Arthur had a few simple requests for his wedding to Guinevere. Morgana and Vivian bristled at his suggestions. He wanted a Red Velvet Cake. He requested that Gwen wear flowers in her hair instead of a tiara or a fishnet impersonating an article of clothing that he might step on and he insisted on Gwen's birdseed request. Arthur threatened to elope with Gwen until Morgana fell into line.

His dear sister changed his best man to Gwaine because he needed to walk down with Vivian. Arthur protested that his wedding was not a dating service, but melted under Gwen's chocolate gaze when she turned baby fawn eyes on him. His mind went to mush, and he would have agreed to a lobotomy.

Three months later

Arthur shifted on his feet as he waited for Gwen to join him at the altar.

"Are you nervous?"

Arthur stuck out his hands. "Do you see me shaking, Gwaine? This is the best day of my life!"

"She's special, but I don't know about giving up the ladies."

If it had not been for the many photographers around them, he would have knuckled Gwaine and instead just gave him a "Sure mate."

Arthur inhaled a deep breath when he spotted Morgana approaching in a periwinkle knee length dress, holding a bouquet of white roses. He smiled at his father rocking a babbling Vivian in a similar silk frock. Uther made his own wedding present requests, a grandson… soon. Turning his eyes back onto Gwaine, he noted

"He's not ready for marriage. Ha!"

Gwaine's brown eyes lingered over Vivian as she strolled down the aisle like a peacock. Arthur would have passed Gwaine a handkerchief, but he would never get it back clean. Arthur felt his hands quiver when Guinevere appeared at the back of the church.

Slowly, she approached on her brother's arm. Arthur felt as if he lost every sensation in his body except for sight. He couldn't hear anyone. He couldn't feel anything. His eyes were glued to Gwen as she floated to him. Every sad day in his life faded away.

Gwen's hair was twisted into a loose bun with a few curls near her neck. Someone twisted white and lavender roses into her dark hair. Her dress had thin spaghetti straps. Arthur loved the delicate embroidery of flowers and lace across her dress. She looked like Cinderella in her ball gown. He hated formality.

Gwen slipped her hand into Arthurs' as their gazes locked. Arthur didn't remember saying, "I do."

He remembered the promises that he made from his heart in front of God. Her lips were as soft as silk when he kissed her lightly. He tucked her hand under his arm as they rushed down the aisle. Arthur leaned over, and whispered into Guinevere's ear.

"Hello, Mrs. Pendragon."

"Hello, Mr. Leogrance," she retorted happily.


Arthur punched the air in glee when he spotted his groom's cake decorated like an Arsenal jersey. He licked Gwen's fingers as she fed him Red Velvet cake. He spun her around like Belle during their first dance. He could have sworn Vivian wanted to flip off the theme music from Beauty and the Beast. Gwen tossed her bouquet at Vivian. Arthur handed Gwen's garter to Gwaine.

"Stop fighting it, Gwaine. Get with the program. It's wonderful."

Arthur watched in horror as his mother-in-law traced a line down Leon's chest causing him to flush in embarrassment. Arthur rescued his mate, and he reminded him that this wasn't American Pie or an episode of Friends.

He leaned back at his table sipping cold champagne when Lancelot approached him.

"May I sit down?"

Arthur shrugged. "It's my wedding. I have to be nice."

Lancelot sat next to Arthur. "I'm deeply sorry about my previous comments."

Arthur looked at Lancelot in confusion. "You accused Gwen of being wasteful."

Lancelot waved a hand. "You sat there like a bump on a log during dinner. Elyan was actively manipulating the girls. I thought you and the Supermodel were there to help. You just ate and grumbled."

Arthur blinked. "What?"

"Gwen was my first love. I had to make sure that you really cared for her. Let me explain. My family owns a cattle ranch. They slaughter animals. It turns my stomach. I'm a novelist… Lancelot du Lac. I write the Man in Black series. Gwen went away to London. My family loved Elena. I made a misstep. I love Galahad, but I hurt Gwen. I'll never forgive myself. I needed to know that you loved her unconditionally. I'm sorry."

Arthur found a new respect for Lancelot. "You're a good mate."

"Not really. I just wanted cake."

"You can't eat cake."

"Gave up being a Vegan…needed more protein. Dr.'s orders… I just don't eat animals, just eggs and dairy."

"Eggs turn into chickens."

"Hey… work with me."


Arthur wrapped an arm around Gwen's waist as he guided her to their bedroom.

"Dad wants a grandson."

Gwen pressed a kiss on Arthur's jaw. "Thanks for remembering my daddy with the candle lighting."

"Thanks for having a cougar as a mother."

Rolling her eyes, Gwen muttered, "I'll die; if Shelly seduces one of your mates or family members. Did Sophia take Morded home? I don't trust my mother."

"Maggie had her in a death grip. Come… it's our time."

"I'm tired."

"I can fix that."

Epilogue 4 years later

Arthur snuck 3 year old Lucas another deep friend Oreo when Gwen went to purchase more tickets for the Ferris wheel. Arthur hated to admit it; he loved Texas' state fair. It was the best thing about Texas. Everything was fried.

"Daddy," Lucas begged. "One more, please?"

Arthur looked around for Guinevere. "Don't tell, Mummy."

Lucas shook his blonde curly head as he stared at his father with Gwen's eyes. "Never tell on Daddy."

Arthur's heart skipped a beat when Gwen leisurely strolled in his direction. A faint wind lifted her curly hair. Arthur noticed Gwen glowed in the afternoon sun.

Gwen's maternal instincts kicked in when she roamed her eyes over Lucas.

"Another cookie, Arthur?"

"Well, no..." Arthur looked down to see Oreo smeared across Lucas' blue shirt.

"It's a special occasion."

Gwen fluffed her son's hair as her fingers crossed around his sticky ones.

"Arthur, try not to feed the new baby Oreos until he or she has teeth."

"Of course not, Guinevere… a baby would choke." Arthur blinked for a moment. "Another baby?"

"In six months."

Arthur drew Gwen into his arms. "Best worst tasting Ice tea that I ever purchased."

"That sounds really good… Sweet tea."