Running Ashtrays

By Arwendle.

Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue.


Summary: Jess is trying to run away but something stops him.

An: I wrote this along time ago but never posted it here. I thought it was better off posted than sitting on my computer desktop.

I have to get out of this place! Thought Jess as he stuffed the last of his essential belongings in his duffel bag. He checked his watch 7:30pm. The last bus out of Stars Hollow came at 8:15. Plenty of time. Jess opened the window of Lukes' room and dropped his duffel outside. He'd pick it up later. He glanced around the room one final time, grabbed his sweater and headed downstairs.

Jess hoped that Luke wouldn't spot him as he walked through the diner but Luke was fully absorbed with Lorelai who was in possession of a bag that seemed to be bulging with every types of junk food imaginable. Rory! thought Jess. He wanted to see her one more time before he left. He didn't know why he wanted to see her…He just did. There was something about her that…he couldn't put his finger on it.

Jess collected his bag from the place where it had fallen and walked towards the bus stop. He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply hoping that the smoke would do it's worst possible damage before being released again out into the air. 7:43 he deposited his bag behind the bench of the bus stop. He cracked open his book but it was dark and he couldn't quite make out the words. He got up and walked over to the nearest street lamp and it was as he was opening his book again that he saw her through the windows of the video store. 7:45 he had plenty of time. He tossed his cigarette onto the ground and walked towards the store.

The door jingled as he entered. He ducked into one of the aisles of video tapes. He looked around. If anyone had noticed they weren't acting like it. He played it cool. He walked down the row of tapes pretending to look at them. He picked up one or two and glanced at the covers. He wasn't interested in movies tonight. Rory was talking to that guy Kirk at the other end of the store. Jess positioned himself in the W section and picked up a movie and pretended to be looking at it.

"Lord of the Rings was way better than Harry Potter." Rory said

"That's it out of the store!" said Kirk

"um…Kirk I haven't got my movie yet…"

"you have 30 seconds!"

"What!" cried Rory and ran frantically for the W section. "Where is it?" she said searching the rack.

"20 seconds" yelled Kirk. "18, 17,16…

Jess who had been standing there the entire time, movie still casually grasped in his hand, watched as Rory got down on her knees and scanned the rack.

"Where is it?" she asked again.

"is this what are you looking for?" he asked. Rory turned to glance up at him. It was like time had stopped. They looked at one another each holding their breath.

" 10 seconds" Rory came back down to earth.

"What is it? Wizard of Oz? Yes that's the one." Rory said as she grabbed the video from Jess. She ran to the counter and plunked the money down and before Kirk had time to protest was out on the street with her prize. A stunned Kirk stared at the money as Jess ran out the door after her.

"Quite a disappearing act you pulled there." He puffed as he caught up to her.

" Well tonight is movie night. I couldn't leave without a movie." Rory replied.

"Speaking of movies did you happen to notice that I was holding the movie you grabbed? Maybe I was planning to watch…" Jess glanced at the video in her hand "The Wizard of Oz."

"Sure you were."

" I think I was! I think therefore I am."

"Voltaire" Rory mumbled

" I believe I'm going to have to confiscate that tape for my own personal viewing or be compensated." He mock puckered his lips.

Rory glanced at him, at his lips, at the movie in her hand. She made her decision.

" I'll be back in one second. Wait right here." She instructed and ran into Luke's.

Jess glanced at his watch 8:05 she had better be quick. 5 minutes passed by. Jess pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He had better be getting to the bus stop. He walked to the bus stop and picked his bag up from behind the bench. 8:12 he checked his watch again. He couldn't wait to get out of here.

"There you are!" the cry came from across the street. Rory ran across the street and grabbed his arm. She let go when her heart fluttered from the contact. Remember Dean she told herself. " You want to see the Wizard of Oz? Well come to our movie night. But you had better hurry up my mother gets cranky when she has to wait for the munchkins."

Maybe he could wait a little longer.

"What's with all the stuff?" Lorelai asked as Jess dumped his duffel in the front hall.

" I thought we were having a slumber party" he said sarcastically

"ohhhhh What a great idea" Lorelai squealed "I have the perfect thing!" she began to rummage through closets.

"um mom? Aren't we going to watch the movie?" asked Rory. Lorelai stopped her rummaging and they all settled down in front of the couch.

"Did you know that if you play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album it is synchronised with the Wizard of Oz?" asked Jess

"no way!" cried Rory.

"try it"

Lorelai went and found her Pink Floyd CD. And put it into the CD player.

After a few minutes of gaping Rory said "that is sooo cool."

They watched the rest of the Wizard of Oz making ohhh and awww sounds whenever it was synchronised with the CD.

The night passed very fast. Jess couldn't believe he was actually having fun in this little hell town.

At around midnight Jess slipped out onto the porch. He needed some fresh air. The night was cool and crisp and the stars were brilliant overhead. Normally it was nights like this when his mind went wild and all his stories came to him. Tonight no stories came. All he could think about was Rory. Why was this happening? He kicked a pine cone off the porch in frustration. He had been as good as gone from Stars Hollow. And then tonight had happened. What exactly had happened? He asked himself over and over again. Why did he all of a sudden not want to leave so much anymore? Rory stepped out on to the porch.

"What's the matter" she asked "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah everything is fine." There was an awkward silence.

"You were running away tonight weren't you?" He nodded. "Why did you stay?"

He didn't answer he just looked at her and shrugged.

"I haven't decided to stay yet. I just delayed my departure." Rory looked into his eyes and quickly glanced down at her shoes. For some reason the idea of Jess leaving distressed her.

"Don't leave Jess" she whispered. The moon beams cascaded all around them. Jess leaned forward to make a witty reply and found that he was kissing her lightly, unexpectedly. A static shock zapped their lips making his heart pound. He deepened the kiss and for a few seconds she did as well. Then the moon went behind a cloud and the moment was broken. Reluctantly he pulled away. He could see confusion in her eyes but she gave him a small uncertain smile. Then she shook her head and brought her fingers to her lips. "You taste like an ashtray" she said and ran into the house.