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Marin gazed out the window of the train she was riding on, everything seemed to blur past. She had bright emerald eyes, short short chestnut hair and skin lightly tanned from more than one summer of not putting on sunscreen. Her face was jagged, and her nose was short. She sat with one leg resting on her other knee right at the end of her denim shorts.

Outside the window she saw something strange, what seemed to be a flying elf. "Wonder if it's the same guy?" she thought out loud, six years ago she had seen something similar, on her way to her cousin Ryou's house.

As the train reared to a alt the smudge disappeared. She walked slowly on her way to school, her eyes clouded over. When she reached the building she spotted a boy with messy red brown hair, forest green eyes and slightly pale skin, how he managed to stay so pale had been a mystery to Marin for six years. His face looked like that of a teenage boy, with a slightly protruding chin and a sharp nose. He was leaned by in his seat half-asleep. Marin crept up behind him silently and ripped the chair downward.

He thudded to the ground despite the slightly controlled descent.

"Marin!" He whined slightly, "I was this close to falling asleep." He said holding up his fingers. Marin smirked back.

"All the more reason to wake you up, Kent, the class is about to begin." Marin replied haughtily sitting down next to him. Two girl nearby came over to Marin, both had brown hair, however one had skin similar to Kent, glasses and messy curls, her eyes were a baby blue, but hardly ever seen due to her constantly smudged glasses. The other, was slightly taller, had doe-like chocolate eyes and was very thin. The two huddled close to Marin

"So, are you and Kent dating yet." The shorter one asked

"Is that really what you worry about after not seeing me all summer, Alicia? Lacey, I presume you're in on this as well." Marin nodded to the other girl. Alicia huffed.

"That's the most important thing, I already know that you forgot to put on sunscreen, multiple times, and that you played tons of basketball and still won't join track."

Kent sighed. "I'm with you, how could she resist my charms for this long." he said playfully. Marin hit him back, with the dame amount of seriousness.

"It's not actually that hard."

"You just got told." Two boys came up to Kent, one had black hair and he and Kent seemed to be having a messiest hair contest that day, Lacey was winning. He also had dark gold eyes and a pierced left ear. The other had neat blond hair and pale blue eyes.

"Lance, Alex. I see you two are the same dorks as last year." Marin smiled warmly

"At least all six of us are dorks together, think of how hard it is to be a whale penis all by yourself." Lance, the black haired boy, said jokingly

"I really didn't need to know that." Alicia said disgusted while the rest cracked up. Class began and the rag-tag group was separated into their seats. Classes went on pretty normally after that, Alicia and Lacey trying to get Marin and Kent to go out, Lance making rude jokes and everyone else trying to enjoy their first day away from summer. Kent seemed especially down, despite his attitude in the morning. By the end of the day, everyone seemed ready to head home.

Marin headed for a little known and now empty passageway out of the school. There she found a strange creature that looked like a floating jellyfish. It latched itself onto an ant as it passed by. The and seemed to writhe in agony before starting to grow to humongous sizes, Marin found herself trapped, with her back to a wall. She looked down preparing for a painful death but was met with something strange, glowing blue skin.

"Jeni, we've got a reading." came a voice from a poorly lit room. A girl with long blonde hair and sea blue eyes slumped over the brown haired man who had given the message, her tan skin illuminated by the computer monitor.

"Fire it up." she said in a triumphant voice. The man, pressed a button on his keyboard. Ad leaned back slightly in his old office chair.

Main walked backwards, trying to escape the strange glowing skin. A white light passed through the ant and Marin passed out. In her dream, she saw a tiger. It walked up to her. Se looked down at it as it jumped inside of her. She woke up in the arms of a strange girl with blonde hair.

"Are you alright?" the girl asked. Marin nodded slowly and a small golden object was thrust into her hands. "This is a mew mark, it will help you to fight against things like that in the future." Marin's eyes came into focus fully she noticed a heart shaped pattern engraved on the mew mark and got a closer look at her rescuer's face.

"Jeni?" Marin shouted.

"Wondered when you would realize." Jeni laughed. "Ryou and I have been working on this, Mew Project, for three years now, and Professor Shrogane too, before the fire, we had a theory about you, Marin, and you finally proved us correct."

"How perfect, I've been waiting twice as long for the exact same reaction." Came a voice from nowhere. The strange elf-man from the train appeared, up close Marin could see he was wearing a dark green tank top and brown pants that complemented his maroon hair surprisingly well. He hovered slightly above Marin and Jeni.

"Marin, this is your job, you have to handle him." Jeni whispered in her ear. Marin closed her eyes, and felt her heart speak for her.

"Mew Mew Lime!" She shouted. "Metamorphose!" She said. An overwhelming light consumed her and she felt the tiger's presence within her. When she opened her eyes her short brown hair had changed into a long green ponytail reaching half-way down her back. She was wearing a bright green dress reaching her mid-thigh, it only had one sleeve and past her waist it slit open like a cape to reveal a ruffled, pale green under-layer. She had two bands around her arms which consisted of the bright green color rimmed by darker green ruffles, a similar band was around her left leg, she had simple boots that went up to her knees and short fingerless gloves. Strangest of all were the tiger ears and tail that she now had.

"Success!" Jeni shouted. Mew Lime looked at herself confused, but quickly gained confidence.

"Lime Mallet." she called grasping onto the oversized green hammer that appeared. "Ribbon Lime Bolt!" She shouted shooting a ball of electricity at the alien.

"After I saved your life, this is how you repay me? When that house was burning down you would've died if I hadn't needed your energy." He screamed as the lightning flew towards him.

"I thought you were helping me, you just wanted energy. You let my aunt and uncle die, and I would've been one of them!"

The lien grabbed a spear he created out of nothing, and began to jab at Lime. She narrowly dodged him, swinging her hammer. As he nearly struck her she back-flipped away from him focused her energy. "Ribbon Lime Bolt!" She screamed hurtling the white hot lightning straight for him. The ball hit him square in the chest. He vanished, still screaming from pain.

"How do I return to normal?" Lime asked after she had finished.

"Just think about returning to normal, or say 'deactivate'" Just as Jeni finished instructing Marin had transformed back. "After basketball try-outs come to the cafe in the Sky Park." Jeni explained.

"I totally forgot about basketball!" Marin said darting to the school gym.

When she arrived the coach looked over at her. "Goodness Marin, why are you so late?"

"My cousin, she wanted to talk to me." Marin replied hastily, "Can I still tryout?" she pleaded.

"Of course, you were my favorite last year." The coach laughed and Marin joined the line of about forty nervous students of varying shapes and sizes.

"You were told that if your tall you'd be good at basketball, however on this team we go for skill, at the end of today only one fourth of you will remain." The coach said loudly, this speech only seemed to intimidate the students further.

The tryouts went smoothly and by the end only twelve students remained. Marin, Kent and ten other athletes. Many of whom were much taller then Marin or Kent.

"I can't believe he let these two pipsqueaks on the team." A boy named Ethan, who had smokey black hair, small eyes and lightly tanned skin. Kent rushed up to him.

"I believe this is your first year at this school, but Marin and I were both on the team last year, and did you not hear coach refer to Marin as his favorite?" Kent scowled

"We haven't gotten to chose a captain yet, I believe we can settle this without fists. Let's make a bet, loser has to do what ever the winner says," Ethan said smugly

"Winner's captain I suppose? You're on." Kent replied

"Not so fast," Ethan tsked, "I wasn't finished, loser has to do what ever the winner says, and winner get's to date coaches little favorite who you seem to be so fond of, what are you her babysitter."

"I am not, I just try to protect her from creeps like you! No way am I-" Kent began before being cut off by Marin saying

"You've got yourself a bet." She walked away from the two arguing boys, at the coaches orders a line was formed of everyone who didn't want to be captain. A line of eight.

The two boys started picking teammates, starting with Kent

"Marin." he named

"Big surprise."" said Ethan sarcastically, "Tucker." Ethan called for a boy with sandy blond hair







The game began, Marin and Kent formed a near flawless team, but Ethan directed his team like a general. In the end, victory was by one point, to Kent.

Ethan's mouth seemed to reach the floor. Both teams were panting and celebrating, but none more than Kent. He grabbed Marin, picked her up, swung her around, remembered he was tired, and dropped her on his face.

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