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They sat in silence as Penny looked at Sheldon out of the corner of her eye. He was so passive the entire day, it was a nice change but she missed the old Sheldon. It was what made him who he was, both the good and bad points.

"I hope you didn't create a mess in my office." Sheldon spoke up, his eyes focused on the television.

"Of course not, I just relaxed for most of the day but I did write formulas on the empty whiteboard to pass the time." She answered as he turned to look at her.

"Formulas? More like doodling."

Penny opened her mouth slightly. "You're correct; it probably was doodles as I have no knowledge of Physics other than what you taught me."

He smiled at the memory, as much as he hated to admit it openly, Sheldon had enjoyed that day. "I was supposed to be visited by Barry today and I forgot to tell you."

"He did visit but quickly ran off. I think I frightened him judging by the expression on his face."

Leonard looked up from his laptop and turned his head to look at them sitting on the couch. "You know, the dare ended thirty minutes ago."

Penny and Sheldon's eyes drifted to him and Sheldon looked at his wristwatch. He was right; they were free from the dare now.

"I guess we survived by being in each others' shoes." Sheldon said, earning a nod from Penny. "I can finally drop your vernacular and return to a proper schedule."

He stood up from the couch and bid them goodnight, before walking toward the direction of his bedroom.

"Hey Cooper, gwad to see you awe back. Never taught I would say that." Barry called after him, causing Sheldon to turn around as his hand was on the doorknob to his office.

"And neither would I. Regarding your visit yesterday, what was the purpose?"

"I was wondering if you would consider switching offices with me." He said, earning a look from Sheldon before walking inside.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again. The answer is no."

"Pwoffessor Schwarz is dwiving me insane. She keeps distuwbing me and making fun of my accent. I think she's deaf, I don't hawe one." Barry whined as Sheldon opened his laptop.

"So you want her to pester me instead of you?"

"Obviously." Barry replied and saw the glare in the man's eyes.

"Show yourself out Barry. I have work to catch up on from yesterday."

He groaned and walked out as Sheldon's eyes shifted to the whiteboards in his office. The one on the far right caught his eye; it was the board that Penny had written on. He could recognize her handwriting in an instant.

Examining the 'formulas' as she called it last night, he observed the Greek letters that were mixed with his own work. Penny had combined four of his boards and condensed it onto one, causing a smirk to spread across his face. It was actually valid, which surprised him with only a few errors here and there. Suddenly his face fell and his eyes widened.


Penny trudged up the stairs, she was tired but it was a lot better than staring at that gibberish on Sheldon's whiteboards. She walked up to the fourth floor and went inside 4B to take a relaxing bath.

After shedding her clothes, she stepped inside the tub and sighed in content. Penny nestled her head against the wall and closed her eyes. Probably fifteen minutes didn't even pass when she heard the OCD knocking begin.

A muffled Penny was heard and she groaned before calling out. "Sheldon I'm busy!"

"I must talk to you."

"I'm in the bathroom!" She yelled and heard the front door open followed by quick footsteps when the realization dawned on her. Almost immediately her shower curtain was flung open and saw the frightened eyes staring at her.

"Sheldon, I said I'm in the bathroom!" Penny cried and he quickly averted his eyes, turning away from her.

"I assumed you had fallen in your shower again and were in need of my assistance. Your exact words were reminiscent of the calamity that befell you, although I did notice you have listened to my advice about purchasing adhesive duck stickers."

She smiled at his chivalry. "Thanks but I'm alright this time."

He cleared his throat and walked toward the bathroom door. "I'll wait for you in my apartment, it is Halo Night after all."

Penny walked out to find Sheldon hanging up the phone. "Okay, what do you need to talk to me about?"

He waited until she sat down beside him. "I find this hard to believe but it seems that when you imitated me you actually unlocked some form of intelligence in a portion of your brain."

She stared at him. "That's a little insulting but go on."

"I had been working on dark matter research and was constantly going in circles trying to get the math to work and your doodles had assisted me. Perhaps there is hope for you after all."

"I was just guessing, I had no idea what I wrote."

He folded his hands. "Irrelevant, you had managed to solve my problem. Either you are far more intelligent then you perceive to be, even factoring your chess skills from a week ago. Leonard has already played you three times and hasn't won yet. You had succeeded in replicating me than I did you and for that I commend you. I must also thank you for removing that wind chime near my window, the professor next door is at a loss as to who took it down. It seems we have much more in common than I thought."

"You're welcome." Penny grinned. "Yeah, I am an actress after all. I think I should pretend to be like you again just to freak the guys out again."

"I honestly wish that you wouldn't." Sheldon said quickly, surprising her.

"Why not? It was actually fun."

He shook his head in protest. "Although it was entertaining for you, I however did not enjoy it. I prefer the Penny that I have known and admired since she first moved in."

"Really?" She asked, earning a nod. "I've been thinking as well actually. I have to admit that I like you the way you are too. You reminded me of Leonard yesterday, and you were kind of a pushover. That isn't you Sheldon and it was just weird."

Sheldon started at her intently. "I suppose it was, many females tend to be drawn to the dominance of an Alpha Male. Also, yesterday has caused me to question yet again what you are and mean to me. I've come to the realization that I harbor 'feelings' for you, even though I'm not a hippie."

Penny blinked. "You like me?"

"I believe I do. Although you have brought chaos into my life I have come to the conclusion that change is a part of life and that it must be embraced, even when it comes to comprehending that I am not a pure Homo Novus as previously believed."

She reached out and took his hand, he didn't pull away or flinch; he was a real man after all. "I really like you too Sheldon. Remember when you asked me out on a date? I regretted not saying yes that day after you left."

"So I was the guy?" He asked slowly and she beamed, answering his question non-verbally.

"I am ready to kick your ass tonight." Raj said excitedly, pointing at Leonard, causing Howard to grin.

"Pretty big talk for a man that ran himself over with the warthog twice."

Leonard opened the door and allowed Raj to walk in first when he froze near the door, causing Howard to bump into him followed by Leonard.

"Oww, why did you stop Raj?" The Jewish man asked, holding his nose and peering around him to see the reason. He turned and looked at Leonard.

"Sheldon is hugging Penny."

He sighed. "I've seen that before, it's not a big deal."

Raj glanced over at Leonard. "Well, I haven't but that's not all. They're kissing too."

"You guys are crazy; there is no way that Penny would-" He realized that the indeed were and rubbed his eyes after looking at them in confusion. "Well, I think it's fair to say that I have seen the impossible."


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