make yours feel better?"

"It does but not for long. I eventually realize that it's a cheap way to make me happy before the realization of my life crashes down on me. It's a vicious cycle; kind of like a drug. Korean dramas are an excellent example of this." He explained earning a look from her as she leaned forward again.

"Leonard, you're a physicist. You have a job that pays well, you have a savings account and you don't worry about paying the bills. How does your life suck?"

"I guess it's because I thought I might be married by now." He answered slowly. "My younger brother and older sister were married before they were thirty."

The door opened and Sheldon walked in, putting his keys in the bowl as he dragged himself to the couch, staring down at Penny. "You're in my spot."

She shifted over and he sat down. "What happened to 'my spot, your spot'?"

"I meant every word but certain events have compelled me to take refuge in my one location of unchanging comfort."

Leonard and Penny both stared at him in confusion.

"I had a terrible day at work." Sheldon elaborated for them. "Apparently, I will not be getting additional funding for my research as expected which is the cause of my depression."

"Wow, we all have problems don't we?" Penny said earning nods from them.

"You seem troubled bestie; have you not found a man to sooth your loins with passionate lovemaking?" Amy asked as Penny's glass nearly slipped from her hand.

"Umm, yes and no. I need an acting gig before I find a guy." She answered, emptying the wine bottle into her glass. It was only half full when she opened it and she was low on funds to buy alcohol at the moment.

"Hmm, have you considered living in another person's shoes?"

Penny looked at Amy. "Why would I do that?"

"It helps me from time to time. For instance, when I was upset over my breakup with Sheldon I envisioned myself as sexy heiress with a beautiful figure wearing six inch heels as I strutted proudly down Rodeo Drive."

"And did it work?" Penny asked, taking a sip.

"Of course, until I mentally broke my ankle wearing those damned heels as a beautiful bare-chested man asked for my number perched on a white stallion."

"Sheldon, let it go!" Leonard yelled, causing him to freeze in mid pace around his bedroom.

"How can I? My grant was given to Leslie Winkle!"

"It's three am." He whined, rubbing his eyes.

Sheldon shot him a look. "I know what time it is Leonard. I need you to seduce Leslie into giving me the grant money."

Leonard stared at him as if he was insane. "I'm not doing that."

"Why not? I'm certainly won't. As my friend and roommate I expect you to owe me a favor."

He shut his eyes. "I'm not doing that because I haven't gotten over Penny yet and get out of my room. I need to sleep."

"Fine, but when you will have a midlife crisis I will certainly not offer my assistance." Sheldon retorted, slamming the door behind him.

"Something has to be done about Sheldon." Howard spoke up, grasping his chin in thought.

"And fast. He came into my office and started asking about faking the discovery of an alien planet just so that we could secure a grant." Raj said as Leonard groaned.

"He came to my office too and tried to convince me to sleep with that woman from the fundraiser again for a donation."

"You set yourself up for that one." Howard smirked before he frowned. "Why didn't Sheldon come to my office?"

"Do you really need to ask that question?" Raj asked causing Howard to shoot a glare at his Indian friend.

"Penny, must you eat your ice cream on my couch?" Sheldon crossed his arms and stared her down in the kitchen.

"So I got a drop on your arm rest, big deal." She retorted as their friends watched the scene before them. Amy and Bernadette watched in fascination while the Raj and Howard placed bets on who would win. Leonard just didn't care anymore and focused on the television.

"Excuse me? That is my spot-"

"You were sitting at your desk and it's our spot." Penny corrected.

"Fine, I will concede to that regarding my comment weeks ago but since it is in my apartment it must be taken care of immediately."

She sighed. "I cleaned it up didn't I?"

"Penny, you licked it off." He argued as Raj whispered into Howard's ear.

"Yeah, she'll probably get a strike for that."

Penny smirked. "Aww, is the germaphobe scared of catching a disease from me?"

"I already know you're not infected with any pathogen. I had your blood work tested last month." Sheldon replied as Penny's mouth opened in surprise. "The point is that the human mouth is filled with-"

"When did you take my blood?" She asked in horror, having no memory of it.

"I've been taking your blood for years." Sheldon answered smugly.

"Alright that's it!" Leonard yelled, rising from the couch and surprising everyone. "Both of you are now forbidden from acting like each other."

"Excuse me?" Penny and Sheldon asked in unison, turning to look at their friends.

"Wait, that's perfect!" Amy chirped. "Since you're both unsatisfied with your lives perhaps you could switch."

"Amy, you have clearly gone insane. Why would I wish to live like Penny? Being stuck in a menial job with failed career prospects?" Sheldon told her.

"Oh yeah, although you have money up to your neck you don't enjoy your life. You waste away sitting in that office staring at whiteboards. You wouldn't last a day in my shoes." She argued as Leonard motioned with his hand.

"Hold on, Amy might be onto something. I could use a break from a whiny and condescending nutcase."

"And Penny don't you think trying to live like Sheldon might get you to realize what a wonderful life you truly have?" Amy asked and turned to her friends. "All in favor?"

Raj, Howard, Bernadette along with Amy and Leonard raised their hands.

"What?" Penny blurted out.

"Indeed. Since I settle all agreements the motion fails." Sheldon defended earning a grin from Leonard.

"Fine, then we dare you."

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