Naruto Sekirei Chronicles Chapter 4: Number 10's veil and Number 84's hammer

Naruto made his way out of a building that had been up for sale. The immortal ninja had an appointment with the former owner of the place that he set up prior to his arrival to this city.

"So now that I have that little errand taken care of how about we find a nice restaurant to eat at girls," Naruto said as he walk up to Musubi and Akitsu who had been waiting outside the place for the blond.

"Finally we get to eat so food," Musubi exclaimed as she began pouncing up and down in excitement.

Akitsu looked to Naruto and nodded her head as she walk up to him and grabbed hold of his left arm Musubi walk up to her Ashikabi and sister Sekirei placing Naruto's hand in hers as she stood to the right of Naruto.

"Shall we go then girls, remember that we have other things to take care of after we eat," Naruto said as he led the girls through the city.

(With Minato)

Minato and Ikki were currently walking though the city. They had sent their time looking for a place of residents since they had left the hotel that Naruto along with Musubi and Akitsu stayed at.

"Sigh we look all around the city and not one place would take us in because I am I student who failed the exam and no guarantor, plus the fact that I know I can't call my Okaa-san and ask for a loan," Minato commented in a depress tone and he walked with his head down and was swaying as he walked.

Ikki watched Minato wallow in his depression with a concern look on her face feeling hopeless herself at for not being able to help him.

"I'm sorry I guess this is sort of my fault that I am the reason you couldn't stay at your own apartment."

"Huh… oh don't worry about that, it's not your fault that this happened and I won't blame you Ikki-chan."

Hearing this from her Ashikabi made her blush and she offered the boy a smile happy that she had such a nice Ashikabi.

"Minato-kun Arigatou," Ikki said making Minato blush and rub the back of his head with a goofy grin on his face.

"Oh well lets go on to the next one and try to get finish by night fall, I heard that it will rain to night," Minato exclaimed with a grin of false happiness spread across his face.

Ikki not being able to tell that he was faking because of the fact that she was standing behind him grabbed hold his hand as they continued the quest to find a place to stay.

(Back to Naruto and the girls)

Naruto had just exited the restaurant with Musubi and Akitsu right behind him. Naruto was in a daze with a thoughtful look on his face.

'Oh Kami-sama and I thought I was bad when it comes to ramen, these two girl eat just as much as me and when you combine the amount it's like watching two members of the Akimichi clan at dinner time,' Naruto thought.

Come on Naruto we have to go clothes shopping next," Musubi exclaimed as she pulled on Naruto's left arm since he was way too deep in his thoughts.

'Wait now that I think about it I will be able to use their appetites to try out my new recipes whenever I want, oh man I found the ultimate taste testers,' Naruto thought with a dreamy look on his face.

"Naruto-sama is there something wrong," Akitsu asked as she grabbed onto his shoulders and stood on the tip of her toes to look him deep in the face.

Musubi was practically wrapped around his arm unconsciously rubbing his arm in between her bust.

"Naruto-kun/Naruto-sama," the girls both exclaimed in unison after Naruto didn't respond to them.

"Huh what, oh sorry girls I got lost in thought there's no need to worry," Naruto told the girls as he kissed them both on their foreheads.

"Ok Naruto-kun but hurry up the store is just up ahead," Musubi exclaimed as she began dragging Naruto who had a dumbfound look on his face forgetting that she was stronger than a human and his other hand wrapped around Akitsu pulling her along with them.

As they got to the front glass door Naruto regained his balance lifting Musubi up off the ground in the process then he sat her along with Akitsu down on their feet.

"Well here we are now before we go in I want to let you girls know that you are allowed to pick any three different outfits that you like," Naruto told them one cheerful ok from Musubi and a nod and small almost unnoticeable smile from Akitsu.

'Ok I really need to get her to be a little more talkative one of these days though I won't pressure her about it,' the blond ninja thought while he followed the girls inside.

(Elsewhere in the heart of the city)

"Sorry you little brat but my employer wants all Sekirei to choose their own Ashikabi and not be awakened forcefully," Uzume said as she stood in front of a girl who was on the ground covered in bruises.

Uzume is Sekirei number 10 a well-endowed young women with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her body is well developed with her bust B.W.H. being ninety-five, fifty-seven and ninety.

Uzume's height was 163cm and she were a pink/violet long sleeve shirt that had a golden star on the front and a golden "10" on the back. She also wore Capri jeans and sandals on her feet.

Her opponent was none other than Hayato Mikogami along with his Sekirei no. five Mutsu, no. sixty-five and no. forty-three Yomi.

No. sixty-five Taki is a voluptuous gray hair woman with a huge bust. She wore a skin tight that while covering her bust revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra and her belly button.

Taki and Mutsu I want you two to beat them quickly and make sure you leave no. eighty-four intact, I want her for my collection and failure is not an option.

'Damn this is bad they already beat up no. eighty-four to where she is too scared to fight back since she hasn't emerged and on top of that I haven't either,' Uzume thought as her a white silk appeared becoming a skirt and covering her bust replacing her original clothing.

"Well since you're ready to fight than bring it," Taki said in a cheerful voice as a mist began to seep from the girl. Seeing this Mutsu decided to stay back and watch since he was not needed.

'Not that these girls would ever be a challenge for me' He thought as he watch with little interest in the young Sekirei battle. 'I wish to fight that man that calls himself the black wolf, not only was he faster than a human should be but to be able to knock me Sekirei no. five back with such ease is unheard of and thought to be impossible.'

As those thoughts ran though his head Mikogami was shouting at Taki to hurry up and beat the veiled Sekirei.

(Back with Naruto, Musubi, and Akitsu)

Naruto and the girls had just exited the store after the girls found the clothes that they liked. Naruto who had walked out before the girls had a huge blush on his face and his left eye twitching.

'I swear Musubi and Akitsu are going to be the death of me,' Naruto thought while both Musubi and Akitsu walked right behind him oblivious to the torture he was experiencing.

'I mean come on, how can Musubi be that innocent and walk around but ass naked in front of me thank god we were the only ones in there besides the woman that works there.'

'And if that isn't bad enough what happened after that almost killed me and ero-sennin would have killed to see and use as "research". Naruto thought with an exasperated look and a huge blush.

"Wow the outfits you chose are really pretty Akitsu-chan," Musubi complimented the ice Sekirei," Akitsu though she still had the emotionless look on her face a blush spread across her cheeks.

"Thank you Musubi and I must say that your cloth choice is good as well," Akitsu said her facial expression never changing. Musubi though seem to understand how she felt about the subject and knew she meant what she said.

Suddenly they heard a loud scream and Naruto sensed fighting not too far from where they were.

"Girls I sense fighting up ahead and I have a feeling that it's not a normal street fight," Naruto told the two girls.

"It could be a Sekirei battle happening, should we go check it out Naruto-sama," Akitsu asked Naruto getting a nod from the blond ten tails.

"Maybe we'll get to fight strong opponents lets hurry before they finish Naruto-kun," Musubi exclaimed in excitement. The three then sprang forth toward where they heard the fighting take place.

(Back with Uzume)

Mutsu swung his blade at Uzume who blocked the strike with her veil then she jumped back sending her veil towards Taki and who had decided to fight no. eighty four after she almost lost to Uzume.

Mikogami had not been too happy about that and ordered the switch since the boy hated losing more than anything else. Now that they changed opponents victory seemed inevitable.

"Well it seems like I win now, why don't you just except the fact that you and the hammer user will be mine," Mikogami said with excitement.

Uzume fell down to one knee panting too tired to stand up and fight anymore. 'Damn my body won't listen to me and Homura hasn't arrived yet, it looks like we won't be getting out of this one,' Uzume thought.

Mikogami started to make his way over to Uzume and a weakened no. eight-four with a cocky grin on his face.

While this happened another figure arrived on the scene. This person had silver hair and wore a long black coat with a black face mask. Homura height was 173cm and he weighed five-three kilograms.

Homura looked on as Mikogami advanced on Uzume. 'Damnit I arrived too late but I have to do something before they emerge,' Homura thought as a flame appeared in his left hand.

Before the flame user could attack there was a huge pressure that came crashing down on everyone within the area. Mikogami was frozen in place by the Killing intent and began to fall only Mutsu to catch him and jump back as ice began to appear behind the sword wielder.

"Sorry you little spoiled brat but, I won't allow you to force yourself on anyone," Naruto said as he appeared before Uzume along with Musubi and Akitsu.

"Oh not you again, why did you get in my way again I won't allow you to get away this time," Mikogami exclaimed with a childish pout on his face.

"Well if I remember right last time it was me who allowed you to escape and now you be sent running again.

Uzume and no. eighty-four were both shocked by the person that saved them. They had thought that they would be awakened by that brat for sure but, this man had saved them.

Homura watch Naruto with a stunned look on his face. 'They guy had just appeared out of nowhere and Mutsu seemed to be in a hurry to get away from that man,' the flame wielder thought as he watched from his hiding spot.

"That's it Mutsu, Taki, Yomi take care of them now so I can claim the fluttery one and the hammer user," the spoiled brat ordered getting collective yes sirs from the two girls and an alright from Mutsu.

"Alright Musubi take the scythe wielder, Akitsu handle that mist girl and I will handle the kenjutsu Sekirei," Naruto said getting an excited ok from Musubi and a yes Naruto-sama from Akitsu.

Musubi stepped up first to Yomi with her fists up ready to fight. "I'm Sekirei number eighty Musubi, I'm a fist time so let's give it our best in this fight," Musubi said to Yomi.

"Oh well it's you again this will be easy and I get to remove all of your clothes," Yomi exclaimed with a perverted look on her face.

Next Taki and Akitsu jumped off to fight elsewhere, there attacks colliding with each other as they fought with all they had.

Naruto and Mutsu were the only ones left besides the two downed Sekirei Mikogami and Homura.

Now then let us began Sekirei, oh and I should warn you to come at me with the intent to kill or… Naruto paused as he allowed a small percent of his demonic energy leak out.

"Or else you won't survive the night," Naruto roared and his eyes bleed red and he attacked Mutsu with his clawed hands. Mutsu eyes widened at the speed and the dark aura that seemed to pour out from this man.

The fifth Sekirei was barely able to block the attack with his swords sheath getting sent flying backwards and the sheath being destroyed. Mutsu who was able to land back on his feet shot towards Naruto with his sword ready to impale the blond demon.

Naruto easy dodged the sword only for Mutsu to try beheading. Naruto dodged the blade with ease and took one step back. Mutsu jumped backwards then dash at Naruto and swung this blade overhead trying to cleave the blond in half.

Naruto once again moved out of striking range of the sword and glared at Mutsu which seem to unnerve the Sekirei and made him put some distance between them.

'The way he dodges my sword and destroyed my sheath I would say he is on par with number one and four,' Mutsu thought as he began to sweat. He then began to attack Naruto rapidly hoping to cut the blond up but, Naruto easy dodge each stab, slash and attempted beheading

The on lookers of the fight were awed and a little fearful of the blond warrior. No. eighty-four and Uzume felt his dark energy and were wondering if he was human.

Homura was just glad that he was on their side for the moment and he was amazed by his speed and strength.

Mutsu jump high to the air over Naruto and with his swords tip aimed down descended towards the blond.

"Take this Breaking point," Mutsu roared as he tried to crush Naruto with all his strength.

Naruto who raised his hand in the air caught the sword in his hand stopping Mutsu's blade. There was an explosion that destroyed the ground underneath Naruto but he was left standing and unharmed.

Mikogami was sweating profoundly now as the blond monster was able to not only dodge all of Mutsu's attacks with ease but he was able to stop breaking point with his bare hand.

'How could this have happened, no one not even the famed number four of the disciplinary squad could stop that attack,' Mikogami thought scared out of his mind now.

Mutsu had a look of pure horror on his face as Naruto began to lower his arm the sword still within his grasp. Blood leaked from his hand but it didn't matter.

"You seem to take pride in this sword of yours," Naruto said getting Mutsu's attention. "I wonder how you would feel if I do this," Naruto said and with his left palm he struck the flat side of the blade shattering it on contact.

Mikogami and the other observers of the fight all gasped when the sword was destroyed with a palm strike that didn't look that different from a simple soft smack.

Mutsu was frozen in place with the horror look still on his face. He now knew that he didn't stand against this demon and he was thinking of only one thing and that's escaping with his life.

Naruto stare down the Sekirei with his blood red eyes. Then as Mutsu stared into his eyes as well they gain three tomoe that fused to make a three bladed knife than they split appeared as three rings appeared and in the middle a black slit.

"I hope you're ready Sekirei because I'm going to kick your ass," Naruto said as the tomoe in his eyes spiral around the black slit.


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