All Edward POVs written by MyLifeandHis and all Bella/Emmett POVs written by sadtomato.

Chapter 12: Emmett

I am sure we're going to have to stop. Bella is so tight and tense that I can barely ease the head of my cock inside her. I know she and Edward have had anal sex before, but the feeling of having both of us inside her seems to be overwhelming.

But Edward is amazing with her, touching her hair and her back, straining his neck to reach up and kiss her cheeks and her chin. He murmurs to her softly, encouraging her to relax, and slowly, gradually, she does.

We move in opposite rhythms, and I can feel the slide of Edward's cock pulling out as mine pushes in. He's mostly focused on Bella, but occasionally we lock eyes over her shoulder and it makes the physical sensations that much more intense.

"Is it good, baby?" he asks, one hand on the small of her back as the other plays with her hair.

"Oh my god, yes," she moans. "I can feel both of you... every fucking inch..."

"Em?" Edward asks, his hand turning up so his palm is facing me. I slip my hand into his and he squeezes.

"Amazing," is all I can choke out.

Our rhythm is steady for a while, but it's getting harder and harder to control my need to thrust. I want this to be great for Bella, above all else, so I pull out slowly before I get too rough.

She whimpers when I pull out completely. "Don't stop," she says.

"Have to. Need to come," I tell her, tugging off the condom so I can stroke my cock hard and fast. Edward starts bucking up into Bella a little bit harder now that he's not coordinating with me, and I come hard, spilling over the small of Bella's back and down the curve of her ass.

"Can you come like this, baby?" Edward asks, his voice strained as Bella rides him harder.

"Need... need one of you to touch me," she pants. I wrap an arm around her shoulders and pull her back against my chest, so she's sitting up straight and riding Edward. They falter a little but pick up their rhythm again, and now I have access to Bella's beautiful body.

My fingers trail down to where she's joined with Edward, where I can feel him sliding in and out.

"Oh, fuck, Em. Make her come, please, please," Edward whines, his eyes screwed shut from trying to hold off his own orgasm. I stroke slowly up to her clit and press a finger against either side, rubbing her in pace with Edward's thrusts.

"Come, lovely Bella. Let us make you come," I whisper, nipping at her neck between words. She starts shaking in my arms, her body shuddering hard as her orgasm washes over her, and I look down to see ecstasy on Edward's face, too.

I hold Bella close as she comes down, her movements slowing until she stops completely and slumps back against me.

"Wow," she whispers, turning her head to kiss me softly. I smile and kiss her lips and her cheek before lowering her slowly to Edward's chest. He wraps her up in his arms and whispers to her softly, pushing her hair back in a tender moment.

I know that I can stay, cuddle with them, and maybe play a little more before I have to get up and go home in the morning, but I get the sense that this would be a good time to leave them-happy, sated, and wrapped up in each other. It will give us all time to unwind before we fly our separate ways tomorrow.

"It's late, ja? And I have an early flight. I think I'm going to sleep in my room," I offer.

"Don't be silly," Edward says, his eyes locked on Bella's.

"Stay," she mumbles, curling into Edward's body.

"I will see you again soon-at the wedding if not before. Thank you both for... for a wonderful weekend. My friends," I tell them, kissing first Bella and then Edward on the temple. Her eyes flutter closed, and she sighs into Edward's chest.

"Goodbye, Em," Edward says, reaching out to squeeze my hand again. "Thanks for everything."

"Always, friend. Always," I tell him, turning to gather my things as he closes his eyes and hums softly to Bella.

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