Naruto Sekirei chronicles chapter 20

Okay I have finally gotten back around to writing for this story after so long.

Now then we have a lot to cover in this chapter.

"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

"Yume speech"

'Yume thought'


"Pardon our intrusion but, when Kuruse finally told us about you, me and my Ashikabi just had to come by and say hello." Uzume said.

"Oh and who is you Ashikabi might I ask?" Chiho asked as she looked towards the only male that had entered her room.

As they made eye contact with one another, Chiho offered her fellow Ashikabi a smile and a small wave.

"Hello my name is Chiho Hidaka, it's nice to need you." The girl said.

Naruto gave the girl a genuinely warm and radiant smile as he moved closer towards the bed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Chiho, my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Chiho & Kuruse

Chiho was at a loss for words after Kuruse and Uzume explained to her what Kuruse had been forced into by Higa the past few months.

Her Kuruse-chan had been fighting, for her sake as she just lied in this room day in and day out, not even able to lift a finger to help.

It made Chiho angry, it made her feel sad, but most of all it reinforced just how helpless she truly was.

Suddenly tear began to flow from her eyes and she hugged Kuruse's face to her chest.

"Chiho-chan!?" Kuruse said in surprise but then stayed silent when she felt a tear fall to her forehead and flowed down the side of her face.

"Kuruse I'm sorry for being such a terrible Ashikabi, if only I wasn't so sick." Chiho apologized.

"No Chiho-chan, I have been very grateful since the day you became my Ashikabi." Kuruse said.

(Flash Back)

Chiho was sitting in a wheelchair, under a tree in front of Hiyamakai Hospital, enjoying the cool breeze.

Suddenly, she heard something land in the tree above her, and to her surprise it was a girl, who seemed to be in a hurry.

"Oh sorry did I startle you?" the girl said once she noticed the girl sitting under the tree looking at her.

"No it's fine really." Chiho said to the girl while waving her hands in protest.

However before the girl could say anything, they heard the sound of a group of men shouting.

"Dammit, how did they get here so quickly?" the girl said to herself as she got ready to make a run for it.

"If you need a place to hide I can help!" Chiho quickly told the girl much to her confusion.

"I just so happen to have a place where they wouldn't think to look for you." Chiho informed the girl.

"She came this way, hurry and capture the girl, she's over there!" The group of men called out.

Suddenly the men in suits made it to the front of the Hospital only to see that no one was there.

"I don't see her, I thought you said she came this way." One of the suits said.

"It seem like we made it to late sir." Another one of the suits said. "Spread out and search for her, don't let her get away!" the leader of the suits said.

As they continued to search they never once thought to check the hospital, but it was mostly because of who said hospital belonged to.

(Chiho's Room)

"Thank you so much, I thought I'd never give them the slip." The girl said as she sat on Chiho's bed.

"No need to thank me, I'm just glad that I could help." Chiho said while offering the girl a kind smile.

"Man those bastards really don't know when to give up, maybe I should have just gone with Onee-san when I had the chance." Kuruse said.

"Um… if you don't mind me asking, why were you being chased?" Chiho asked the girl.

"Oh that's right I haven't even told you my name or why I was being chased." The girl said while rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

Chiho started giggling as she found this action to be cute. "My name is Kuruse and my Sekirei number is fifty-four." The girl said confusing Chiho.

"Well you see, my two sisters and I ran away from the lab, because my smart Onee-san took something very valuable with her." Kuruse said.

'A lab? Does that mean that she was subjected to lots of horrible experiment like those children in one of the manga's I've read about?' Chiho thought.

"Oh but don't worry, we are not thieves or anything, it's just that we are kind of special in a way… it's very hard to explain." Kuruse said while thinking.

"It's okay." Chiho said getting Kuruse's attention. "You don't seem like a bad person." Chiho said, while giving Kuruse a smile, shocking the newly escaped Sekirei.

"But if she is being chased… are you sure she's going to be alright?" Chiho asked.

"Ah yeah, there's someone helping them hide and I think they'll stay there until things cool down, I guess I'll have to do the same." Kuruse said.

Chiho looked at the girl with hope in her eyes as she had just thought of something.

"Umm… well I don't mind you staying here with me until them." Chiho said surprising Kuruse.

"Really, you'll let me stay?" Kuruse asked while leaning forward and clasping Chiho's delicate hands in her own.

"Yes of course." Chiho said much to Kuruse's delight.

"I'm a little sick, so I'm always by myself in this hospital." Chiho said. "So I sometimes sneak out of here just to come to the park.

"When I first saw you, I thought you were a beautiful bird." Chiho said causing Kuruse's heart to pulsate and her face started turning pink.

"My name is Chiho Hidaka, it's a pleasure to meet you Kuruse." Chiho said whist giving the Sekirei one of the most radiant and beautiful smiles she could manage.

'UHH… UMM… what's wrong with me, why go I feel like my heart is going to burst.

"Kuruse-san?" Chiho called out to the girl, causing Kuruse to jump. "E… Excuse for a second, I'll be right back!" Kuruse said whilst leaving the room.

So for the next three weeks, Kuruse and Chiho would spend their days getting to know each other and falling in love until one day.

"Chiho-chan, I have a request…" an extremely embarrassed and shy Kuruse said.

"Will you become my Ashikabi, the one that is most important to me…?" Kuruse said as she hovered over Chiho, who was laying in her bed.

Chiho looked up into Kuruse's eyes and with a beautiful smile on her face she give the girl her answer.

"Yes Kuruse." Chiho said as Kuruse cried tears of happiness. "I… I love you Chiho-chan."

"I love you too." Chiho said as they held each other and shared a passionate kiss.

Ever since the day we met, you have become the most important person in my life." Chiho said.

"For someone who has lost her parents when she was small and has been alone since, you gave me a purpose to continue living…"

"Just like how I am important to you, you're important to me too Kuruse-chan."

"I will with all my heart, now and forever." Chiho said.

(End of Flash back)

Uzume, Kazehana, Yashima, little Kusano and even Akitsu were all in tears after listening to Chiho and Kuruse's story.

"It's so wonderful." Uzume said "Isn't love magnificent." Kazehana said. "Yes love is truly beautiful." Yashima said.

Naruto's had his eyes hidden behind his hair as he walked up to Chiho's bed and kneeled down while grasping both her and Kuruse's hands in his.

"I promise to you now, on my honor as the last of my kind." Naruto said as he his entire body began to glow as bright and golden as the sun that shined brightly within their solar system.

"I will cure your disease, so that you may live a long and prosperous live, with the one you love." Naruto said as he allowed the girls to see his face.


'He's glowing but how…?' Chiho thought to herself before she suddenly had

"Just staring into his eyes is enough to make me want to believe everything he says is true…' Chiho thought.

*sob* "Thank you Naruto-san." Kuruse said getting a smile from Naruto.

"Now then I want you to help Chiho-chan get dress so that we can bring her home, to Maison Izumo." Naruto said getting a nod from Kuruse.

I will be waiting in the hallway until you are finished." Naruto said as he left the room.

(Maison Izumo/ Matsu's room)

Matsu, Himeko, Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kuno, Yukari, Shiina, Kochō and Toyotama were watching Naruto and the girls from one of the hospitals camera.

Himeko and Kuno had both cried after listening to Chiho's and Kuruse's story.

"It seems that our Naruto-kun has saved another couple." Matsu said with a smile on her face.

"Yes and he was so cool when he promised to cure her too." Yukari said with a blush on her face as the other girls all nodded.

"But can Naruto really save her, I mean from her hospital profile, it states that her illness is something that even modern medical can't cure." Kocho said.

"I have faith that he can did it." Kuno said getting the other's attention.

"He healed me once before and now I can sing without feeling any pain or coughing up blood." Kuno said.

"That's right Naru-tan did heal your little weakness up, with all that has been happening as of late, even a genius like me has started to lose track.

"Naruto will save Chiho-chan, I just know he will." Musubi said.

"Yes even I believe my darling husband will save her." Tsukiumi said.

"So my new Ashikabi is this kind of man, well I suppose that it could have done worse." Toyotama said much to Tsukiumi's annoyance.

"You dare insult my husband!" Tsukiumi exclaims. "My darling is the greatest man alive and ye, a concubine best not forget that!" Tsukiumi proclaimed.

"Tsk as if I'd cared what you have to say." Toyotama said angering Tsukiumi further.

"Oh it seems like you two are forgetting that there is no fighting here in Maison Izumo." Miya said in a haunting voice as she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

This caused the others to all jump and slowly try to back away from their scary landlady.

"No Miss Miya, we weren't fighting, I give you my word!" Toyotama said. "Yes we would dare break the rules." Tsukiumi said.

"Now that Naruto is bringing them home, I think we should give them a warm welcome." Miya said as her hannya masks started to manifest.

"R… right I believe that is a good idea." Matsu said trying to appease Miya so that she would call off the demonic masks.

"Good then you will all help set up the table, so it will be ready for when they return." Miya pretty much ordered them to do.

"Yes Miss Miya, we will get started right away!" Musubi and Tsukiumi said as the girls all made their way out of Matsu's room and down to the dining room.

Before she left as well, Miya looked at the computer monitor, seeing Chiho and the girls.

"It seems that Maison Izumo is acquiring more and more residence, maybe I should talk to Naruto about getting it remodeled." Miya said to herself.


Homura sighed as he sat in one of MBI's private limousines with the mother of both Minato and Yukari, Sahashi Takami.

"Your condition has been worsening a lot lately, and your body has started to change as well am I correct?" Takami asked the guardian Sekirei.

"Yes as you can see, I am starting to find it hard to wear most of my old shirts." Homura said as one of her buttons on her popped off.

"And to make matters worse, it seems that I am slowly losing control of my flames and I have had to quit my job." She said.

Takami lit herself a cigarette, and smoked it, before passing it to Homura.

"It can't be help, according to that man, this was bound to happen eventually, as you come close to finding your Ashikabi." Takami said.

"Takami we've been over this many times, I will never belong to anyone." Homura said.

"You still believe that even now after all that has been happening around you?" Takami asked referring to what had been going at Maison Izumo.

"I've been with many women and none of them could ever trigger a reaction, even if I slept with them." Homura said.

"I know, after all Takahito entrusted your care to me and Miya." Takami said.

"But considering your body is going through a gender change and considering the new residents at Maison Izumo, maybe your Ashikabi is closer than you think." She said.

"Are you saying that my partner could be a man!?" Homura asked in disbelief.

"What I am saying is that you can't ignore that possibility." Takami said much to Homura's dismay.

'It can't be, I don't believe this.' Homura thought.

(Naruto, Chiho & the girls)

"Up on the roof of Hiyamakai Hospital, Naruto and the girls where all getting ready to return to Maison Izumo.

"Alright since we have such a large group, it would be best if we could get there without being seen, so I need everyone to grab ahold of me." Naruto instructed.

Naruto then lifted Chiho up from her wheelchair, holding her in a bridal carry, much to her slight embarrassment.

Kuruse puffed out her cheeks in jealousy, much to Uzume, Kazehana and Naruto's amusement.

Kusano climb and sat on top of Naruto's shoulders, Uzume, and Kazehana grabbed onto his arms.

Then Yashima and Akitsu place their hands on top on Naruto's and finally, Kuruse, held onto Chiho's hand.

"Okay now here we go." Naruto said as they vanished in yellow flash.

(Maison Izumo lunch time)

Naruto and the girls all appeared in the backyard. "Here Kuruse, you can have her back for now." Naruto said as he handed Chiho to Kuruse.

They all then entered the house, going into the living room.

"Welcome home!" Musubi and Kuno exclaimed as they greeted Naruto and the others.

"We're back!" Naruto called out as Kusano jumped down and went in search for Minato.

"Welcome home!" Musubi and Kuno exclaimed as they greeted Naruto and the others. Naruto rubbed their heads, and gave both girl a kiss on the forehead.

"What took you so long darling, your loving wife has miss thee!?" Tsukiumi said. The water Sekirei walked up to Naruto, with her arms folded under her bust.

"Hahaha, come now Tsuki, I haven't been gone that long." Naruto said as he started messing with her hair, making the girl blush.

"Welcome back Naruto." Minato said. "Thanks, hey where is that Haruka kid and the little bird?" Naruto asked referring to Nanami.

"They are taking a nap Homura's room." Miya said. "They had finally calmed down and they had succumbed to exhaustion." Matsu said.

"Welcome back Kuruse dear, I made enough for you and your Ashikabi, so why don't you help Chiho to the table." Miya said.

"Wait… first I'd like to say…" however Miya just placed her finger on the girl's mouth.

"Welcome home dear, to Maison Izumo." Miya said while offering Chiho an award winning smile.

"Welcome to your new home!" Minato, Kaho, Ikki, Yukari, Shiina all said to Chiho.

Naruto smiled at Miya, Kuruse and Chiho before he and the others all went to go wash up and then get ready to eat their lunch.

After helping Chiho get settle in, Musubi and the other girl all introduced themselves to Chiho.

"So is this your Ashikabi Kuruse-chan?" Musubi asked. "Um… hello you must be Musubi." Chiho said.

"Yes I am Musubi, number 88 and my Ashikabi is Naruto-sama!" Musubi exclaims.

"Hi I'm Kuno and I too am one of Naruto-sama's Sekirei." Kuno said getting a smile from Chiho.

"Well go on Tsukiumi, it's your turn to welcome our new housemate." Naruto said.

"Hm… fine I shall welcome thee." "I am Tsukiumi, Sekirei number 9 and Naruto's wife." Tsukiumi declared.

"I'm his wife too!" Musubi said much to Tsukiumi's annoyance. Chiho giggled at the two girls.

"It's nice to meet you Musubi-chan, Tsukiumi-san please continue to take good care of Kuruse and me.

"Hello my name is Yukari and this is Shiina, it's good to meet another cute girl around my age." Minato's little sister said.

"It's nice to meet you was well, I'm Hidaka Chiho." The girl said while shaking hands with the two girls.

"Hello again Chiho-san, it's been a while since I last saw you." Kocho said getting the girls attention.

"Oh Kocho-san I didn't think I'd ever find you here." Chiho said. It would seem that Naruto had forgotten to tell her, or maybe he had no idea that she knew Kocho.

"I now live her with my new Ashikabi, my business contract Kakizaki and Higa has been terminated." Kocho said much to Chiho's confusion.

"Tsk she means that she never loved that man in the first place." Toyotama said bluntly.

Chiho looked towards Toyotama who was sitting the furthest away eating her food.

"This is Toyotama, she was also working for Higa until Naruto claimed us." Kocho explained.

"Oh I see… Naruto, what exactly happened to Higa-san?" Chiho asked since that part was left out.

"It's best that you don't ask questions you might not like the answers to." Toyotama said.

"And I see that you are back to normal Tama." Naruto said causing the girl to turn away to hide her blush.

As everyone talked to Chiho, Haruka and Nanami joined them and introduced themselves to Chiho and Kuruse.

After they eat, the girls all went to do their chores that Miya had assigned them. Toyotama had to help, Kaho, Ikki and Yashima with the yard work.

Miya had assigned Himeko, Yukari, Shiina and Uzume with cleaning the floorboards, windows, walls and doors.

Musubi, Tsukiumi and Akitsu had to clean the bathrooms, while Kuno and Kusano helped Miya in the kitchen.

This left Matsu, Kocho, Haruka, Nanami, Chiho and Kuruse to Naruto.

"Haruka-kun, Nanami-chan I have decided that I will help you two escape tonight." Naruto said.

Haruka sighed in relief and Nanami started tearing up. "Thank you so much Naruto-sama." She said while bowing her head.

"No need to thank me little bird, as one of my girls little sisters, I want to help you anyway I can." Naruto said as he patted the girl on the head.

Chiho smiled as she watched Naruto ease their worries.

"Now then I want you two to make sure you eat as much as you can at dinner tonight and thank Miya for her hospitality." Naruto instructed.

"Yes sir." Haruka said as he bowed to Naruto as well.

"Haruka-kun, can you and Nanami go help Uzume, Shiina and Yukari?" Miya said. "Yes ma'am we will get right on it." Haruka said as he grabbed Nanami and left the room.

'I have never met such a compassionate man in my life, Naruto I can't help but feel admiration for you.' Chiho thought to herself as she opened her mouth to speak to Naruto.

Suddenly, Chiho started coughing violently, startling Naruto, Kuruse, Matsu and Chiho.

Chiho-chan!" Kuruse exclaimed as she saw blood spewing from Chiho and the girl few over.

Chiho-chan! Chiho-chan are you okay… please talk to me!" Kuruse said, whilst being on the verge of tears.

"Matsu, Kocho I will be needing Chiho's medical file again." Naruto told his to computer savvy Sekirei.

Naruto then moved to where Chiho and Kuruse was and placed his hand above her chest.

Naruto's hand started glowing green, signifying the use of medical ninjutsu.

"I have it uploaded on my computer, curtsy of Kocho-tan." Matsu said.

'Dammit, whatever it is started attack abrasively, this must be due to the fact that she wasn't ready to experience the Hiraishin

"Thank you, print out the entire thing and bring it to me, Miya! Tell the girls not to disturb us for at the very least two hours." Naruto instructs his landlady.

Naruto then stood up and lifted Chiho up bridal style and carried the now unconscious girl up to his room, with Kuruse not too far behind.

"Please Chiho-chan, don't die on me.


Felt like ending it here.

Chiho's sickness has finally caught up to her and now her life is on the line.

Next chapter will be a race against the clock to stop the illness from killing the girl.