Naruto Sekirei chronicles chapter 1

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"Human speech"

"Demon speech"

Chapter 1 Meeting number 88

"Finally I have arrived here in Shinto Teito." said Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze as the city bus he was riding and just enter the city limit.

The Daiyokai who had lived for thousands of years, had the appearance of and twenty-one year old male with blonde hair that was about shoulder length and had two jaw length bangs framing his face.

He had eyes that were a cerulean blue and seemed to shine as the rays of the sun beamed of them.

On both sides of his cheeks there were six scar-like birthmarks that looked similar to whiskers that you would normally find on a fox that ran horizontally across each cheek.

This little added features to his already bishounen appearance caused Naruto to be well sought out for by women everywhere he went.

Naruto wore a pair of black jeans and black boots, along with a white t-shirt that was very formfitting, allowing him to show off his pecks and washboard abs.

Over the t-shirt he wears a black modified version of his old sage coat that reached down to the back of his legs past where his knees were and had an orange flame pattern on the hemline.

Naruto was also sporting black fingerless gloves with a metal plate woven on each that had his old village's leaf symbol.

Naruto also wore his old ninja headband that also had the leaf symbol on it that was woven into a black cloth tied to his forehead.

To all those that look at him they would assume that he was an American because of the eye and hair color.

What had other people's attention mostly the women however, were his whisker-like scars that he gained when he was born due to his mother.

In short to other people he had a unique appearance that was different from other Japanese citizens.

'I've finally returned to the country were my mother give birth to me over three thousand years ago.' The Daiyokai thought with a smile on his face.

After not setting foot in this place for centuries, it feels good to be home.'

(Thirty minutes later)

"Ah man all these tall buildings make me wish I had decided to travel the old fashion ninja way." Naruto exclaimed as he got off the bus he had rode into the city and started walking and looking at everything around him.

Seriously the people of this day and age would never know how awesome it felt to glide through the air, the wind rushing past you is a worthwhile experience.

"Let's see where I need to go to find the nearest bank and then I will need to find a nice hotel to stay at for the night and maybe I should see if there will be any small business that will be "willing" to be bought out.

You see throughout the years Naruto traveled the world making a name for himself as a world famous chef and an author of a novel that was sweeping each nation and loved by adult men all over the world for centuries.

'Ero-Sennin you old pervert rest in peace in heaven unless you groped Kami-sama then I pray she shows you mercy' Naruto thought as he smiled as he remember the days when he was a ninja three thousand years ago.

'I wonder how old I really am now; I know that I properly should leave it alone since I lost track about a thousand years ago… or maybe it was two thousand years ago.' Naruto mused.

His thoughts were interrupted as a teenage boy bumped into him making the other boy fall down. "Hey kid you alright down there?" Naruto asked the boy as he offered his hand to help the boy up.

"Yeah sorry for that I wasn't looking were I was going because I was spacing out." The boy said as he started to brush his clothes off he extended his hand in order for a handshake.

"My name is Minato Sahashi and I am and 19 years old". Minato said as he and Naruto shook hands.

"So the boy name is Minato huh." Naruto thought with an amused grin his face.

"It's nice to meet you Minato-san my name is Naruto Namikaze, I am twenty-one years old and this is my first time in this part of Japan." Naruto said while offering one of his friendly grins.

"Nice name you got there what does it mean, it sounds like it's different from the one that means fishcake?" Minato asked.

"You are the first person to ask that before just assuming it met meant a ramen topping, it means Maelstrom." Naruto explained getting a nod from him.

"Hey Minato since I'm new around here how about you show me around here." Naruto suggested.

I'll even pay you top dollar an hour plus a bonus if you can tell me about the women of this city." Naruto explained as he pulled out an overstuffed wallet that had a nine-tailed fox picture on the front of it, then he handed it to Minato.

When Minato was handed the wallet and opened it his mouth dropped open and his eyes was almost open wide enough to allow his eyes to fall out.

Coming back to reality Minato nodded his head then pocketed the money and motioning Naruto to follow him.

Two hours later

Naruto and Minato have been walking down the street making light conversation.

"So you are a world renowned chef that has travel around the world and the author of the Icha-Icha Paradise series?" Minato asked amazed by Naruto's accomplishments.

"That's right, I came here to start my restaurants in this city as well I have an interview with an old restaurant owner that is ready to retire after the next few months." Naruto explained as Minato looked at Naruto with new found respect.

"So Minato would you- but Naruto was interrupted by a news report on the screen that was attached connected to a building.

"And in other news Hiroto Minaka, President of MBI the largest conglomerate has just bought up eighty percent of all Shinto Teito stocks." This news startled Naruto and Minato as they wondered why this Minaka person would by eighty percent of the city.

'I can tell that the douche-bag is up to no good, that grin of his reminds me way to much of that bastard Kabuto I wonder what he is up to' Naruto thought as he and Minato stop listening to the screen.

"Man why would that guy buy half the city?" Minato asked as he and Naruto walked on.

"I'm not sure but, whatever the reason it's giving me a bad vibe." Naruto told Minato who felt the same way.

As they started to talk about the girls that they had seen walking around the city a shadow blocked the sun from shining down on them.

"Ah get out of our way please"

"What the- but Minato was cut off as a body fell on top of him and another was caught by Naruto with her straddling his face as he just stood there using his arms to keep her up on his shoulders.

'Well this is a pleasant surprise Kami-chan must really love me today' Naruto thought as he helped the girl down. "Are you alright Miss?" He asked has he set her on her feet.

"Oh yes I'm fine I just should have known that building was a little too high to try jumping off of…" The girl mumbled as she looked into Naruto's blue eyes.

Now that Naruto had the chance to actually see more than just her panties he could see that the teenage girl was very pleasing to the eye.

She was a fair-skinned young woman of average height with a very developed and curvaceous body.

She had brown eyes and brown hair that was tied back by a pink ribbon where the length of the hair reaches her hips.

The short strands surround her head in the hime-style and single antenna-like strands of hair that hangs just above her head. Her most noticeable physical trait is her firm and well-endowed chest.

Her normal attire consists of a white gi with a red string decorating it that resemble the traditional clothing worn by miko with the addition of a red thigh-length skirt, ankle-high brown boots, and thigh-high white stockings. She also wears a pair of red fingerless combat gloves

'If I had to guess I would say she is 161 cm weights less than 50 kilograms and her B.W.H is a ninety-seven, fifty-eight' and ninety-one oh yes this is truly a blessing' Naruto thought.

Bringing his attention to her face that was way too cute and innocent, the kind of face that could have any man wrapped around her fingers, Naruto for the first time in two thousand years found himself very attracted to a girl.

"Yes I am alright… I think" the girl said as an afterthought while placing her right index finger to her chin. (KAWAII!)

"Thank you so very much my name is Musubi." The girl said as she gave Naruto one of the most heartwarming smiles he had ever seen since Hinata and Hanabi passed away centuries ago.

"I'm very sorry I fell on top of you, are you hurt mister" the girl that had fallen on top of Minato asked the boy as she offered him a hand and smiled at him causing the boy blush.

'She is so cute.' Minato thought as she helped him up onto his feet.

Ikki was a tall Sekirei with short black hair. She was wearing bloomers and a Chinese style green shirt. She has a big 19 tattooed on the left pants leg.

"Hi my name is Ikki" and thank you for catching me, it was a very long drop." the girl said as she bowed to Minato. The boy scratched the bad of his head and offered the girl a kind smile.

"My name is Minato and it was no big deal Ikki-chan." Minato said.

Just then Naruto's sixth sense kicked in as the girls seem to also get the same feeling.

"Watch out!" Musubi shouted as she try to grab Naruto only for her to miss as he moved behind her then picked her up bridle style.

He then jump high into the air avoiding a blast of electricity and sighed in relief when he saw that the other girl Ikki had gotten Minato out of the way.

Looking up to where the electric blast had come from only to see two more beautiful women at there-likely twins from what he could see- and are they wearing bondage outfits.

'Please don't tell me these two girls that fell on us are escape bondage victims and were did that lightning come from.' Naruto and Minato thought with sweat droplets rolling down their foreheads.

"Hey did you see that sis, that boy just jump high in the air to avoid our attack." the girl on the left said has her and her sister both allowed the electricity they blasted earlier spark off their finger tips.

'No way! They shoot lightning from their fingers… that's not normal and why are they chasing Ikki and Musubi.' Minato thought as he stands there while subconsciously holding Ikki in his arm, hoping to protect her from the lightning.

"You can run but we won't let you escape!" the S&M sisters shouted as they both jumped down to stand in front of Naruto, Musubi, Minato and Ikki.

"We are not letting you to away, so just give up and fight us already!" the electricity began to grow as they were preparing to unleash the next attack.

'Oh this sucks and just when I thought I was going to have an awesome day.' Naruto thought as he stood in front of them while letting a sigh escape his mouth.

"You there… bondage twins what do you think you are doing shooting lightning at other people, you could have hurt these beautiful young girls and other innocent bystanders." Naruto said as he moved Musubi to stand behind him.

"No we can't fight you two… until we find our Ashikabi." Ikki said as Minato pulled her over to Naruto and Musubi.

"It an unfair fight since you to have masters and we have yet to emerged." Ikki said with an irritated look on her face.

'What are they talking about what's this about masters, Ashikabi and emerging they are spouting on about, this is the weirdest day of my life, it's just too much. Minato thought as his head started aching.

"Now you see I can't allow that girls so here's an idea, how about we talk this over and try to come to a solution that's better than fighting." Naruto suggests.

He then began leaking out killing intent that was enough to alarm the two lighting babes and freak Minato out while Musubi looked to Naruto in wonder and Ikki began trembling at the feeling she got from being too close to him.

'What's this I feeling, why do I feel like am in danger by just being within ten feet of him… how can that be no human should be able to make me feel like this just who is he?' was the thoughts that ran though the two lighting sisters thought.

Shaking off the feeling of dread as they refused to believe a human could install so much fear into them.

"Yeah right as if a human could make us do anything" the two girls yelled as they shot out a huge blast.

Musubi grabbed a hold of Naruto's hand and tried to drag him with her while she made a break for it but, Naruto held her still as he closed his eyes.

"What are you doing? you have to get away from here or they will kill you, I don't want you to get hurt because of me!" Musubi exclaimed as she tried dragging him but he didn't move even an inch.

Ikki seeing the blast closing in on them wrapped her arms around Minato and dove to the side in order to avoid it and covered Minato with her body in order to protect him.

When the blast hit where Naruto and Musubi were the twins grinned at the thought that they had roosted them with that attack.

"You see now it's all over for you just as we said now that's one down and one more to go." The twin with the bigger bust said as she and her sister smirked and waits until there attack died down.

Ikki watch in horror as the blast had hit where Musubi and that blonde haired boy was and she sat up off of Minato.

Minato could only think about their supposed charred bodies and started to feel sick.

"Not bad I haven't been hit with a light attack in years and I have to say that packed quite a punch though I've had worse." the voice of the one person that they thought would have died from that attack just now said.

Once the electricity was gone and the smoke had cleared there stood Naruto and Musubi with the latter looking confused, wondering how they were not injured by the attack.

Naruto however just stood there with his eyes closed as he allowed all those around him graze at him in awe then slowly he opened his eyes.

Musubi, Ikki, Minato, and the lightning babes felt a chill run down their spines has they notice that his eyes had changed into something that would give all of them nightmares.

Well except for Musubi as she just felt awestricken by the power that seemed to roll off Naruto and also radiate from his eyes.

"Now that's wasn't nice at all, (Sigh) it looks like I'm going to have to teach you girls a lesson." Naruto said as he went through a chain of hand signs.

'Thank god for the eye of the Jūbi though I still can't come up with a name for it yet but, at least thanks to shadow clones these eyes and my complete control of chakra I can do this jutsu.

"Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu." Naruto said catching the twins in a world that brings their greatest fears to life.

Because of the eyes Naruto gained from the Jūbi those that were not his target were not affected by the Genjutsu at all but if he wanted them to he could show them what the twins were seeing.

"As you three can see I have trapped them in an Illusion so now I believe it's time we go Naruto said as he grabbed Musubi, Minato, and created a clone to grab Ikki then jumped to the nearest building and began building hopping far away from the twins and out of danger.


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