All Edward POVs written by MyLifeandHis and all Bella/Emmett POVs written by sadtomato.

Chapter 5: Edward

She's grinding down on my fully-clothed dick, whispering something about touching herself, and I almost come right then and there.

"Baby, slow down. I want to feel you. Make love to you. We've got all night." I try to move her to sit next to me on the couch but she resists, rotating her hips back and forth against my own. "Jesus, Bella."

I finally lift her up and off my lap, but she clings around my neck, pouting. "Remember when I said I had a surprise for you?" Her breath tickles in my ear as she whispers, and I take a deep breath to help calm myself.

"Yeah. Black lace wasn't it?" I reach inside the back of her pants but feel plain cotton hugging her ass, so I pull back and give her my best confused look. She giggles and stands up, dragging me by the hand.

"I haven't put it on yet, silly. Come watch me change?"

Jumping off the couch eagerly, I follow her down the hall, stopping only long enough to turn off the living room and hall lights. We enter the bedroom, and Bella wastes no time pulling her shirt over her head and toeing off her shoes quickly. As she unzips her jeans and pulls them down her long legs, I sit on the bed, folding my hands behind my head against the wall and settling in to watch.

Her usual pink bra and cotton panties end up on the floor with the rest of the pile, and she turns to the dresser against the wall, pulling the pins from her hair so it falls in long waves and taking her earrings out. She reaches for her engagement ring, but I stop her with a husky "Leave it."

She grins at me before slowly walking to the closet and disappearing into the darkness. After a few minutes of rustling noises, she emerges again, suddenly shy.

Holy shit. I gulp and adjust my noticeable erection. The corset she's wearing is ivory, the color of her pale skin, with black lace covering it. A black satin bow sits tauntingly in her cleavage, and an identical one rests at the top of each thigh, garters swinging loose from it. The thong matches. It's lingerie straight out of one of my fantasies, yet something sexier, edgier, than Bella has ever worn for me before.

"You're beautiful. Come here." I start to unbutton my shirt in anticipation.

From her right hand, two black stockings slide along the floor as she makes her way toward the bed.

"You don't think you're actually going to put those on, do you?" I grin and reach for her.

"But I thought they completed the picture."

"The picture is perfect." I pull her down to the bed on top of me and bite her roughly on the shoulder. She yelps but immediately begins kissing along my neck and jaw.

"Edward, baby?" she murmurs, nipping at my ear.


"Tell me again how much you want him."