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Helga woke up groggily. Mmmph… What a night… She was still dressed in her evening attire with sparkled confetti in her messy undo and her pink bow half tied and strewn about. The sun shone in through the green framed window and on to Helga's face causing her to squint and rub her eyes. The digits on her clock read 12:00 pm. Wow. Only 5 hours of sleep. Great. Half awake, Helga got up, stretched and walked to the bathroom at a snail's steam of warm water from the shower filled the room and fogged the mirror. Stepping into the shower, she sighed when the warmth enclosed her body and soothing her aching muscles. An hour later she was fully dressed in grey sweat pants and a jade T-shirt. Her hair was in a high ponytail decorated with the famous pink ribbon. Flipping on the T.V, she ate a bowl of cereal and surfed the channels. Helga smiled when she found a channel playing reruns of Wrestle mania.

The morning or should I say afternoon had been uneventful. Helga had just been lounging like the regular couch potato. Thankful that her parents were out and she had the house to herself. It was her time to waste. Minutes passed by and with each minute her eyes got heavy. She was soon asleep and scattered about on the couch, on leg over the top of the couch and her hand just grazing the fibres of the carpet.

Hours later, there was a knock at the door, then more knocking, then finally banging and then peace. Helga's green door creaked open a bit and a shadowy figure crept in. The figure looked uncertain, looking about and finally found Helga sleeping on the couch. He smiled. She looks so pretty when she is sleeping. Same old, Helga. The figure took root on an armchair and waited till Helga woke up. His palm cupped his cheek while gazed at the princess before him. When the figure tried to recline in the chair, he realized too late that it was broken. The armchair crashed to the floor in pieces. The figure sat in a pile of leather fabric, a broken wooden frame, pieces duct tape and many chewed up pieces of old gum.

The loud crash had woken Helga up with a jump. She fell off the couch and nearly hit her head on the glass coffee table. "FOOTBALL HEAD!"

Startled by the sudden crash and even more frightened when he heard the ear piecing scream that contained his usual nickname. Jumping up, he ran to help Helga up. "So sorry, Helga." He glanced at her apologetically.

"What the heck are you doing in my house anyway, Arnoldo?" She gave him an irritated glare.

Arnold smirked. "Forgot about the bet already, Helga?"

"What? We had a bet?" Helga was smiling now but tried to look confused.

"Ugh! Helga! Are you gonna to make me spell it out?"

"Uh, yes. Tell me, o, innocent and wise Arnold! Tell me what boards onto your train of thought."

"You remember… we had to speak in french for as long as possible, if you won you got free ice cream out of me and if I won I got to see the shrines and poems that you confessed to me on that night." He winked.

"Hmm… Seems that I have no clue what you are blabbing on about. Show me the papers, Arnoldo." Helga smirked.

"Helga…Helga…Helga…" Arnold shook his head.

"That's my name and don't wear it out, Arnoldo." She tried to maintain her scowl but it wavered.

"I am sure that Cecile remembers." Arnold whispered softly and moved closer towards her until the space between both of them. He traced his finger on the underside of her jaw, feeling her shiver at his touch. He smiled.

"Arnold-I, uh…"

Arnold moved even closer, now cheek to cheek. "Please, Helga." He whispered in her ear. His breathe tickling her cheek and ear.

"F-fine." Helga shivered and surrendered. Arnold moved his face back a little, so now he was looking into her crystal blue eyes and his nose was to hers. Arnold softly pecked her on the lips and grabbed her hand, leading Helga upstairs. Helga reluctantly let Arnold lead her upstairs to her room. Arnold sat on the bed, looking at Helga with the most innocent green eyes.

Sighing, Helga dragged herself over to her closet. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes pleading him to forget about the bet but all he did was give her an encouraging smile. Turning back, she slowly turned the knob and let the door creak open. Then Helga clapped her hands twice and let the japanese lanterns' light fill the small space. Arnold watched in fascination and slowly took in the contents of the room. He saw the pink beanbag in the corner, next to the bookshelf filled with little pink books; a small light bulb went off in his brain and he smirked. The next thing that caught his eye was the billboard of pictures. Pictures of him! And pictures of the times they shared. His mouth agape as he stood up from the bed.

"Open your mouth any bigger, Football head and an elephant could nest in there." She smirked and tossed him a pink book. "Here, catch!"

Arnold was still in shock until something hard hit him in the stomach. "Ouch." He yelped as he tried to regain his lost balance.

"I thought you would be at least smart enough to catch a small book but I guess I was wrong." She smirked and reached out a hand to help Arnold up.

"Whatever you say, Helga." Arnold rolled his eyes and smiled, finally getting his prize. He picked up the book and hopped on the bed. He waited for Helga to sit beside him, but she only shook her head and paced back and forth.

"You are reading my most deepest and innermost thoughts, Arnold." She said simply. "Anyone would be nervous."

Arnold nodded, understanding. "If you don't want me to, I won't." He smiled.

"Nah. If you know anything about me, it's that I don't back down from a bet. This was going to happen sooner or later and besides it already has happened and if you paid any attention in Mr. Simmons class then you heard my work many a time." She chuckled.

"Wow, anonymous was you?" Arnold eyes twinkled with curiosity, "I only just figured out the connection with the pink book."

"Yeah. Oh, Arnold. You can be a little dense." She laughed.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, my love. Go on, read."

Arnold blushed and silently read the contents of the little pink book.

The sky is cloudy and grey but you are feeling joyful and beautiful.

You are glowing. You have the eyes of an angel.

Your tears of happiness fall down your smooth face

mixing with the tears of the gods

making a puddle on the bitter concrete.

A puddle that I am willing to drink out of.

Just to taste the sweetness of your left tears.

Each day, I bask in your glory.

Trying to persuade you with poisonous darts and arrows

Yet filled with poison, you suck the poison out of me

Saving me, Changing me

Arnold's cheeks had turned a tomato red after he was done. Helga had been watching her feet, looking up now and then to see his reaction. Arnold read a few more and finally at the last page, he smiled. He remembered this one.

H is for the head I'd like to punt.

E is for every time I see the little runt.

L is longing for our firstest kiss.

G is for how good that longing is.

A is for Arnold. Doi!

Looking up, Helga was shocked to see a wide grin had spread across Arnold's face.

"I remember this one! I never got to finish it because a certain someone had to pull a prank." Arnold met her gaze and shut the book. "These are beautiful, Helga." Arnold walked over to her and reached out a hand to caress her delicate face. "Just like you."

Helga sighed, she had no complaint. She was turning to a puddle of mush. And to top it all off, Arnold brought her face close to his and kissed her. "I have something for you, Helga." Arnold led her to the bed. "Here, sit."

Helga gave him a confused look and Arnold just smiled. "Good." Then Arnold got down on one knee and reached behind his back to pull out a red shoe.

"My shoe!" Helga smiled, remembering the good times.

Arnold slowly slid the shoe onto her foot. "It's still a perfect fit."

Helga chuckled. "Oh, Football Head. You have been clearly watching to many Disney movies. But thanks, it's sweet." Helga kissed his cheek.

Arnold affectionally smiled. "Well come on, girlfriend! We have places to go and people to see." He half bowed and fancily reached out his hand, gesturing for Helga to take it. Helga just giggled and laced her hand into his as he ushered her through the door. "I got that special spot on the pier, two tickets to that wrestling match you wanted to see and to finish, reservations at Chez Paris. Maybe this time you could go as Helga G. Pataki." He whispered in her ear.

"You got it, Football Head!" She smiled as they walked off to enjoy an entire day together. What a wonderful week this has been!

Both blondes walked down the street, hand in hand and having the time of their lives.


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