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Arnold sat up, stretching and yawning. The sun poured in from the ceiling, illuminating the retro style carpets and walls. His vision was still a blur from sleep. The room looked like a haze of blues, greens, reds and yellows. Getting up, his vision focusing. He got dressed and glanced at the calendar. He wore a white T-shirt under his plaid shirt with dark jeans. Another February, has come. Another Valentine's Day. Two years has passed since that destined Valentine's Day. Now in grade six, he felt all the more wiser.

Many of his class mates were just the same old friends he has always had. Many has changed their outward appearance. Gerald was still same, cool was little more muscular and he wore his same old 33 jersey. Rhonda had longer hair that stopped mid section of her back and she wore a red sequinned top with a tight black skirt. Phoebe had longer hair that flowed down her back and curled at the ends. She still her signature colour but her sweater sleeves were cut elbow length and her skirt was knee length and swirled deliciously around her legs. Lila was the same sugarcoated sweet girl. She wore a sea-foam green halter with a jean skirt. Harold, Sid and Stinky hasn't changed at all. Curly has transferred out for a short while. (but he'll be back) Last but not least, Helga. She kept her unibrow but hidden under her long bangs. She still wore her bow but a ponytail accompanied it instead of her usual pigtails. She now wore a plain pink top with navy blue jeans with dull white converse. She still had overflowing love for Arnold. She still had a bad attitude. She was still the same old Helga.

"Oh Arnold, your football head overflows with compassion and caring," Helga wrote in her journal, "I just can't stop loving you. Wisdom, compassion, caring for everyone. You are a dreamer, always has their head in the clouds. I admire that, I admire you. I ADORE you! On that fateful Valentines Day you saw the real me. You accepted me. I will never forget that magical moment between you and I." Then satisfied, she went downstairs and grabbed a waffle, popping it it the toaster. The house was very quiet considering Bob and Miriam were on a 3 week cruise to boost their love life or something. Helga gagged at the very idea.

So she had the house to herself but who left their twelve year old daughter to fend for herself. They left her with one week's worth of money.

Helga walked out the door. She leapt onto the bus with a smile despite she was in a bad situation. Valentines Day had that effect on her. When she saw people were staring, she quickly scowled. Sitting beside Phoebe who was busy on her calculator, finishing homework.

"Hey Pheebs." Helga mumbled.

"Good morning, Helga!" Phoebe replied with a smile.

Helga just stared out the window at the passing buildings and cars. Clearly lost in thought, Phoebe went back to her homework.

What am I going to do? I don't want to spend another Valentine's Day alone. Stupid family. Helga thought as her fists clenched. I had the best Valentines day 2 years ago and that was 2 YEARS AGO! Time for a change but that will never happen. Oh my tormented soul. That fateful day was all in secret and worked in my favour. I enjoyed that delicious taste of heaven too much. Why must I be tempted to lie and deceit once more to quench my everlasting thirst for you. The sadness in her blue eyes could only be seen for a mere second, before returning to her normal scowl. "Whatever…"

"Did you say something, Helga?" Phoebe asked concerned.

"No, Pheebs."

"Oh, ok."

The bus finally arrived at the school, P.S 119. The school was like P.S 118 but sunny side up. There was a pavement with basketball nets, hopscotch and four square games that backed out onto grassy fields and a new playground set behind the school. It was beautiful. Inside the school it smelled of lemons. The lockers and floors were constantly shiny. Each classroom had a brand new chalk board and desks.

The gang were lucky enough to get the same class when they moved on to P.S 119. It was going to be a normal day at P.S 119. Old routine but new day.

"Hello class!" Mr. Fickle welcomed the class with a smile. "We are going to start the new year and few months with a new but old perspective. It is a week from Valentine's Day, so I will be travelling to Greece for a week, I go tomorrow. So I would to reintroduce you to my favourite cousin and your fourth grade teacher, Mr. Simmons."

"Hi!" said an excited Mr. Simmons. "I know we are going to have a very special week."

Some of the students groaned.

"Now, now students, I can always bring in your beloved substitute Mrs. Sourwurst. I am sure all of you would love to see her again." Mr. Fickle said with a smirk.

"NOOOOOO!" Harold shouted. The panic look on his face sent the whole class into laughter.

Ok, class. Just a joke. Now I must go pack, see you all in a week."

"Bye! Have fun!" The class said in unison.

"Ok, settle down class. We have a special day ahead of us…" Mr. Simmons said, "Now open up your math books to page 245."

The morning droned on and on. Harold was busy chomping down on a ham and potato chip sandwich, making Mr. Simmons cringe overtime a noisy chomp was made. That made the morning for the class a good one.

"Time for lunch. I will see you all after. Enjoy!" Mr. Simmons gestured toward the door.

The kids stampeded for the door, almost knocking over Mr. Simmons. Helga just rolled her eyes at the sight and packed up her books. Phoebe waited for her by the door. They weren't the only ones left in the classroom.

"Arnold, I'll save you a seat, man." gerald promised. He patted phoebe's shoulder as he walked out.

"Ok, thanks gerald."

CRASH! Arnold glanced in Helga's direction to see her books have toppled onto the floor.

"Oh, great." she muttered. Bending down to reach her books, a hand brushed against hers. Helga looked up to see Arnold's face very close to hers. "ARNOLD!"

She stumbled backwards, falling onto the floor. Next thing she knew Arnold's hand stuck out to help her up.

"Crimeny, football head I can get up myself." she said with fierce tone but she took the hand anyway.

Shoving him aside, She stomped over to Phoebe and walked out but she looked back and saw a smirk on Arnold's face, clearly stating his usual line whatever you say, Helga.

In the cafeteria everyone sat at their usual tables. Helga and Phoebe sat in the far corner. Phoebe had sushi for lunch with some apple juice. She took a long sip and glanced over at Helga. She was opening her lunch box but a disappointed look grazed her features when she found nothing but a bar of soap.

"Oh, not again. I have nothing to eat." Helga complained. "Pheebs, I think I will take a walk outside."

"Ok, Helga." Phoebe seemed a little worried about her friend. Helga seemed a bit distant lately.

Once outside she went to the far corner of the school. It was like a fort. There were three walls to protect her and a tree in he middle. Helga had cleaned up the junk. Nobody knew about her hideout.

Helga sat down by the bottom of the tree, facing the three corners of the walls.

"Oh thank you, my guardian angel. You have helped me in my time of need but i reward you with cruelty and unkindness. You shown me kindness close to the day of the gods of love. 2 years ago when I became your pen pal and something more just beckons my heart for more. One chance to be Cecile-" Helga proclaimed.

"Cecile?" questioned Arnold who had just walked out from the shadows.

"AHHHHHHH!" Helga screamed. H-how long have you b-been standing there...football head?"

"I just got here, this is my spot where I like to hang out." Arnold looked confused. "You know Cecile?"

Helga stared at him with wide eyes. "W-wh-what?" His spot? Wow, great minds do think alike.

Arnold sighed. "Do you know Cecile? I met her on Valentines day."

"Oh...um...yes. I do know her..." She started.


"Quit pushing hair boy. She is my cousin." Helga's heart was beating a mile a minute. Whoa, nice save there.

"Yeah, you both have some resemblances. So, she is coming here?" inquired an excited Arnold.

Great thinking Helga. Sheesh, I need to get him off my case. How am I supposed to do that? Maybe I- Helga thought.

"Helga!" Arnold said, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Huh? Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure." Helga said, still tangled up in her thoughts.

"Thanks!" Arnold ran off with a huge grin on his face.

"...wait a minute..." Helga realized. "AHHHHHH!"

Arnold stopped in his tracks after hearing that blood curdled scream. What was that? After a minute or so, he just shrugged his shoulders and slowed to a walk.

WhatamIgonnado? Maybe...just maybe I could skip town. No I can't do that. Where would I go? Cecile is one and the same. I can't pull this off. Maybe I can say she isn't coming till next year. By then he would have forgotten...maybe.


"I better get to class, here goes nothing." Helga glumly walked toward the doors of the school.

Inside the classroom, everyone was busy chatting away. Something caught their attention. They surrounded Rhonda's desk.

What's got their knickers in a twist? Am I missing something, here? Helga walked over to see what all the commotion was about.

"Helga, darling. How are you? You almost missed an invite to the party of the century!" Rhonda exclaimed.

"Oh, no. The horror. Miss an invite! I think I would die!" she mocked. She put the back of her hand to forehand as if she was about to faint. "Without an invite, life is just not worth living!"

Offended, Rhonda glared while the rest of the kids chuckled, including Arnold.

"Hilarious. Here, your invite or wait never mind you can be the bodyguard." Rhonda sneered. "Consider yourself uninvited to my party."


Finally the day ended. Everyone walked out the classroom, outside they waited for the buses.

Arnold and Helga were the last ones to leave. He walked up to Helga and helped her pack up.


"What do you want, football head?"

"Um...well...I was wondering...um...when Cecile is coming and how long is she staying?" His voice escalating with every word. "Is she staying at your place? Is she staying for the week?"

Oh man, he still won't get off my case. Sheesh. I can't do this, too much risk of my identity. Oh, Arnold. This complicated love has entangled us once again. This is going to be tougher than my missions to save my most sacred secret. I-

"Helga!" snapped an impatient Arnold.

"Wha-? Uh... Sure. Whatever."


By the time Helga realized what she just said, Arnold had walked out.

"AHHHHHH! Dang it. I have got to stop doing that. Argh. Sometimes being in love with Arnold is so difficult. How in the world am I going to get my butt out of this one?"

Walking home, she kept thinking the situation over and over. She was so lost in her thoughts until she crashed right into someone.


"A-arnold! I mean football head, quit crashing into me. Its becoming quite the hobby of yours." She shoved him aside and stomped down the street.

Pushing the door open, she saw pink stained and drool covered couch. Eugh, how disgusting.

Helga rolled her eyes at the sight yet the soft spot in her heart pitied her mother.

As Helga carefully climbed the hazardous stairs to her room, she thought about the situation with Arnold.

Jumping onto her bed along with her mp3 and pink journal. She wrote, as her problems drifted away into the nothingness. Soon enough she drifted asleep.

Her dreams came and went. They were beautiful happy dreams.

Then she bolted up from her bed. She had a marvellous idea!

I know what i should do! I could pretend to be Cecile my so-called cousin for a week. I could spend a whole week with Arnold! And it's Valentine's week, on friday is the most romantic day of the year. Sigh. And this will totally work, no one will know my secret.

Helga was pleased. She couldn't wait for tomorrow.

She fell sound sleep with a huge grin glued to her face.

The next morning couldn't come quicker. She had set her alarm for 5:00 am so she could get her hair done and choose an outfit. Helga gagged at the idea of waking up early just to fix her hair. Too girly but it must be done for her love was stronger.


"Crimeny, I'm up, I'm up! Shut up, stupid alarm."

Helga shot up. Today was the day. Dashing out of bed into the bathroom. She fixed up her hair just as it was on that special Valentines day and put a little bit of coloured lipgloss on. Running back to her room, she checked her closet for something to wear. She found that memorable shirt with red stripes. She paired it with a pair of dark sparkled jeans. Finally she tied her pink ribbon in her hair.

Helga grabbed the money off the counter.

Too happy for a care, Helga leapt onto the bus. With money stuffed in her pockets.

The bus grew silent, everyone turned to stare at the lovely blonde that had entered. Some gaped at the beautiful sight, one of those few was Arnold.

Ok, no scowling Helga. Just be true blue.

Taking a seat by the window. The bus has never been so silent. Soon enough whispers passed through the bus.

"Who is she?"

"New girl?"

"She looks familiar…"

Arnold was still shocked to utter a word. His friend Gerald was getting worried. He knew that look on Arnold's face.

At school, everyone walked into class, still wondering that new girl who left everyone gaping.

"Ok class, we have a special day pla-. Who do we have here?" Mr. Simmons asked.

Name, name. I need a name. Oh I know! Duh!

"Hi, um my name is Cecile. I am Helga's cousin, I will be visiting for a week." Helga smiled.

"Well this is very short notice, I guess I can let you stay. And where is Helga?"

"Um, she is… She is out with her dad on a business trip."

Great quick thinking, Helga!

"Oh, ok. Where to seat you, Cecile?"

"I can just sit in my…er… um…Helga's empty seat."

Everyone watched her as she sat down. Mr. Simmons quickly introduced everyone to "Cecile."

Rhonda whispered to Nadine. "She has got to be invited to my party."

"You don't even know her."

"We soon will. I have a feeling she is hiding something. You know something just doesn't feel right about her."

"You are just being paranoid, Rhonda."

"Pft, whatever."

The bell rang. In the cafeteria, even with the dull yellow walls, conversations sparked.

Helga waited in the lunch line.

"C'mon Arnold, there is no way she could remember you after 2 long years." Gerald stated.

"She has got too, Gerald. It wasn't just a night, it was something special."

"Ok, man. I believe you…I guess."

Arnold didn't hear him, he was on his way over to the lunch line.

"H-hey Cecile." stuttered a very nervous Arnold.

"ARNOLD!" Helga jumped. "You nearly scared the living daylights outta me."

"Where have I heard that before…" Arnold muttered.


"Oh! Nothing. So anyway, how have you been during these few years?"

"Not to much has happened."


"I have to get my lunch. See you later." Well that was awkward. Maybe this plan is a bust.

"Wait! Um, I mean I'll pay for your lunch. You can come sit at my table if you want."

"Well gee, thanks but you don't have too."

"Yeah, but I want too."

Helga smiled. Maybe I was wrong, this plan just might work and I will have enough money to last for a few more days.

Arnold paid for both her and his lunches and walked Helga to the table. Phoebe was sitting beside Gerald along with Harold, Sid and Stinky. Helga sat beside Phoebe and winked. Arnold raced to sit on her other side.

"Boy Howdy, what's got Arnold's tail?" Sid whispered to Harold and Stinky.

"I think it's that new gal." Stinky whispered back.

"Aweeeeeeh, little awwwnorld got a girlfriend." Harold whispered a little too loudly.

"We are right here." Arnold sighed, turning bright red.

The boys started to talk about the baseball game after school. Arnold kept stealing glances at Helga. Helga cupped her cheek with her hand, staring out the window.

What a beautiful day, I have the man of my dreams falling for me and my secret is safe.

I wonder what she is thinking… Arnold thought, catching another glimpse at her pale face. She looks so beautiful.

Gerald nudged Arnold. "Arnold, don't make a fool of yourself." He said in a harsh whisper.

The nudge had thrown Arnold out of his thoughts. Arnold jumped, knocking over his soda in the process. The soda spilled onto an unsuspecting Helga. Her shirt with red stripes now decorated with a purple stain and bubbles. The soda seeped through the cotton and hit skin. Helga looked down at her shirt.

"I am so sorry, Cecile. I didn't mean too. It was an accident." Arnold constantly apologized while Helga tried to get the stain out with a napkin.

"It's ok, I am fine."

"C'mon Cecile, lets go clean you up in the bathroom." Phoebe said.


On the way out into the hallway, Helga looked back, Arnold had his face in his hands and Gerald patted him on the shoulder.

"Real smooth, man." Gerald shook his head.

In the bathroom, Helga took off her shirt and let Phoebe do her magic.

"Done!" Phoebe sang.

"Gosh, thanks Pheebs." Helga said, while pushing the bathroom door open.

"Helga? Is that you? I knew there was something off about this "Cecile!"

"What? How'd you know?"

"The wink. I was pondering the significance. I just assumed it was a friendly wink but you just called me "Pheebs," only Helga calls me that, thus proving you are Helga."

"I should have known it would only take a few seconds for you to figure it out." Helga was relieved that she could take a breather.

"So, I predict this is this another scheme of yours, to win Ice Cream's affections?" The knowledge of Helga's many schemes from years ago flooded her brain.

"Well…um…yeah. Heh heh."

"Same old Helga."

"You won't blow my cover?"

"Of course not! I admit it is quite amusing to see this side of you, Helga." She giggled. "Just be very careful. I predict that this might have a slight chance of backfiring. Just be yourself, Helga."

"Oh, thanks Pheebs and don't worry!"

Phoebe shook her head, hoping things would not escalate to horrible measures. Helga turned around while holding the door open.

"You coming or what?"

"Of course, Helga!"

Walking through the hallway in silence. Phoebe was thinking about Helga's scheme, knowing Helga it could backfire. Shaking her head of these thoughts, she walked on.

I hope Pheebs is okay with this. I mean I know both outcomes but its for loooove.

Helga smiled. They walked through the doors to the cafeteria. It was silent, well except for the murmurs and clanging of spoons against the porcelain bowls. Arnold watched Helga with a concern look in his eye.

"Hey, what'd I miss?"

"I really am sorry, Cecile." Arnold apologized for the millionth time.

"It's really okay, Arnoldo."

"W-what did you call me?"

Crap. I am getting defensive. I need a cover…hmmm…

"Um… well, Arnold… Helga and I are cousins. She told me a few things about you." Helga winked.

Arnold blushed. "Good things, I hope?"

Helga shrugged.

Gerald cleared his throat. "Anyway, we have a baseball game and we are down one player."

"We are? Who is missing?" Harold scratched his head.

Helga face palmed. Lila walked up to the group.

"Hello, everyone. What an ever so beautiful afternoon! I just got back from the doctor's." Lila chirped. "Who do we have here?"

"This is Cecile, Helga's cousin." Arnold stated.

"Gosh, it's ever so nice to meet you, Cecile."

"Thanks." Helga mumbled.

So much for the pleasant morning. I bet Arnold is going to be swooning over her all afternoon.

"So, where is Helga?"

"Um, business trip with Uncle."

Boy, I'm getting good at this.

Coming from the bathroom, Rhonda saw the group talking. She grabbed Nadine's hand and speed walked toward the group.

"Hello all. Hoped you had a nice lunch." Rhonda greeted. She made eye contact with Helga. "Oh, Cecile. I have something for you!"

"You do?" Helga asked a bit afraid as to what it might be.

"Well, you see. I am having a party this weekend, on Valentine's day and I was hoping you could come. It is going to be over the top, only the BEST, for Rhonda Wellington Lloyd."

"Um, I dunno."

"Oh please come, Cecile. It would be so much fun." Arnold jumped excitedly.

"Ok, I guess."

"Great! Here is your invite. Don't be late." Rhonda walked off with Nadine.

Helga smirked. The bell rang, lunch was over. Everyone slowly walked to their classes, wishing lunch was a bit longer. Helga plopped her self down in her desk and sighed. She propped her feet on the desk and hummed a happy tune. She hasn't been this happy in a long time People finally accepted her for her. She didn't have to hide anymore. She felt relief, happiness, security. The sun shone through the window, creeping over desks and playing with the shadows on the walls. Helga's jeans sparkled in the sun, her golden hair glowed. Arnold walked in and his jaw dropped to the floor, she was the most beautiful creature he ever saw. He was awestruck but soon was shoved down to the floor. He walked to his desk like a zombie would. The rays of sunshine slapped Arnold's face, forcing him to blink.

"Ok, class. Sit down in your seats, please." Mr. Simmons announced. He saw Arnold standing by his desk, a glazed look on his face. Mr. Simmons followed Arnold's gaze and smiled when his eyes landed on Helga. Finally after five minutes, Mr. Simmons decided to get the class going. "Arnold, do you have something special to say to the class?"

"Hmm… wha-?" Arnold shook himself from his thoughts. "No. Sorry, Mr. Simmons."

The class giggled. Arnold sat down. The class bore on, Mr. Simmons teaching geometry, some classmates falling asleep. Arnold's mind was still on the gold vision he saw a few minutes ago. He sighed. "She is so beautiful…" Arnold thought.

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