"Amnesia?" Rory said incredulously as she walked beside Jess through the snowy streets of Stars Hollow. "After 2 days of brainstorming that's the best you can come up with?"

" Amnesia's a great idea!" Defended Jess "besides it's better than having him run away with the circus! Now who's great idea was that?

" Ok I admit…but I mean amnesia?"

"I've even thought of how he gets it!" Jess said ignoring Rory's rejection of the idea.

"Do I really want to hear this?"

"It's going to be from a blow given to him during a fight to the death. What do you think?"

"I think I'm going to ignore you now." Rory said as she sat down on a bench and pulled out her book. Jess sat down on the other side and pulled out his notebook. Sitting back to back they became completely oblivious to each other and the world around them.

"I don't like it!" fussed Luke as he spied at Rory and Jess through the window of his diner. "It's getting a bit too touchy feely."

"Um…Luke I don't want to know what constitutes touchy feely for you but that is not touchy feely." Replied Lorelai who was sitting at the table by the window.

" I know what I'm seeing. They are touching!"

"I think Rory has touched a person before. I don't see you running out there when she sits like that with Lane."

"Maybe I should! That's it! I'm going out there to get him right now!" Luke rushed towards the door.

"Cool it Luke. They are only leaning against each other. They aren't even talking."


"Rory is Jess's only friend in this entire town. Give him a chance to put some roots down or he'll just keep running away again."


"Oh c'mon Luke he's tried to run at least 5 times!"

"actually it's 6. At least that I've counted." Said Kirk from across the room. Luke turned and glared at him.

"Fine! Said Luke throwing his dishtowel down on the table. "I won't do anything but if Rory gets hurt…"

"She won't. Now this…" Said Lorelai " is a blasphemy. An empty coffee cup. Coffee cups are made to be full of sweet life giving coffee…"

" What's another word for boring?" Jess asked his pen halting momentarily.

"Mundane" Rory answered mid-page turn. Jess's pen returned to the page and Rory went back to her book. A minute later Jess sighed.

"I told you not to use amnesia" Rory said knowingly.

"It's not the amnesia. I haven't even got there yet. I'm trying to figure out the fight to the death." Jess said frustrated

"You were actually serious about that? If you are going to give him amnesia at least have him hit by a car or something!"

"That's it! He doesn't have amnesia anymore."

"What does he have? Psychopathic tendencies?"

" No. He is going to get kidnapped."

"Are you trying to make this a bad story?"

Neither of them noticed Dean walk up.

"Hey Rory, What are you doing?" Dean asked.

" Nothing much. Jess and I were just figuring out how to get rid of a boyfriend who just won't go away."

"Really?" said Dean looking rather hurt. Rory didn't catch the look. " And how exactly were you planning to do this?

"Well Jess thinking of kidnapping him…"

"With booby traps like giant fly swatters" Said Jess finishing her sentence. Rory turned and glared at him.

" You're not much of a criminal mastermind are you?"

"Well that's not what my police records say…" Jess left it hanging. Dean stood dumbfounded as this exchange took place before him.

"What I was thinking" said Rory turning back to Dean." was that the boyfriend walks in on his girlfriend kissing the new guy. It doesn't really matter how, we just need to get rid of him"

"I think I get what you are getting at." Said Dean " Why don't you just break up with me?"

"Excuse me?!" Said Rory totally confused.

" Are you scared to break up with me face to face? I would never have thought this of you!" shouted Dean. " You want to play silly mind games that's fine! But do it with someone else!"

"I don't understand." Said Rory too shocked for tears.

"Here. I'll make it really simple for you. It's over Rory!" Dean walked away swiftly. His shoes making crunching sounds against the snow. Rory didn't try and run after him. She sat against Jess unmoving. All she could hear was the scratch of his pen against the paper. It began to snow. They did not move or even look up. Tears welled up in her eyes as she studied the snowflakes spiralling to the ground. The street lamps began to turn on. Luke watched them anxiously from the diner window but they didn't stir. When it was too dark to see, Jess closed his notebook and turned to Rory. Jess studied Rory for a moment then cupped his hands over her cheeks which were covered in frozen tears. He wiped away the fresh ones brewing in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around him seeking comfort and warmth. Time seemed to warp as the snow fell like goose feathers all around them. An immeasurable amount of time passed during which no words were spoken. Then the door of the diner opened and Luke emerged carrying two steaming coffees. Rory disentwined herself from Jess and took the coffee.

"Let's get you warmed up." Jess said softly. As he led her inside.