Oh my God, we're back! We were fortunate enough to meet in real life this week, and we're not proud of this but we spent a good percentage of our time together on the couch. Writing porn. So here it is. This takes place two years after What Happens in Zurich, and there's very little plot. Enjoy!
sadtomato and SingleStrnd (MyLifeandHis)

PS SingleStrnd plays Edward throughout, but sadtomato alternates between being Emmett and Bella. She's versatile like that.

Part I

Chapter 1: Edward


Greetings from Z! How are you? I hope you and Bella are both well! The last time we spoke, you were having a very busy holiday season with family and friends. I really hope that time was pleasant but that you are once again settled at home in Chicago.

Listen, I have a conference planned in New York City at the end of April. I know it's only February but since it's plenty of notice, I thought I'd take a chance. Would you and Bella like to meet me and spend the weekend? I don't think I can make it to Chicago, but since I'm coming all the way across the ocean, I'd really like to see you both. Talk to her and let me know.


I sit at my desk, staring at the words on the screen in front of me. Emmett is coming to the States. Em. Is Coming. To the States. My heart pounds in my chest, and I swallow the lump in my throat while reading the email for the hundredth time. The easy comfort of our relationship shows through on paper, picking up where we last left off. I care about him deeply, but fuck, I haven't seen him since we visited Europe two summers ago. Since thatnight.

Am I ready to see him again? Obviously my dick thinks so. Will Bella wantto see him again? We've talked about the things that happened in Zurich several times, usually in the heat of the moment when she needs a little something extra to get her to her climax. I'm pretty positive she'd want to see him again, by the way she wants me to describe the details of that night while I fuck her.

My phone buzzes.

"Mr. Cullen? Your 1:30 appointment is here." I clear my throat and reach below my desk to adjust the growing cock in my dress pants. Fuck.

Later that evening, I walk briskly toward the train, my cold breaths puffing out in front of me. Taking the L home is one of my least favorite things, but it was a sacrifice I made when Bella wanted to move out to the suburbs. I settle into a seat and lean my head back, closing my eyes and thinking once again about the email from Emmett. An email I thought about all day long, that was the cause of several daydreams and embarrassing erections at my desk.

My cell phone vibrates in my pocket, right next to my hardening cock. I pull it out and see a text from Bella.

I've got a surprise for you tonight... ;)

There's a picture attached - a close up of a pile of black lace. Damn.

Really? Me too.

I hit send on my reply. How the hell am I going to bring this up without seeming like an eager perv?